Meet your biggest fans!

Josh Mekota, CSCS

Founding Father & Director of training

COACH JOSH’s motto on health + fitness? “It’s a lifelong journey, so just show up, give 100% of what you have that day and you’ll (always) feel better than when you started!”

As a graduate of Miami of Ohio with a degree in Exercise Science, Josh received his professional certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  Coach Josh’s affinity for connecting with people led him to where he is more today: helping the humans he works with unlock their full potential.

For the last 20 years, Josh’s unwavering commitment to empower others continues to spark life-changing results both physically and mentally.

Josh brings out the best in everyone with his sense of humor, quick whit and ability to always find the silver lining. Josh firmly believes having fun (and being a little weird) is key:

“Just be YOU, have fun in all you do ’cause life’s too short and not meant to be taken seriously!”

Hidden Talent: Growing a mustache and looking like Freddie Mercury!


Nutrition + Performance Coach

COACH AMIEs 20 plus year pharmacy career sparked her interest in how the human body works and is affected by nutrition and supplementation. 

Amie’s passions include fitness and nutrition as she believes neither is “one-size fits all”. 

She’s made it her personal mission to help people find solutions that actually work for their individual needs.

Amie’s kind soul, quick wit and desire to help humans overcome personal obstacles parlays into her mad skills for creating realistic solutions and personalized nutrition strategies tailored to individual needs.

Coach Amie is ready to keep you eating and living well as RF‘s Master Nutrition Coach while empowering you to unleash your strongest self on the training floor as a certified trainer and women’s specialist.

As a mom, she understands the importance of creating quick, easy and child-proof recipes for the whole family while always making eating healthy taste good!

Her top 5 favorite foods? Tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos, tacos!


Performance Coach

COACH MARISSA’s been a competitive dancer her entire life and knows patience, hard work and never giving up is the secret to success!

Marissa’s motto for achieving any goal is “Too lit to quit!”.  Getting started is the hardest part but once you get into the swing of things it’s intoxicating: putting in hard work and energy is LIT, making progress is LIT and once you start, you’re too lit to quit!

Marissa’s passion is being part of someone’s personal success, and she is excited to help YOU achieve your wildest health and fitness dreams all while infusing fun!

Her high energy is matched by her unwavering positive mindset and attitude! She always helps you see the best in yourself, keeps you laughing, the RF jams bumping and of course, making sure you are up to date on the latest and greatest TiKTok’s.

Marissa’s hidden talent: she was a percussionist for 8 years and her best instrument was the timpanis.


Meet the RF Concierge Team: Mary, Jenna, Allison, Connie, and Kathi always accessible and readily available to help you live your best life as an RF Warrior both on and off the training floor! 

These incredible ladies are the heart and soul of RF – our “hostesses with mostest” delivering smiles, laughter, support, assistance, and FUN starting the minute you arrive! 

Our concierge team is there to welcome you with a warm smile, help you succeed, accommodate your needs, and make sure your hour at RF is the best hour of your day!

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