Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Built For You!

Personal Training

Ditch generic workouts! Results Fitness’s 1:1 training crafts your personal path to success.

Build muscle, boost mobility, conquer rehab – all with a champion trainer guiding you, form to finish.

From gym newbies to fitness veterans, we empower everyone to reach new heights. Invest in yourself, unlock your potential.

Small Group Personal Training

Premium fitness sessions, personalized!

In Small Group Personal Training, train to live a better, healthier life! Reap the benefits of personal training for a fraction of the cost in a FUN, inclusive small group setting (1:8 ratio). 

Work individually with an RF coach and get the attention you need for the safest, most effective workout and results!

Regardless of your age and fitness level, every workout is customized to YOU: preferred intensity levels, how you want to be challenged plus necessary modifications for limitations and injuries.

Small Group Personal Training is the ultimate workout to transform your body, get stronger, boost energy levels, burn fat, move better, and alleviate aches and pains!

*Note: 1:1 Personal Training available upon request.

HIIT Classes

If you’re looking for that high-energy, cardio fix, welcome to the party!
Classes are HIIT-style cardio workouts fusing together rapid-fire bodyweight and kettlebell exercises with short bursts of rest.

This total body cardio workout is ideal for improving heart health, lung capacity and muscle endurance. Experience non-stop, electrifying energy that keeps you moving, motivated and having fun (up to 24 Warriors).

*Note: If you have injuries or limitations, Small Group or 1:1 Personal Training recommended.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Ready for less dieting and more living? 

Welcome to our 1:1 Personalized Nutrition Coaching & Accountability Program!

The most effective nutrition strategy is tailored to YOU: your goals, lifestyle, and personal preferences. 

By working with your very own certified nutrition coach, learn how to properly fuel your body so that you can create and sustain transformational changes both physically and in your relationship with food. This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

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