Jay’s Story of Rise Up Glory!


In 6 weeks, I learned what it feels like to commit to the program and as a result, what it feels like to be a better version of me.
— RF Warrior Jay

Whether it was just when I first considered belonging to Results Fitness or deciding if I should test out Rise Up In 6 Weeks, it’s always been about TIME! If you’re a parent reading this, it’s not a new story. There are so many hard working parents at Results Fitness, and I respect them more than anyone could know.

My story: When it comes to factoring in time for my health + fitness, exercise hasn’t always topped the list.  I am at work at 6:20 am every day, so morning workouts aren’t going to happen. Nine months out of the year I am coaching my daughter’s soccer team 2-3x per week.  And in my free time, my passion is and always will be golf.  If I can get some time for that, I willing take it!

Combine all this with the regular duties of being a parent, husband, friend, colleague, (you get the idea) and the thought of starting anything new like an exercise program seems pointless.  In the past, my mindset has been something along the lines of  “Well, I’ll sign up but am sure I’ll miss a ton of classes and won’t get anything out of it!”.

Admittedly, I don’t like starting things I can’t fully give my all to so as a result, most times, just don’t start.  

I was never a big “working out person” to start with. In the past, my exercise came in the form of playing  sports like soccer or rugby.  However, I will be the first o admit Results Fitness has dramatically changed all of that!  Personal Training is one thing but I’ve found group training classes work best for me. As I shared, my workout history is more team based and the group classes they offer fulfill that.  I enjoy teaming up in groups of 2 – 4 people and attacking each exercise station together as a small group. I will always be behind anyone willing to push themselves and work hard (I am a quiet person – NOT!) and as the coaches say, high-fives are free!

A few years back, I “participated “ in Rise Up in 6 Weeks but inserted the use of quotes because at that point, I really didn’t give it my all. I missed classes and let’s just say, pizza and snacks were still pretty much what I gave into whenever. The 2019 Rise Up In 6 Weeks was different, and I don’t have to look much past my amazing wife Tiffany (also a Results Fitness Warrior!) for the difference. She and our two daughters are one of the reasons I went full throttle this year and did Rise Up- I mean REALLY embraced it all – and put forth my very best effort.

Tiffany is a warrior – not only at Results Fitness but in our relationship – making sure I’m the best version of myself.  Throughout Rise Up, she held me accountable to the nutrition plan, food logging, made certain I got my workouts in and helped me stay committed to the entire process.  On top of all that, let’s not mince words, she was the Meagrow food prep, which is a huge factor and component of Rise Up.


As I learned more this time around, nutrition has a hefty impact on results so planning and preparing meals and snacks is part of the program.  Because the end goal is to build a realistic and sustainable lifestyle, Rise Up teaches you how to incorporate better habits despite busy / demanding schedules.   I owe a great deal of what is amazing in my life to that red head you all see at Results Fitness. I count myself very lucky to have a wife who’s also my gym training partner. She’s my game changer.

This time around, Rise Up In 6 Weeks was far more involved. From the in-depth workbook, the recipe book, weekly focus groups to the professional progress photos, Rise Up has evolved into its own animal and,  I will say this, the Results Fitness team is huge reason why this works.

The coaches design these challenging but fair workouts. I like how you can change, adapt or add weight at most points during your workouts to always stay challenged relative to what YOU can do.  They are honest in their feedback, cautious to injuries and always push you for more.

In 6 weeks, I learned what it feels like to commit to the program and as a result, what it feels like to be a better version of me. After completing Rise Up in 6 Weeks, I had a full physical about two weeks later, blood panels and all.

The results?

My Doctor told me, and I quote, to ‘Stop on the way home and buy some frames for these results, because you don’t see results this good that often.’

— RF Warrior Jay

My cholesterol from 213 to 177, HDL is 51.3 with LDL at 97. Triglycerides at 142. Glucose at 87 , with all proteins and all blood cell counts in the optimal range. Additionally, I lost 6 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 2% body fat.

Compared to my last physical, this was fantastic news and the result of the changes I had made and committed to because of Rise Up in 6 Weeks.  

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