Rise Up is not a ‘diet’ or a quick fix that you only do for six weeks. It is a program that will help you make better choices to keep your body healthy inside and out for a lifetime.

When I chose to join Results Fitness, I admit I was very nervous. Being brand new to Cleveland, I didn’t know anyone and exercising was something I was used to doing with friends. Not only was I new to the area, I’d be starting a new gym completely alone and the workouts were much different that what I had been doing. I feared making a fool of myself.

During those first few weeks and months as a Results Fitness Warrior, my biggest struggle was learning the exercises and staying consistent with my workouts.  The RF coaches and staff were always so extremely encouraging and helpful every step of the way. Their constant assistance and support pushed me to keep pushing myself and they always took time to praise my small little accomplishments. That meant a great deal to me and is exactly what kept me motivated to keep going and get stronger.  

Then Rise Up In 6 Weeks came around. I was reading about it in blogs like this one and as I debated whether or not to participate, I spoke with other RF Warriors about their experience with the program. They all encouraged me with great enthusiasm and after listening to their stories, results and accomplishments, I decided it was time to put my doubts away and give it a shot.


Before Rise Up, I considered myself to be a healthier eater when it came to food choices and portions. Then I started Rise Up and learned SO much! Since completing the program, I have made many changes to my daily nutrition and eating habits. In doing so, I have MORE energy for my workouts, I feel better and am seeing great results!

What I thought or considered to be healthy was not necessarily the case. For me, Rise Up provided so much useful information with nutrition as well as coaching. Coach Amie was always there to answer questions and help make the program easy to follow and incorporate into my life.

In just 6 weeks, I learned how to prep meals, eat all my macronutrients (smart carbs, proteins and heart healthy fats) and control portion sizes. 


Now that I am an RF Warrior, I am much healthier, more confident and have the knowledge I need to make this lifestyle my norm!

Rise Up is definitely the jump start that can and will help anyone ready for results. The cost is well worth every penny because the bottom line is that you must take care of yourself.   You can’t place a price on your health and fitness.

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