My life has changed for the better, in the best way possible, since joining RF. I understand the importance of nutrition, strength training and active recovery. I continue to hold my self accountable for my choices, stay consistent and always put my best foot forward.

As I approached my thirties, I knew it was time to begin taking my health seriously. I wasn’t feeling great and every day it was the same cycle of being tired, bloated and unhappy. Something needed to change so I committed to finding a gym and putting my fitness first.

When I landed at Results Fitness, I worried about being able to keep up with the workouts. My biggest struggle was using weights; I felt intimidated to use them and honestly, didn’t understand the importance of strength training until Results Fitness introduced me to the many benefits.

As a newbies and beginner, the RF team was amazing at making me feel at ease. The coaches continuously checked in with me during the workouts, encouraging and supporting me while always making sure I felt comfortable using weights.

As I progressed and grew more confident in my abilities, the coaches would challenge me by slowing increasing the weights I was using over time. Because Coaches Josh and Melanie took the time to listen and work with me, strength training transitioned from my biggest struggle to something I can now do and love doing! The constant encouragement and motivation during small group personal training sessions and classes – “You can do it, one more rep!”, and my favorite “You can do anything for 10 seconds!” (thanks Coach Melanie) continues to play an important role in how I challenge myself and what I’m able to achieve!


After my first year at Results, I became interested in Rise Up In 6 Weeks once I knew it focused on nutrition because I needed help changing my eating habits. I completed my very first Rise Up was in 2020 and despite my fear of not hitting my goal or keeping up with the program, it proved to be a great success!

My first Rise Up taught me the importance of health and physical activity, how to portion meals and what makes up a meal for that matter. I felt confident, strong, self-disciplined, and happy. That Rise Up completely changed my mindset about what I can and cannot achieve.

One week after completing my first Rise Up, COVID hit and we all know what happened next. Everything was forced to shut down and life drastically changed; making getting back to a “normal” hard once things started reopening in June 2020. When the post pandemic Rise Up 2021 came back around, the thought of another, new challenge felt exciting. It also made me question if I could do as well as I did the previous year.

If you’ve done Rise Up once, is it worth doing again?


Going back to my initial thought heading into my second Rise Up – is it worth doing again?


I now understand exactly why most RF Warriors participate in Rise Up every year. To my surprise, I did BETTER than my first Rise Up and was enthralled! Heading into my second Rise Up, I fully committed myself to this program, worked hard every day and it paid off.

In 6 weeks I physically challenged myself more than ever before, drastically improving my strength and increasing my deadlift by 15 lbs! Thinking back to my first few months at Results Fitness and how nervous I was to use weights, it’s great to see how far I’ve come and how much stronger I am both physically and mentally.

I love Rise Up because I am in competition with myself! For me, setting personal goals and celebrating after achieving them is motivating and something I genuinely enjoy. Having done two Rise Up programs now, I can say I’ve improved in different ways and taken from each what I needed at that moment in time.

For example, my first Rise Up was a huge wake up call with nutrition. My biggest take away was portion control and understanding what a balanced, healthy meal looked like. Knowing how to create easy, healthy meals on my own was a game changer. The other takeaway was challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone with lifting weights.

Come year two, I had a solid understanding what to expect and ready to take what I had already accomplished to the next level. My energy and focus shifted to my workouts; where I physically challenged myself to do more and in doing so can say how life changing strength training truly is! As I shared, I hit a personal record with my deadlift and have never felt stronger! If it doens’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

This time around, I held myself more accountable to every component of the program; becoming laser focused on creating healthier habits outside of the gym. All of this combined was the reason why my second go at Rise Up proved better than my first! The photos below is a visual comparison between my first Rise Up in 2020 (left image) and my second in 2021 (right).


Now that I am an RF warrior, I understand the importance of nutrition, strength training and active recovery. In my every day life, I continue to hold my self accountable for my choices, stay consistent and always put my best foot forward. Being a Results Fitness Warrior means showing up for yourself, and I won’t let myself down. My life has changed for the better, in the best way possible, since joining Results Fitness.

If you are at a place like I was, not feeling good about yourself and wanting to make changes, you have to start somewhere. If you want to change your life, improve your health and feel confident, getting involved with Results Fitness / Rise Up is the way to go!

I think we are all nervous to try something new at first, I know I was, but I am so happy I faced my fears and committed to this gym. The Rise Up program gets you on a schedule, it changes your health habits and makes you aware of the choices you’re making on a daily basis. I LOVE RESULTS FITNESS AND RISE UP!

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