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This isn’t a diet. And, it’s not a short-term, deprive yourself so you can get thin endeavor.
Rather, it’s a complete reset on what, why, and how much you eat.
— Greg

Meet Greg (hiii Greg!). Greg is an all around great human and to know him, is to love him, especially if you’ve had the pleasure of working out in his company! Greg’s positive energy, good vibes and can do attitude make any Semi-Private Training session feel like the best happy hour! And, his outrageously awesome grunts when eeking out his final reps have made him a household name (if you haven’t had the esteemed pleasure, sync your training schedule ASAP).

Greg started his adventure with Results Fitness 8 months ago – following the lead of his badass wife, Deb! Greg’s visible commitment to make health + fitness a permanent fixture has been present since his very first training session. But like so many of us, he was missing the nutritional component to compliment everything he was doing on the gym training floor.

You’ve heard us say it before but it’s true…YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN YOUR DIET!

So, after his first two months, Greg decided it was time to embrace the other super important component of health + fitness – NUTRITION!

In our exclusive Q&A with Results Fitness Warrior Greg, we learned how his life has dramatically changed since completing the Ultimate Nutrition coaching program– both his physical results and mindset when it comes to food.

If you’re struggling with your nutrition, aren’t seeing results or just a wee bit curious about what the hell Nutrition Coaching even is, this blog’s for you!

RF: Greg, what was your greatest fear when deciding if nutrition coaching would be a good fit for you?

GREG: I was a bit worried I wouldn’t actually be able to stay within a healthy diet and avoid a lot of the bad food choices I was accustomed to. That said, I was ready enough for a change that any fear I had was outweighed by my desire to eat healthier.

RF: How did you conquer your fear?

GREG: I signed up because I had spoken to Coach Matt previously and thought this approach seemed like a sensible, long-term method for behavioral change. This clearly wasn’t a short-term weight loss diet, but rather a healthy approach to eating I could sustain.

RF: When it comes to nutrition, what’s been your biggest struggle?

GREG: Late night snacking!

RF: Yes, snacking — us, too! how’d you overcome that impossible feat?

GREG: There were three factors contributing to my overcoming the nightly bucket of ice cream:

  • Eating proper, healthy meals throughout the day kept me from feeling so hungry at night.

  • Once I embraced the program and got excited about how far I could go with this, my own motivation kept me on track.

  • I also understood there was no reason to beat myself up over the occasional snack, provided it wasn’t all the time and wasn’t an entire box of cookies. Simply feeling ‘allowed’ to have something made me feel less like I ‘had’ to have it.

RF: How is your life different now that you’ve completed nutrition coaching?

GREG: I feel a lot smarter about what I eat and more authoritative on the choices I make: I no longer feel like I’m guessing when it comes to making healthy food choices. And I was surprised by how much I didn’t know (that I thought I knew) about what it means to eat healthily.

The biggest change for me was when I accepted I was doing this for me and I wasn’t being told I couldn’t eat something I wanted to. Just that switch in my thinking from “I’m being deprived of something” to ” I want to make a healthier choice” made all the difference! In 12 weeks, I only lied once in my food journal about having a donut! Just kidding! 

In 12 weeks I lost 4% body fat, went down one pant size, and found out that I really enjoy eating healthy food.
— Greg

RF: What would you say to someone who is struggling with nutrition and on the fence about nutrition coaching?

GREG: This isn’t a diet. And, it’s not a short-term, deprive yourself so you can get thin endeavor. Rather, it’s a complete reset on what, why, and how much you eat.

Throw out all the old behavior and preconceptions that have gotten you to where you are, and start over with a solid understanding of what constitutes healthy eating habits. And it’s done in a one-step-at-a-time approach so that you really can manage the adjustments as you go.

If you need help with food / nutrition – what to eat, how much, or how to change habits like late night snacking – call or email the RF team today!

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