Why Exercising Doesn’t “Stick”


The first day of spring is just 5 days away!

And with this comes the anticipation of blue skies and sunshine, spring break and vaca, end of the school year and, you know it, summer!

Much like the holiday season, now is when the “seasonal swings” of fitness come into play.

As soon as the weather starts to break, you (understandably) want to be outside more as there’s an uptick in social gatherings: spring/summer vaca, BBQ’s, cookouts, baseball games, pickleball, etc.

Much like the November – January holiday season, now is when you start to loosen the reins on getting to the gym and eating healthy.

After focusing all your energy and effort January 1 to “do better” and be healthier this year, now is when you loosen the reins and sacrifice your personal goals and commitments.

Now is when you let being “busy” be an excuse, err reason, why you just can’t exercise as much, eat as well and be as consistent.

It’s spring! It’s warm out! It’s summer! My kids are graduating! I’m going to the beach!

Call me crazy but, how come NO ONE ever thinks about all the reasons they SHOULD exercise, eat better and make their own health a top priority?

Why is it always about “Here’s why I can’t….” versus “Here’s why I will!

So, in pursuit of spring and summer fun, you blow off your health and fitness; with the intention of picking up where you left off come August.

As a coach, I cannot sugar coat this so I’m just going to say this lovingly and without judgement:

That’s SO NOT how this stuff works.

You cannot pause exercise and expect to pick up where you left off. You cannot continue to delay starting, thinking you’ll have more time when life’s less busy.

If you stop exercising for months at a time, not only will you lose muscle, strength and mobility, it will take you just as many months, if not more, to actually gain back that muscle, strength and mobility.

There’s NO picking up where ya left off. You are literally starting all over.

And, the longer you wait to get started, the more damage is done that you cannot undo.

By either stopping your fitness routine or, delay starting all together, you decline.

[Are you second guessing your decision to scale back on your fitness this spring/summer?]

I sure hope so because who wants to decline….that sounds terrible!

If you’re currently exercising or, have intentions of starting, I am directing you to stay on course because the #1 driver of YOUR health, fitness and results or, lack thereof = CONSISTENCY!

[OMG Coach Josh, been there, heard that!]

When it comes to reaching any goal and seeing results, CONSISTENCY is always and will always be KING and here’s why:

You are what you repeatedly do over and over and over and over again!

And here’s where majority struggle: Instead of looking at the big picture (consistency), you become fixated on this ‘all or nothing’ mindset.

  • You are either going to maintain your normal exercise routine 4x/week or, stop all together!!

  • You will start exercising when you have fewer commitments but until then, not worth your time!!

It’s time to end this ‘all or nothing’ mindset. It is absolutely sabotaging your health, fitness and results.

This is important to note, but something we easily forget: consistency looks and feels different for everyone, at various times.

You won’t always be able to be as focused, committed and consistent as you want. Sometimes your consistency is exercising 4x/week and sometimes it’s 2x/week.

Consistency IS working with what you got at that moment in time and doing your best. So if/when you do need to scale back, do it instead of stopping all together because doing something will ALWAYS trump doing nothing!

Lemme repeat: Doing something will ALWAYS trump doing nothing!

In today’s blog, you are learning how to build a consistent fitness routine, regardless if your new to exercise or a seasoned enthusiast, so that you can finally make fitness fit seamlessly into your life, no matter the season!

Here’s what’s on deck:

  • Why consistency feels so hard!

  • How coaching, accountability + support = RESULTS!

  • The #1 guaranteed way to start being consistent TODAY!


As coaches, our main objectives are first, promoting healthy habits and second, helping you build and fit these healthy habits into your busy, demanding lives each and every day.

Life is a constantly demanding whirlwind, and if you don’t learn how to make exercise fit in, you won’t do it or, won’t stick with it long enough to make changes and see results.

Sadly, majority of gyms don’t teach you how to do this – think about it:

Most gyms approach health and fitness as ‘one-size fits all’. You walk in, are met with a cold, impersonal ‘‘join our gym” and then nothing.

You show up and what do you get?

Access to equipment and machines; not to mention, feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

No one is there to welcome you, show you what to do, provide effective workout programs, and make sure your are exercising safely.

No one knows you, understands your goals or, holds you accountable.

That $10/month membership allows you to skate by; casually dropping in 1x/month, hoping on the treadmill because you don’t know what else to do and then leaving.

Again, I know this stuff is hard to do on your own and that is why we at Results Fitness are here for you!

As a coach with a very different approach and perspective on exercise, it’s frustrating to see people with good intentions show up to these places, wanting to better themselves, and not receive the coaching and support they need to succeed.

It’s equally scary how some gyms and coaches/personal trainers just throw together super random training programs without proper thought and mindful execution. This is highly dangerous and often leads to injury.

When it comes down to building healthier habits and being consistent, most gyms are missing human connection, coaching, accountability, and well-designed training programs!

When I started Results Fitness, there wasn’t a need for another “gym”. There was a crucial need for actual COACHING, ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT (community).

This is the stuff that helps you build consistent, healthy habits so you achieve your goals and get results!

Yet, this is the stuff you can’t find everywhere and exactly why most people struggle with seeing results and making permanent changes.

According to recent data, $10/month gym members like those that belong to Planet Fitness:

  • Attend their gym less than 1x/week

  • See a decrease in their attendance each month of their membership

  • Have a greater than 25% chance of quitting during any month

  • Workout alone with no guidance

You shouldn’t expect Results Fitness to be a “run of the mill gym” because we’re not. We are a community filled with humans who genuinely care about you and understand what you need to succeed!

And it comes down to being CONSISTENT!

The most effective tools for being consistent and building consistent habits is having access to and working with a coach, being held accountable, being part of a community, and feeling connected!

Walking through our doors you will find and immediately experience that coaching, accountability and support exists both in and outside the gym.

You don’t show up and go at this stuff alone. You are coached, guided and supported every step of the way based on your individual needs and fitness level because consistency is the difference between seeing results or not; between achieving your goals or falling short.

Being consistent with anything in life involves planning and takes sacrifice but your health is your wealth and this investment in yourself is one of the best, most important things you will do in this life.

Consistency is hard as hell and when paired with the perfect storm also known as the holiday season or summer when life is more busy than normal, we are quickly and easily thrown off track.

When we fall off track, we get comfortable and when we get comfortable, we make excuses about why we can’t go to the gym or eat better. We make excuses to justify skipping workouts, grocery shopping and meal prepping and instead, choose to occupy our time with “other stuff”.

Do you see a pattern here? excuses, excuses, excuses.

I get it and confess I need to practice what I preach because consistency has been hard for me as well. But here’s the straight up truth:

We ALL need to push ourselves to either get back to those consistent, healthy habits or, begin creating them one day, one step at a time!

And I know you are more likely to succeed if you are being coached, supported and held accountable so the Results Fitness team is here to do exactly that!

If you want RESULTS and know that having that coaching, accountability, support, FUN, and community is exactly what you NEED but have been missing, I am here for you!

This is why I and your RF coaches show up every day – we understand what YOU need to succeed!

Now I admit, the timing of this blog is intentional because spring and summer are nearing, and this is when I see a HUGE shift in people’s mindsets and priorities.

Kids are out of spring break and soon enough, summer vacation. There is less structure and daily routine, you want to be outside taking advantage of the nice weather, beer gardens are calling your name for happy hour, it’s time to hop on the Put-In-Bay fairy for a weekend of debauchery, BBQ’s are lit on the weekends, late night bonfires and s’mores…….

You see where I am going with this, and it’s all the more incentive to start or get back to building those healthy habits now so that come summer, you are in a good routine and set up for success!

And remember, you do NOT have to do this alone (and you probably don’t have time to waste figuring it out) so hey hey hey – let me and the RF coaches help you!

All’s you have to do is show up and let us do the thinking for you. Just show up and know you are always being taken care of in a safe, clean studio with coaches to show you what to do and how to do it the right way so you don’t get hurt, you get results, you feel better, improve your health and are living your best life!

Not to mention, all RF exercise programs are scientifically proven to be 100% effective and deliver results when you are consistent and when you put in the effort.

This is what it means to not just “join” Results Fitness, but BELONG to a community who always has your back!

This is how you live life healthy, happy and strong.

There’s a reason you are reading this and a stronger reason you want to make changes and see results- feel better, be healthier, lose weight, have more energy, alleviate chronic pain – whatever those results may be.

There’s a reason you got started in the first place or, have been wanting to get started. Dig deep, revisit that feeling, thought or trigger for wanting this and ignite that flame baby!


If you’re on the brink of getting started, I want to meet you! This is the hardest part and the part we commonly talk ourselves out of before taking that first step:

Today is the day to nix the excuses and take that next step by booking a FREE Strategy Session at our studio so that you can understand and learn exactly how we will work together to get the results you want!

After we meet, YOU decide if we’re a perfect fit and you want to test out the workout programs. There is ZERO expectation you would ever want to join right in without meeting the team, learning more and feeling comfortable.

Now, comparatively, if you’re already part of the RF community but in that gray zone of showing up, then taking time off, then showing up again, I want to see you MORE! I want you showing up MORE, and I want you to challenge yourself.

Today is the day to nix the excuses and get back to prioritizing and scheduling your RF workouts by emailing me to hold you accountable and put a plan in place!

Remember: if it’s been a few days, few weeks or a few months, this is only going to get harder.

You are moving completely away from where you want to be. I see this all the time – a break here, missed workouts there and before you know it, you are back to square one and super frustrated. Or, you keep talking yourself out of getting started.

Do you want to be living all frustrated or regretting you wish you started sooner?

Probably not.

I want this for you, and I want to give you the swift kick you need to make this happen.

I’m your coach, I genuinely care about you, and my job isn’t to sit silently on the sidelines. My job is to push you out of your comfort zone, remind you YOU CAN do what you think you can’t and coach the heck outta’ you so you hit your goals, feel your best and live healthy, happy and strong.


If you need help, need to get started, need more accountability and / or need me to come get your a$$ out of bed or off the couch, click the button now so I can personally help you!

If you’ve been slipping, MIA or making choices I genuinely know aren’t helping you, I’m coming for ya!!!!!

If you’ve been reading our blogs, lovingly stalking our website or talking to your friends about us and still have NOT reached out to ask for help, today is your day.

Just remember this is all for YOU, you are the captain on this journey, you have to want this for yourself but know our team will guide and support you!

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