Kathi’s Story of Rise Up Glory

In 6 weeks, my results were nothing short of amazing, and I know how to maintain and stay on track. I lost 5% body fat, 5 inches off my waist and those pesky, hard to lose 10 lbs.

As a longtime member of Results Fitness and mother of 3, I look forward to Rise Up every year without any fears or hesitation because there comes a time when we all just need a reset. Personally, I know when I start slipping and my healthy habits begin to taper. It begins as a steady decline of not exercising every day followed by eating habits that slowly divert to not so healthy choices. From there, it just avalanches and snowballs. Rise Up always proves to be exactly what I need to refocus, reboot and continue building a healthy lifestyle.

During the pandemic and leading up to the 2022 Rise Up program, I was overindulging in both food and alcohol. By the end of 2021, I knew it was time to kick myself into gear. I knew I owed it to myself to be consistent, disciplined and focused.


With the help of the fantastic coaches and the Rise Up program – the workshop, daily accountability, tracking sheets, cookbook, weekly support groups, weekly check-in from my coach, progress photos, InBody, attendance charts – all played a role in getting me to my happiest, fittest self. 

In 6 weeks, my results were nothing short of amazing AND, I know how to maintain my progress while staying on track. At the end of my 6 weeks, I lost 5% body fat, 5 inches off my waist and those pesky, hard to lose 10 lbs. that never seem to budge. I’ve leaned out quite a bit, increased my muscle mass and continue maintaining my progress with daily workouts, which is just a small percentage of my day.

A big focus of Rise Up is nutrition and understanding how to fuel your body so you feel better, have more energy, reap better workouts and of course, get the results you want! Understanding what to be eating and how much is hard to figure out on your own. Thanks to Rise Up, my focus has shifted back to eating REAL foods. Even better? I never go hungry. During Rise Up, I followed the program and actually ate MORE food. The biggest difference was the quality and quantity of the foods compared to what I was eating before Rise up. Majority of my meals were nutrient dense – no more empty calories with excess alcohol, snacks and processed foods. I created well balanced, simple meals that helped me stay fueled, feel full and hit incredible results.

A huge takeaway from doing Rise Up is learning how balanced meals all serve a purpose for your body; ensuring it runs like a fine-tuned machine. For me, at 55 years young, I’m still lucky enough to have all of my original parts!


Results Fitness has the best coaches in all of Northeast Ohio and when you become a Results Fitness member, you are guaranteed results (at “Results Fitness”, it’s all in the name). The certified coaches provide outstanding and informative training (knowledge is power!). Instead of just putting you through the motions, they actually TEACH you how to exercise the right way to stay injury free, get results and understand how each movement/exercise is beneficial to everyday life. If you have pre-existing injuries or limitations, you are always given modifications.

In addition to the exercise component, Rise Up provides nutrition coaching to understand how to eat to hit your goals and an overall greater understanding of nutrition in general. The RF coaches and team are always there to answer your questions, offer support and help you succeed. I can’t say enough about Results Fitness – the coaches, team and community is definitely NOT your average gym.

My advice to anyone who wants to make changes, wants to feel better, wants to change their life, and be healthier: Make yourself more of a priority because you are your longest commitment! At Results Fitness you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people to motivate and inspire you.  All you can change is yourself and sometimes that changes everything.

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