Coach Amie is here to help you “lighten the load” with today’s not so sexy but super important blog discussion: HEALTHY DIGESTION! Better known in her house as pooping!

OMG you said pooping!

Real Talk: Your digestion plays an important role in your every day health because as you probably guessed, what goes in not only comes out, but impacts how your body functions.

There are lots of reasons why you want to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Here’s a quick and dirty break down of WHY healthy digestion matters:

#1. Promotes Healthy Weight Loss! Eliminate toxins from your body – who wants those?

#2. Increases Energy! Healthy bowels mean your body isn’t working as hard to digest food so that energy can be saved for other activities –yay!

#3. Absorbs Nutrients-Healthy intestinal lining is more effective at absorbing nutrients – this is a good thing!

#4. Promotes Better Mental Clarity – Your digestive tract is also known as your “second brain” – whaaaa?! YES! Beneficial bacteria found in a healthy gut helps boosts your brain health and your mood – no way!

#5. Keeps it Regular – Regularity is a sign of a healthy digestive tract – no surprise there!

#6. Increases Immune Function– A healthy digestion system helps keep your immune system functioning well!

Join Coach Amie now by clicking the video to learn exactly why healthy digestion matters, how to “keep things moving” and why it’s always a good idea to look before you flush: the warning signs your health may be in jeopardy.

Remember, FOOD IS FUEL and staying mindful of what you are eating and sticking with primarily whole, real foods is going to keep you healthy and your body functioning well!


Stay Fueled

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