Walk More, Live Longer!

Walking is arguably one of the BEST ways to start exercising, increase daily activity and improve your health that is both accessible and convenient for everybody!

Maybe you want to improve your health and fitness, feel better and have more energy but the thought of exercising feels hard or scary. Perhaps gyms feel intimidating, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

No worries! By simply walking, you can still work on your health and fitness without ever stepping foot in a gym!

If you’re in the midst of our month-long challenge, WALK THIS MAY, and mindfully getting up and moving to hit your daily step goal – keep going!

If you want to join us in this (free) challenge, there is still tons of time – email us HERE!

Either way, all’s I’m asking for, all that I want from YOU, is your very best effort! Put your best foot forward and see where the road takes ya – literally and figuratively.

Do your best each and every day to hit the daily step goal on your challenge card remembering it’s about progress not perfection. Yes, life happens and sometimes things come up. Do what you can, try your best and in the end, I guarantee you will be walking more than you were last week or last month – SUCCESS!


Now, let’s get down to exactly how walking improves your health.

Walking is something we do daily yet take for granted when it comes to understanding all the glorious benefits you can reap simply by walking!

Walking will drastically improve your health so that you can live longer, do more of what you enjoy and spend (more) quality time with the people you love.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to be walking more:

1. Increase Your Life Span! Research suggests 60-70 minutes of moderate activity each day – like walking – helps combat the negative side effects of being too sedentary (8+ hours /day sitting); which can put you at higher risk for death.

2. Strengthen Your Heart: Walking increases your heart rate which in turn increases your aerobic capacity therefore strengthening your heart. A strong heart function more efficiently and effectively!

3. Decrease Risk of Chronic Disease: Walking reduces the risk for hypertension, heart attack and stroke.

4. Store Less Body Fat: Calories consumed by a person who gets 10,000 steps per day do not travel the same path as an inactive person. An active person will most likely use their calories to build/fuel muscle where a habitually inactive person will store those same calories as fat. 

5.  Stabilize Your Blood Sugar: A person who gets 10,000 steps per day will have lower glucose and insulin responses after a meal decreasing risk for Type 2 Diabetes. 

6.  Increase Brain Performance: Daily moderate exercise like walking has been proven to help the brain learn new tasks, grow new brain cells and decreases cognitive decline. 

7.  Reduce stress + anxiety: Walking helps reduce stress, improve memory, decrease anxiety and depression, and enhance mood. 

8. Clear waste + reduce inflammation: Walking sends blood back to our heart and promotes lymphatic drainage. Instead of all the blood and waste rushing to our legs, walking helps us clear our system out while reducing swelling. 

If you have questions about walking, need help brainstorming how to score more steps or just want to learn more about our “WALK THIS MAY” challenge, click the button below and schedule time to TALK TO A COACH for FREE!



Keep Moving


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