Linda’s Story of Rise Up Glory!


I would say to anyone thinking about signing on for Rise Up or Results Fitness, “DO IT!”. Take it on, embrace it and feed off all the positive energy and enthusiasm from the gym and members. Don’t expect a quick fix, but a journey. A journey that will possibly change your life.
— RF Warrior Linda


Looking back on my early days with Results Fitness, my biggest concern about joining was ME! On occasion, I can get in the way of myself and seem to be a master of self sabotage. Like many others, I would get involved with a fitness and nutrition routine, think I was doing pretty well and then the excuses would start rolling in. Thus the beginning of a downward spiral.

Whatever exercise and nutrition habits I was following would go by the wayside, and there I was, slipping right back into my bad habits.  Admittedly, I’d find myself worrying about making the commitment to more of a lifestyle change.  It was so much easier to be lazy and “meh” about being healthy and physically active. Bottom line- I was in a terrible rut and unsure how to get myself motivated enough to do something about it.

Initially, I started with Results Fitness through a work sponsored wellness program and then transitioned into their 30 Day Kickstart! I was impressed with both the workouts and level of coaching. However, after the 30 days were over, it was hard to justify joining given our wellness program at work.

Unfortunately, the wellness program wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and I was not able to establish a healthy, sustainable and consistent fitness routine.


In November of 2016, I received an email from the Results Fitness team about Rise Up In 6 Weeks, a total body transformation program to become re-engaged and back on track with your personal health and fitness goals. 

In short, Rise Up teaches you how to create and sustain the life you want through training, nutrition, sleep, accountability, and mindset. 

Despite my fear of commitment and uncertainty of what Rise Up actually entailed, I took the plunge.  Turns out, it was a great journey filled with learning, meeting some wonderful people and getting results!  I successfully lost body fat, weight and inches off my waist. Overall, I was feeling better health-wise and was pleased with where I was.

When Rise Up ended, I decided to return to my wellness program at work, attempting to piece together my own regimen based on what I learned.  Initially, I was keeping focus but then, life happened, the excuses started compiling and soon enough, I was slipping back into my unhealthy habits.  In December of 2017, I went for my annual physical, only to leave the doctor’s office feeling mortified! I knew it was bad, but when the doc specifically says “Something needs to change” you are forced to take a hard look at things.

At that point, I was at my all-time highest weight and my all time lowest self esteem. Luckily, I knew myself and my patterns with nutrition and fitness and had already signed up for the 2018 Rise Up In 6 Weeks program, beyond ready to take it on!

Rise Up 2018 was a godsend. Having experienced Rise Up the year prior, I knew what I was facing and was welcoming all of it with open arms. I was determined to do better for myself nutritionally, physically, and mentally. Initially, I had concern about returning after a 9-month hiatus. I wondered what would the Results Fitness team would think and worried about feeling out or place or intimidated.   Spoiler alert – it was like seeing an old friend and picking up right where you left off. No judgment, just a commitment to help me be a better version of me.



My biggest and most challenging fitness struggle is staying consistent with nutrition and exercise. Having many ups and downs with my weight, nutrition and fitness, it’s always frustrating to see good progress fade away.

It may sound cliché, but my life really has been enriched by my Results Fitness family. The environment is so positive and encouraging you can’t’ help but try hard and do better!  Rise Up In 6 Weeks was an absolute life changer for me. When I was discouraged with myself and not seeing the big picture of wellness, Results Fitness and Rise Up came along at the perfect time. I have learned so much and will continue to soak it all in. The pieces of my puzzle are coming together. My focus is different, and I know my success is up to me (with a little help from my Results Fitness buddies).

Personally, Rising Up with Results Fitness means so much because of its impact on my life:

  • I have overcome my fears by just showing up and being present.

  • I have become better organized with my time, more mindful of situations and overall, more open-minded.

  • My coping methods continuously improve, empowering me to handle things more effectively when life gets interrupted.

  • Since completing Rise Up 2018, I’ve continued to maintain my weight loss and work out consistently, which is pretty incredible for me.

  • We are all works in progress so being around like-minded people who are caring, friendly and encouraging is invaluable to my journey. Not to mention, we have some badass members who have done the incredible and overcome life’s challenges. These people are such an inspiration, making me always wanting to do better.

I would say to anyone thinking about signing on for Rise Up or Results Fitness, “DO IT!”.

Take it on, embrace it and feed off all the positive energy and enthusiasm from the gym and members. Don’t expect a quick fix, but a journey. A journey that will possibly change your life. Take the time to learn from the expertise of the coaches about nutrition and fitness. Practice being consistent, trying new things, hearing ideas from others and just showing up. Be a little selfish and make yourself a priority with your wellness. Results Fitness and Rise Up are absolutely the right place to start.






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