Rise Up


Become your healthiest, strongest, and fittest self! 

This isn’t a crash diet. It’s a lifestyle program to build habits that will transform how you look, feel, and live!

Next program starts September, 2024.


Rise Up is not a diet or quick fix you do for 6 weeks.

It is a lifestlye program for becoming YOUR healthiest, strongest and fittest self!



Your 6-week strategy outlines exactly what to do each and every day both in/outside the gym to achieve your goal!


Enjoy weekly check-in’s, unlimited access to your Rise Up coach and the daily accountability you need to succeed!


Classes fuse rapid-fire bodyweight and kettlebell exercises with short bursts of rest to deliver non-stop, electrifying energy that keeps you moving, motivated, and having fun!


Hosted virtually weeks 1 and 6 so you know exactly what to do plus support groups for ongoing support, friend-shipping and troubleshooting.


Tool to track your progress and transformation. Completed privately at Results Fitness weeks 1 and 6.


If you are new to cooking or meal prepping, the Rise Up cookbook makes preparing healthy meals quick, easy and delicious!


The next 6-week program will be offered in September, 2024 – stay tuned! 

Pricing will be different based on your current RF Status (more details to follow in September).

Current RF Warriors: Includes all Warriors with an existing RF Membership (trial packs not included)

New RF Warriors: If you are new to Results Fitness, an RF alum or in a trial period.

Rise Up is for any individual who needs help and is ready to transform how they look, feel and live! 

Regardless of your experience or age, you will be coached and challenged based on your fitness level. All’s we ask is you are 100% committed, ready to put the work in and open to having some sweaty fun! 

Rise Up Warriors include all different ages and fitness levels. For some, this is the very first time they’ve belonged to a gym, used weights or exercised.

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, you are highly encouraged to schedule time to meet with our team and see if we’re a good fit for what you’re looking for. Give us a call to schedule time to meet: (440) 684-0460
Rise Up includes unlimited HIIT Classes and you can check out the schedule HERE! You have the flexibility to schedule classes that work best for you (you are not limited to attending same days/times).

No more wondering why you aren’t seeing results. No more guessing what to eat or how much to achieve your goals. 

The nutrition plan is NOT a diet. It is a 4 step guide teaching you what to eat and how much to achieve your 6-week goal. 

Learn how to make better decisions and build balanced meals all while making this work with your busy schedule.

If you are new to cooking or meal prepping, no worries! 

The Rise Up cookbook includes over 100 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Each recipe makes eating healthy quick, easy and delicious! 

No need to need to be a fancy cook – these are all beginner friendly! Plus, you can choose recipes / foods you genuinely enjoy eating.

Interval Classes are HIIT style workouts: high energy, super fun (more like a workout party!) and scientifically proven to keep your body burning calories and fat up to 48 hours after you’re done! Classes deliver the most effective, total body workout in just 45 minutes with programs combining high intensity cardio exercises with kettlebell strength training to burn more calories in less time.

All classes are led by a certified coach and open to all fitness levels and ages. Rise Up includes ALL fitness levels, from beginners brand new to exercising to veterans. Our coaches provide general modifications to keep you safe and the number one rule is to always work at your own pace! It’s NEVER about going hard and crawling out of the studio. It’s always about moving your body safely, effectively and getting 1% better every day. If you have an any injuries or limitations or prefer more challenge and customization, Small Group Personal Training is recommended in lieu of classes.

Albeit super complex and different per person, this will depend on how much effort and compliance you dedicate over the 6 weeks to your exercise and nutrition. 

On average, healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs. per week. Note, this will vary and keep in mind, weight loss is a process that takes time and consistency.

Albeit super complex and different per person, this will depend on how much effort and compliance you dedicate over the 6 weeks to your exercise and nutrition. 

On average, healthy range for fat loss 1-1.5% per month. Note, this will vary and keep in mind, fat loss takes longer to achieve compared to weight loss.

No matter what happens during Rise Up, you’ll have spent 6 weeks working towards a fitter, healthier body and life. 

That’s a big deal. 

The photos will capture your transformation with a high-quality image the naked eye cannot visibly see. While these can feel uncomfortable (that’s part of the process), it is incredible to compare weeks 1 and 6 to see how your body has changed. 

While they are not mandatory, these are strongly encouraged and part of the program everyone is grateful for doing. Note: all photos are done privately at the studio and will not be shared.

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