Stop Waiting for the “Perfect” Time

The Never-Ending List of Reasons Why:

…After the holidays.

…Once summer ends.

…When work settles down.

…After the kids are back in school.

…As soon as January 1st hits.

Sound familiar?

These are the most commonly shared reasons (excuses maybe?!) why you absolutely cannot start exercising or eating better now.

Being that we are in the thick of the holiday season, NOW is especially when we convince ourselves we’re just too busy to exercise or eat better.

It’s the stress of the holidays!

All the festive parties and gatherings!

Being on the go and shopping!

All the holiday travel!

Not wanting to miss out on holiday food and dranks!

Oy!!!!! You just can’t do or focus on anything else right now.

When it comes to waiting for the “perfect” time, there are endless reasons why you convince yourself to wait.

Why “now” is just not the right time to finally get started, reel it in and begin working on your health, fitness and nutrition goals.

But here’s the thing: THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME!

Life will never slow down, be less busy or present you with the most perfect time to exercise and eat better.

There will always be birthdays, celebrations, holidays, and social outings.

There will always be work dinners, kids’ activities, anniversaries, and other demands that make getting started feel impossible.

……..So, how exactly can you navigate these situations AND work on your health, fitness and nutrition goals?

………How can you overcome “not having enough time” instead of resorting to the fact you’re just “too busy”?

First, by working with a coach (like the Results Fitness team) because we teach you exactly how to successfully make exercising and eating better fit into your life despite your busy, demanding schedule and roles as parents, professionals and spouses.

In fact, we highly recommend getting started when life is busy because that’s your baseline normal.

Together, we work with you so you know exactly how to make it all work with your current lifestyle instead of searching and waiting for the right time.

Otherwise, you will be waiting forever!

As coaches, we work with YOU to help you build healthy habits and put systems into place that keep you accountable, help you plan ahead, stay prepared and better manage / make the most out of the time you do have.

Our mantra is progress over perfection meaning, do what you can, with the time you have.

That will ALWAYS trump NOT doing anything at all!

Today’s blog is guaranteed to help you overcome the “too busy” mindset. You are learning:

  • Why you need systems to hit your goals!

  • How to build 5 (realistic) systems that fit your life.

  • Quick & easy tips to start today!

Why You Need Systems

First, why are systems important? Having systems is necessary because you won’t always feel motivated to do the work needed for reaching your goals and that is OK!

Motivation is like any other (fleeting) emotion – it comes and goes. Part of better managing your time and making the most of it includes taking / using those flickers of motivation to build systems and get sh!t done! That is when the real magic happens.

When life gets busy, you naturally become consumed with stress and go into panic mode, only getting done what you deem absolutely necessary. With all the stress you harbor, you lose motivation to do anything else.

For example, exercising and eating better. You may be feeling out of sorts and tired coming off a summer with no routine, days vacations, late nights, festivals, BBQ’s, and adult bevs and vow to start exercising and eating better the moment the kids go back to school or immediately after Labor Day but then….work….kids’ activities…homework…packing lunches! Scratch that – you don’t have time!

As you’ve likely experienced, all that lingering stress fuels unhealthy habits: stress eating, opting for convenience by hitting up the drive-through or ordering out, pouring a few extra drinks, staying up late to unwind, not sleeping less which means not having energy to stay active or exercise.

Before you can build successful systems, you must first understand how to boost and fuel your own motivation, knowing it won’t always be high. Here are 6 tips for boosting motivation.

  1. Journaling or meditation: What are you doing with all that pent up stress? By practicing these activities, you learn to identify negative feelings and sources of stress. Once identified, you can begin working on ways to lower your stress levels and improve your mood.

  2. Keeping a regular schedule: Do you find you are super productive when you have things organized and planned out? Keep a list of tasks you would like to complete each and every day. As your day progresses, check off the tasks you completed to boost motivation and self-esteem.

  3. Eating a well-balanced diet: This is not a huge priority come special events and holidays and that’s OK. But, continued poor nutrition outside of life’s celebrations is linked to a drop in energy levels and promotes a negative mindset. By focusing on eating real, nutrient-dense foods you can immediately improve your mood and energy levels.

  4. Getting enough quality sleep: Just like poor nutrition habits, a lack of sleep can drain your energy, decrease productivity and have a negative effect on your mood. Eliminate distractions, disconnect from electronics and aim for at least 7 hours of quality sleep each night.

  5. Monitoring alcohol consumption: While you might think alcohol is a mood booster or helps with sleep, regular alcohol consumption will drain motivation AND interrupt sleep cycles. It’s a vicious cycle of battling a hangover, feeling tired and repeatedly not wanting to do anything. You can start limiting your intake by saving your favorite adult beverage for the weekend.

  6. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable from time to time: Creating sustainable lifestyle changes is not always easy. Some days you may find it to be extremely difficult but, remaining consistent is key. Life is tough but SO ARE YOU!

Maximize Your Time! How to Create and Build Systems

As we continue to preach, there is NO perfect time, magical pill or special hack for getting started and working towards your health, fitness and nutrition goals. And as you may already know, diets don’t work long-term / are not sustainable.

With 100% certainty, building systems to keep you consistent and prepared IS long-term and sustainable! Let’s explore how to build systems to make getting started more manageable, even when life feels too busy. When building systems, focus on the basic building blocks for living healthy, happy and strong:

  1. Nutrition! A well-balanced diet containing real, nutrient-dense foods in the appropriate portions for your specific needs and goals.

  2. Exercise! Regular exercise that includes strength/weight training.

  3. Sleep + Stress! Prioritize getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night and reducing stress. Poor quality and high stress are two overlooked culprits when it comes to why you may not be making progress or seeing results.

  4. Hydration! Staying hydrated is an underrated tool for staying healthy and feeling your best!

Let’s now break down each system with simple action steps you can start doing today to practice consistency and maintain healthy habits throughout the year no matter what life throws your way.

Nutrition Systems: How to start eating better now without dieting or restricting yourself

  • Have a list of easy “go-to” meals that are simple to prepare

  • Meal prep each week so healthy options are readily available: chop fresh veggies and fruit and prep the meals that you have the least time for during the week.

  • Batch cook proteins (chicken, ground turkey/beef, salmon, etc.) to have on hand and build meals around.

  • Schedule time in week to grocery shop.

  • Prepare a grocery list before shopping.

  • Add a serving of veggies (1-2 fists) to each meal.

  • Double up the recipes you cook and freeze the other half for another day.

  • Monitor hunger cues and eat mindfully. Focus on slowing down and eating without distraction.

Exercise Systems: How to start exercising regardless of your starting point, age or fitness level

  • Find an exercise buddy and or coach who can make getting started fun and easy!

  • Schedule workouts in advance and add to your calendar like any other meeting or appointment.

  • Have workout clothes laid out the night before.

  • Set reminders to get up from your desk and move every hour during the workday.

  • Set a daily step goal of 8,000-10,000 steps. If that’s too high, start a little lower and increase by 500 steps each week.

  • Take part in a physical activity with friends. Forego the usual dinner and drinks and try out a new activity instead!

  • Remind yourself of the benefits of exercise and reflect on how you will feel AFTER!

  • Identify how movements you perform in the gym support activities you perform outside the gym.  Example: lifting weights help you build strength to hold your kids / grandkids, carry grocery bags and that heaping pile of laundry up the stairs.

Sleep Systems: How to prepare your body for a restful night’s sleep

  • Create a bedtime routine to train your body and brain it’s time to wind down.

  • Set an alarm as a reminder so you know to begin your bedtime routine.

  • Eliminate electronics 1 hour before bed.

  • Spend 10 minutes writing tomorrow’s to-do list to prevent waking mid night stressed about everything you need to get done.

  • Avoid caffeine 8-9 hours prior to your bedtime.

Stress Systems: How to manage stress in a healthy and productive way

  • Set limits on screen-time/social media each day.

  • Spend time in nature daily (quick walks around the block counts!).

  • Schedule time to participate in a hobby you enjoy. Life cannot be all work and no play!

  • Start a gratitude journal to maintain a positive, healthier mindset.

  • De-clutter stressful spaces such as an office, bedroom or kitchen.

  • Meditate daily for as little as 5 minutes. (check out this video).

  • Take time for active recovery such as yoga, walks in nature, a massage, or stretching.

Hydration: How to drink more water

  • Aim to drink at least 60 ounces of water daily.

  • Drink a full glass of water each morning upon waking.

  • Utilize a water tracking app to ensure you hit 60 ounces.

  • Drink at least one hydrating beverage with each meal.

  • Keep a filled water bottle in plain sight.

Now that you understand how to start building your systems, it’s time to start! You do not need to try all of these systems at once. In fact, as a coach, I recommend you first evaluate where your greatest need is and from there, identify which of the above actions you can (realistically) begin building into your day-to-day routine! Remember, building systems is an effective tool for managing and making better use of your time so you CAN GET STARTED TODAY instead of waiting for the “perfect day”.

PS….if you are ready to get started and being working towards your health, fitness and nutrition goals without adding more to your plate, it may be time to RISE UP with Results Fitness!

Rise Up is our 6-week total body transformation program that teaches you exactly how to build each of these systems into your current lifestyle so you can keep doing it forever!

It’s not a diet, quick fix or time/labor intensive program. It’s a lifestyle program designed for busy parents and professional like you! In fact, our program has helped over 600 people just like you build healthier lifestyles and completely transform!

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