The Great Debate: Small Group Personal Training or Class?

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Small Group Personal Training vs. Class

Group Fitness Studios are so hot right now! This is definitely a good thing but can be super confusing as well. There are so many popping up all over the place that many people are bouncing around from studio to studio trying to find the one that produces the best “results”.

Should you do spinning, yoga, boxing, CrossFit, HIIT, wear a heart rate monitor, etc.

As you can see, there are SO many options it can be overwhelming. You’re like a kid in a candy store wanting to try everything but unfortunately, cannot afford them all nor have the time to do something different every day. Here at Results Fitness, we do feel strongly that you should pick something you enjoy, will stick to and will show up to on the reg. #consistencywins.

Results Fitness is all about coaching, learning, being silly, and getting you results! Everything we do is tailored to YOU, so we collectively strive to deliver a meaningful experience that’s unique to your needs and desired outcomes while pushing you to reach your fullest potential.

Because of this, we offer a variety of different training programs and coaching styles so you have the important opportunity to enjoy a membership that’s best aligned with your fitness goals, lifestyle, schedule, and preferences. This includes:

  1. Personal Training

  2. Small Group Personal Training

  3. Classes (HIIT style workouts)

Admittedly, I totally understand why so many of you love yourselves some Classes – why wouldn’t you?!

  1. It’s super fun!

  2. You don’t have to really think

  3. Energy is through the roof

  4. Music is bumping (sometimes the coaches twerk!)

  5. You’re so tired you can hear your heart beat

  6. You are dripping sweat in places you didn’t think could sweat!

This is all super true, and I think we need more of this positive vibe in the fitness space. However, if your fitness goals include: (1) Losing Fat (2) Toning + sculpting your body (3) Personalized Coaching, I cannot fib and tell you Class is the best style of training.

I am not knocking Classes– it’s amazing for you and we *love* the hustle and energy! But, if you’re looking for a more serious transformation, Group won’t quite yield that level of results.

But… know what will?!? *Small Group Personal Training* Oh, yeah baby!

Let us explain!


First, let’s clear some common misconceptions about Small Group Personal Training (SGPT). Most people (incorrectly) think Small Group Personal Training:

#1. Only For Beginners: False! These personalized sessions are for anyone looking to make some serious progress and enhancing their technique, form and movement quality.

#2. Slower than Class (therefore doesn’t work): Sure, it can be slower because you are working at your own pace doing true Strength Training where the goal is to fully challenge yourself (safely) instead of keeping a faster pace with less weight/resistance like in Class but if you think that means they are easier, you are wrong my friend!

  • SGPT is not as rapid-fire as Class because you have the time and space to challenge yourself more meaning you lift heavier (heavier is relative to your own skill level). And, lifting weights is scientifically proven to be far more taxing and effective than any bootcamp/cardio routine.

  • Key take-away here is slower does not mean easier…it’s actually the opposite!

#3. Too much thinking: Sure, you do have to count reps instead of working for designated window of time but your workout program is displayed so you can follow along and stay on task. This also helps you learn more and understand what you’re doing. And, when you do things right, you get more out of the exercise and your session!

If you are looking to expedite results and reshape your body, you have to do strength training through a customized program that allows you to track your progress and increase weights over time.

OMG!!!! This is EXACTLY what we do in Small Group Personal Training!

In the fitness world we like to call this, Progressive Overload:

By definition this means: in order for a muscle to grow, strength to be gained, performance to increase, or for any similar improvement to occur, the human body must be forced to adapt to a tension that is above and beyond what it has previously experienced.


#1–More Affordable than Personal Training + Equally Effective!

SGPT is a version of Personal Training at a fraction of the cost. A single Personal Training sessions costs between $80-100 per session. Realizing this isn’t affordable for most, SGPT is a cost-effective alternative, ranging between $27-$42 per session. With a 8:1 Warrior: coach ratio, our coaches offer just as much individual attention but not too much to where you feel like we are hovering!

#2– Customized Program = Improved Results:

SGPT gives you a customized program tailored for your body. This means it’s intentionally designed to cater to your fitness level, comfort level being challenged, how you move, modifications needed for injuries and the goals you’re looking to achieve.

Having a customized exercise program for your unique body and needs will yield faster and better results while drastically reducing the risk of injury. You will always get more out of a Small Group Personal Training session for this reason.

#3–Building Tone + Definition in Your Body:

If your goal is physique change meaning you want to shape how you look, then you must strength train in order to build more lean muscle! Lean muscle is what gives you definition – not cardio. This is one reason why SGPT focuses primarily on strength training and as mentioned above, having the 1:1 coaching, personalized workouts in a controlled setting where you always know what to do and are oding it correctly means better results!

*Note: you also must eat for your goals. See our coaches for help; we do Personalized Nutrition and Accountability Coaching too!

#4 — Individualized Coaching:

Everyone is unique and requires various levels of coaching, modifications and level of challenge. What may work for someone doesn’t work for everyone. Things holding back your progress before -like an achy back, cranky shoulder or old knee – shouldn’t deter you from your goals. Exercise can actually help alleviate pain and achy joints when done properly because it helps your body move right with better quality.

Having a coach that listens to you and can make personal corrections in your program will keep you progressing forward while avoiding the injury bug! Individualized coaching means you are challenged appropriately and safely based on your skill level.

#5–Ultimate Warrior Strength:

Are you going to get strong in Classes Yes! Will you get even stronger in SGPT, YES! For all the reasons already listed – SGPT facilitates a bigger increase in total body strength because it is deigned to follow the science of true Strength Training while providing you with customized programs and 1:1 coaching so you get exactly what you need every workout!

#6–Increased Personal Accountability + Motivation:

Although everyone has their own individual programs, being in a small group atmosphere allows for connection, camaraderie and some friendly competition. You will feed off one another’s energy when you see your peers getting stronger and pushing limits you never thought imaginable. With 1:1 coaching, you will always stay challenged and the coaches will work directly with you, on the spot, to modify your programs as needed while infusing fun and encouragement!

For some people, the increased attention and coaching makes them nervous since they won’t be able to “get away with slacking” but hey, isn’t that a good thing if you’re looking to make changes?!

You’ve heard us say it before but, in a perfect world, everyone would dapple in Small Group Personal Training – aiming for 2 -3 sessions / per week – and compliment that with Classes Why? For all the reasons just listed!

If you have never tried Small Group Personal Training, feel stuck with where you’re at or are looking to challenge yourself more, we encourage you to at least try GSPT and see for yourself what it’s all about!

If you are ready to learn more about how these programs are guaranteed to help you lose weight, body fat and transform your body (and life), schedule your FREE Strategy Session by clicking on the button below!





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