Summer is finally here, yay! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and damn it feels good to be alive. We can all snap out of our Winter Blues ‘tude and wake up with a big smile on our faces!

It feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for this season, am I right?!

And, just like the seasons in Cleveland, don’t we often say the same about our own health and fitness? Just think about it:

Seasons: “I can’t wait for it to FINALLY be warm outside! I’m going to live outside and do all the things I can’t when it’s cold.”

Health + Fitness: “I can’t wait for the New Year, after my vacation, or Monday – I’m going to start exercising regularly and eliminate every last morsel of food that isn’t whole, pure or blessed by the nutrition Gods!”

I mean it’s kind of true right! You, me, them – we’re always waiting for that next opportunity – for the perfect time to start a new diet or exercise program. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are all gung-ho after the New Year but then fizzle out after a month or two.

  • You are thinking about joining a gym or starting a new “diet” but tomorrow is Wednesday and duh, no one starts a new diet on Wednesday so, Monday it is!

  • You have good intentions to get Summer Body ready – vowing this is the year you will finally feel confident in that bathing suit – then realize, oh crap, there are countless cookouts with friends, graduation parties, beer patios, vacations, and “it’s summer so why not”.

I will validate your feelings because they’re completely normal. When it’s time to start something new or hit the reset button on our health + fitness, it’s the human in us all to wait and capitalize on what we feel is going to be the most effective time to start. So we delay the inevitable and wait for that one defining moment to make this grossly epic and monumental change until…….we don’t.

Q: But why does it have to be this way?

A: It doesn’t (holy sh!t, we just went there).


We have the unbelievable power to make decisions. And, when we make decisions, we get the proverbial ball rolling and create change-YAAAAS! To be super blunt, when making decisions about our personal health + fitness, our decisions lead us to two distinct paths:

Path A: Pushes us towards our goals. This path isn’t paved with perfection because nothing in life is perfect. It is, however, paved with progress and getting just 1% better every day.

Path B: Pushes us further away from our goals. These decisions slow and even halt our progress. We’re talking a bold interference taking us completely off course in a land far, far away. WAIT- COME BACK!

If you constantly aim for Path A but find yourself sitting pretty in the midst of Path B, we’re here to help you. Comparitively, if you’ve been stuck on Path B with no end in sight, we’ve got your back, too!

Nod your head if you’ve EVER talked yourself out of exercising and / or changing your nutrition habits using any one of these reasons:

“I just don’t have TIME.” You do, just have to make it a priority and plan out your schedule. It might require rearranging your scheudle or making a few sacrifices but, isn’t your health worth it?

“I don’t know where to start or what to even do.” Don’t worry – you don’t have to know it all! There are nice humans (we call them coaches!) that went to school to learn all this! Coaches do the thinking for you by designing effective exercise programs and disguising it as fun so you don’t feel like you’re being tortured AND you get results!

“I need to get in to shape first.” Say whaaaaaaat?! What does “being in shape” even mean? You want to be “in shape” before you go to the gym to “get in shape”?! If you haven’t been able to successfully do this on your own in the past, isn’t it time to try a different approach like working with coaches who can support, motivate and love you?

“I can’t afford it.” We’re not telling you what you can or can’t afford – budgets are a real thing! BUT, if you sit down and look at your monthly spend, you will most likely find a few things you can scale back on in exchange for making your health + fitness a top priority. Think morning runs to Starbucks, happy hours, trips to Home Goods (we’ve all been there), and frequently eating out (we all do it more than we realize).

And, when it comes to affording a gym membership, here’s a few things to consider: All gyms aren’t created equal. If you prefer paying less and just want access to equipment and space without the guidance and support of a coach, you can absolutely save money.

If you want access to people who genuinely care about you, you’re serious about making a change and want an effective training program, you will pay a little more BUT, your ROI will be much greater!

Now, nod your head if you think you have the power to make a different decision – choose a different path?


Yes, getting started can be the hardest part. There’s always going to be excuses why today is just not a good day or why this month is just too crazy busy. But if you’re feeling stuck, unhappy with your current lifestyle or how you look and feel, dig deep and ask yourself the million dollar question – we guarantee you’ll love the answer!


Your Results Fitness Team is here to help you choose differently, opt for an alternate path that empowers you to feel confident, be happy and live healthy. Today is your day to get started. Let’s do this together! Schedule your *free* Strategy Session today to learn how you can achieve your personal health + fitness goals.




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