It’s Never Too Late To Start Exercising


Let’s get straight to the point: It is NEVER, EVER ‘too late’ to start exercising!

Regardless of your age or starting point, it will always be better to start than resorting to the mindset it’s ‘‘too late’’.

Much like the overly used “I just don’t have time” rebuttal, this mindset = an excuse.

You know exercise is good for you yet, it’s easier to convince yourself you’re too late to the game and it’s just not worth starting……what gives?!

…Maybe you’re new to exercising and nervous everyone will look at you, be more fit and judge you.

…Maybe you have existing injuries or, afraid you will get hurt.

…Perhaps you don’t want to spend the money.

When it comes to exercise, not knowing what to do, being out of shape and feeling intimidated by gyms are some of the most common fears preventing you from being your healthiest, happiest and strongest self!

As a coach, I hear you and understand this stuff can feel intimidating and scary.

However, at some point in your life, you are going to look back and regret not doing this for yourself, health and family.

So, I am here to help you realize that sooner (now), versus later!

In today’s blog, you are learning:

  • 4 strategies to overcome your fears and start exercising!

  • 4 beginner-friendly tips to get your body moving and health improving!


As you age, you gain many wonderful things: wisdom, perspective, life experiences, more good looks…the list goes on! And with all that wisdom and beauty, comes the not so fun stuff:

  • Arthritis

  • Daily aches + pains

  • Lingering injuries

  • Chronic health issues + disease

  • Loss of strength + muscle mass

  • Limited mobility

  • Difficulty performing daily tasks

  • Medical expenses

Assuming you want to live the best possible life with limited to no health issues, how can you overcome these barriers so that you can improve your healthy and quality of life?

Let’s look at the top 5 barriers to exercising PLUS 5 ways to overcome each:

1. “I have…… chronic aches & pains…injuries….arthritis.”

Whether you have arthritis in your knees, tweaked your back playing catch with your kid or a lingering shoulder ‘thing’, aches and pains are part of the aging process; worsened by inactivity and improper training.

Contrary to popular belief, these chronic issues do NOT mean you cannot, should not exercise!

In fact, proper exercise will absolutely alleviate these pains, improve your mobility and allow you to perform daily tasks with ease!

So, how do you exercise safely if you deal with chronic aches and pains?

By working with certified coaches who can create programs that are equally as safe as effective:

  • Safety First: At Results Fitness, we work with many people dealing with chronic aches and pains and as coaches, our focus is always on your individual needs and what you CAN do versus what you can’t.

    Your workouts are fully personalized so if/when a particular exercise bothers you, your program is modified so that you can still workout pain free, reap the benefits of exercise and rid the pains!

    You will always perform the safest, most effective workout for YOU so that you can successfully train for the life outside of gym: traveling, playing with your kids/grandkids, gardening, mowing the lawn, hiking, walking the dog, etc.

  • The #1 Most Effective Workout: In addition to personalized workouts, the exercise programs are strength training: scientifically proven to be THE BEST type of workout for improving quality of life, enhancing mobility, alleviating aches and pains, and building strength!

    Strength training is the ultimate fountain of youth because it engages and builds strength in/around all muscles, joints and ligaments so that you can move better, go up/down the stairs, get up/down off the ground, and live pain free!

    For example, let’s say from time to time you feel a weakness/ache in your knees.  Lifting weights will help to strengthen the muscles surrounding that knee (quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes) and the soft tissue as well (tendons and ligaments).  This will provide a better support system around your knee joint and allow you to move freely and painlessly!

2.  “Ahhh…..gyms are SCARY!”

“I’ve never been to a gym before! They are so scary, and I don’t know what to do!”.

We hear you and understand gyms can be very impersonal and unwelcoming.

So, where do you go to exercise if you hate gyms?

Not all gyms are created equal, and if the typical gym just isn’t your scene, you’re in luck! Results Fitness is not your typical gym, we are a community filled with like-minded people who support one another and coaches who guide you every step of the way!

Most gyms just give you access to space and equipment. At Results Fitness, we understand you need more than just weights and machines to succeed! This is why we coach you, design the most effective exercise programs for your individual needs and help you build healthy habits outside the gym that keep you consistent and accountable.

When you show up, your exercise programs have already been designed for you PLUS, you get to work 1:1 with our loveable, certified coaches so you know exactly what to and how to do it properly, so you don’t get hurt!

This means you get the attention you personally need. No more guessing or wasting time figuring this stuff out on your own. Your coaches are constantly guiding you towards the proper weights to use, adjusting and correcting form, infusing motivation and encouragement, and providing a safe space for you to be vulnerable.  When you walk through our doors, everyone knows your name and genuinely cares so you feel at home, at ease, and can focus on being and feeling your best!

3. “It’s TOO Expensive!”

It’s a reality money plays a factor and like anything else in life – your house, your yard, your car, your hair, your nails – being healthy requires a level of ‘upkeep’.

And yes, it is absolutely an investment BUT an investment that will provide the biggest payout by allowing you to live the best possible life!

When looking at just the numbers, joining a gym, working with a coach and finding a safe, effective exercise program can feel like a big-time commitment. Naturally, there may sticker shock making you feel like “I can’t afford this…I don’t want to pay that much…”.

BUT, it is ALWAYS more affordable to be healthy than to be sick: consider the (rising) costs of medications, hospitalization, surgeries, doctor’s appointments, missed time at work, etc.

Did you know the average cost to manage chronic disease = $6,032 annually?!

That is 5x higher than what people without chronic disease will pay for healthcare each year!

This is def a ‘pick your poison’ type of thing: either take care of yourself by investing in your health now or, be unwell and pay a TON of money for the rest of your life.

Which path will you choose?

If you enjoy traveling, spending time with your family, playing catch with your grandkids, and looking forward to life’s milestone’s like seeing your kids married, ya better invest in your health now ‘cause being healthy isn’t luck. It takes time and effort.

Exercise = ‘preventative medicine’ and a guaranteed way to reduce health risks and offset excessive healthcare costs later down the road. Let’s say that Joe Shmo has developed Type II Diabetes due to poor eating habits:

If Joe doesn’t take charge of his own lifestyle and health, then he will be paying for insulin, more regular trips to the doctor, hospitalizations, surgeries, blood tests, and missing work.

And if Joe Shmo is living a sedentary lifestyle, then he is also at a higher risk of injury, chronic hypertension and heart disease. Instead of having to deal with all of those expensive factors for years to come, Joe Shmo could start exercising to (immediately) improve his quality of life.

So, to overcome the “it’s too expensive’’ mindset, a shift in perspective might be all you need to finally make that jump!

  • Example: Let’s say you and your plus one go out to dinner 1-2x/month. That’s at least $150-$200 dollars each meal = $300-$400 total per month on eating out. Talk about sticker shock!

  • Perspective: Reallocate those $300-$400/month towards your health and fitness. I promise the money you spend will yield more than a just a good meal.

  • This isn’t me telling you how to spend money, just asking if/where/how you can redirect some of your disposable income towards helping you live a longer, fuller, better life by taking a step back and truly understanding how/where you allocate those dollars. You may not realize where some of it’s going and how much you are spending on stuff like dinners/meals eaten out.

4. “I’m too old / outta shape to exercise.”

Feeling ‘too old’ for the gym?  Nervous you won’t be able to ‘keep up’?

It’s only human to compare ourselves to others but, is that a fair way to look at things?

Age is such a common barrier to starting anything new and while you might not be able to move the way you used to, that shouldn’t prohibit you from feeling good about yourself!

There is no such thing as being too old to exercise.  Studies prove strength training increases muscle density and power, increases bone density, slows down the effects of arthritis, osteoporosis and osteopenia, improves general range of motion, flexibility coordination and balance, increases energy and mood levels, and makes you feel more comfortable and confident!

Starting something new is also a great way to increase your neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to learn new skills and develop new neurological connections.  Your body might be doing movement patterns it has never done before, and that’s good for both your muscles and brain.  An old dog can learn new tricks, and anyone can learn how to exercise!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be ‘in shape’ to join a gym and start exercising – that’s what gyms, coaches and exercise programs are for! If going at this exercise stuff solo hasn’t worked up to this point, it’s time to seek help.

So, to overcome the “I’m too old’’ and “I’m too outta shape” mindsets remember:

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number – you’re never too old to set a goal and achieve it – and you don’t need to be ‘in shape’ to join a gym and start exercising. It comes down to finding quality coaches who meet you where you’re at and understand your individual needs.

At Results Fitness, we truly believe fitness is for EVERY BODY, age and fitness level. It is our job to meet you at your starting point and provide the proper guidance, coaching, exercise programs, and environment to succeed.

Majority of our RF Warriors are brand new to gyms, exercise and strength training. With proper coaching and time, these newbies learn the exercises, continuing progressing and transform into their healthiest, happiest and strongest selves!

Now that you know exactly how to overcome the “it’s too late” to start exercising mindset, it’s important to have a strategy in place to keep accountable, consistent, feeling your best, and seeing RESULTS!

Here are 4 strategies to help you start exercising now:

#1. Grab a gym buddy: Consistency and accountability are so important when you start exercising plus, it’s a lot less intimidating to start a new gym / exercise program with a buddy!

Accountability plays a major factor in sticking with exercise and achieving fitness goals. You won’t always feel motivated to exercise so creating that support system with a gym buddy helps you build consistent habits, make better choices and stay on track when motivation tapers.

At Results Fitness, there is an entire community in place that serves this role: RF Warriors and coaches!

Regardless of starting point and goals, every single person who walks through our doors needs / wants to be held accountable. As an RF Warrior, you not only show up for yourself, but your fellow RF Warriors and coaches. Afterall, when your workout buddy and coach are expecting to see you, you are 10x more likely to show up!

#2. Make exercise ‘fit’ into your life: Exercise takes time and effort and this can be hard – job, work, kids, spouse, etc. – so at Results Fitness, we help busy adults like you make exercise fit into your life so it sticks.

How do we do that? By allowing you to schedule workouts up to 1 month in advance PLUS tons of flexibility to cancel / adjust as needed so that you can plan ahead, prioritize this time for yourself and actually show up.

Scheduling time to exercise = the same as scheduling a work meeting, doctor’s appointment, parent-teacher conferences, hair appointment, etc. It’s a set day and time and though you will not always want to go to the gym, your work meeting, or other appointments, if it’s scheduled, you’re showing up!

The best way to make exercise fit into your life is planning ahead by looking at the work/family calendars to identify pockets of times you are free.  It might be at 5:30am before the kids start getting ready for school or, 7:30pm once everyone is home.  Remember, exercise takes time and effort and won’t always be what you want to do but, you will NEVER regret exercising and feeling your best. Never, ever, ever!

3. Write down your goals: Something that is so simple yet so overlooked!

Writing down your goal(s) creates a vision of what you want your future to look like and serves as a reminder why this is important to you.  Once recorded, put your goal where you can see it every day. Next, share your goal(s) with your friends, family and coworkers and why this is important to you so they, too can be supportive!

#4. Find a QUALITY gym = certified coaches + effective exercise programs!

You have successfully found a gym buddy, identified when you are free to exercise and have written down your goal…time to find a QUALITY gym!

When looking for a gym, there are 3 specific qualities you absolutely want and need! These are the big 3 you DO NOT want to compromise: (certified) coaches, effective exercise programs and culture:

1. Coaches: Access to coaches is a total game changer!

First of all, a coach tells you exactly what to do and how to do it so you exercise safely, effectively and maximize results! At Results Fitness, every workout is led by certified coaches and our entire job is to focus on YOU so you get exactly what you personally need to succeed!

Next, a coach does all the thinking for you: designs exercise program conducive to your starting point and goals, provides cues and feedback in real time, create modifications if you have injuries or limitations, and keeps your motivated, focused and challenged. At Results Fitness, exercise programs are designed to meet your individual needs and are backed by science-based research so you get the most out of every workout!

Finally, you want a certified coach with experience and training. Social media ‘fitness influencers’ and self-proclaimed ‘health coaches’ may have a large following, but that does not translate into breadth of knowledge, experience or expertise. Exercise is a form of science, backed by studies and research. You want someone who genuinely knows what they’re talking about.

What makes a ‘quality coach’?

At Results Fitness, our team of coaches are nationally certified, hold multiple certifications and are properly trained to work with general population, including folks who are post op: knee/hip replacement, rotator cuff, back/spine, ACL, etc. Because of this, we are known for being the experts when it comes to working with all ages and fitness levels.

In addition to a certified coach, also ask yourself “Do I genuinely like this person that’s going to be training me?”  Finding coaches with an upbeat and warm personality will make exercise FUN = you will show up more and hey, LIKE it! At Results Fitness, we work hard and play harder (buuut don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself!).

2. Effective Exercise Programs:  Any gym / coach can easily string together random movements to make you tired and sweaty. However, neither the level of your body’s sweat or fatigue are indicators of an effective workout.

Like coaches, exercise programs are NOT created equal. At the end of the day, you want to choose the program that’s aligned with your goals.

At Results Fitness, our ‘bread and butter’’ = strength training because it delivers the most bang for your exercise buck!

  • Builds muscle + makes you stronger

  • Decrease body fat, reshapes your body + makes you leaner / ‘toned’

  • Improves mobility, flexibility, coordination + balance

  • Alleviates chronic aches and pains

  • Decrease risk of chronic disease

  • Extends life expectancy

  • Boosts energy + confidence levels

  • Decreases anxiety + depression

  • Makes life easy + enjoyable: you HAVE TO BE STRONG to function in every day life: walking the dog, standing up, using the stairs, picking up kids, pushing grocery carts, carrying kids/grandkids/laundry baskets, playing catch with kids/grandkids, gardening, mowing the lawn, pushing that suitcase through the airport, hiking, biking, swimming, recovering from unexpected injuries.

At Results Fitness, we specialize in strength training-based workouts (performed in out Small Group Personal Training) so that you can train for the life you want to live and enjoy outside the gym.

In a perfect world, your exercise routine focuses on strength training (2-3x/week) and from there, you sprinkle in other forms of activity you enjoy for added variety and recovery: yoga, spinning, Pilates, running, Zumba, etc.

This is why we also offer HIIT Classes in addition to strength. HIIT = high intensity interval classes which is a fancy expression for cardio workouts. Cardio is important to improve cardiovascular health and endurance and is a wonderful compliment to strength training!

3. Gym Culture:  How do you feel when you walk inside the gym? Work with the coaches? Talk to the people?

If you fear you don’t ‘belong’ in a gym, worry you won’t ‘fit in’ or just hate the gym scene all together, gym culture is especially important! When finding the right gym, feeling like you belong is crucial.

Think of the WORST customer experience you’ve ever had. Now, do you feel inclined or excited to do business with that company/person/business again?

Probably not.

When working alongside like-minded people with similar goals, under the direction of coaches who know you and genuinely care, you become more comfortable, confident and successful! You look forward to showing up, stop doubting yourself, push through barriers, and experience life-changing results!

At Results Fitness, it’s about more than just a workout. Your coaches know and care about you. You can expect ongoing support from your coaches and community both in/outside the gym!

We LOVE celebrating milestones – personal records when exercising, birthdays, new jobs / promotions, weddings, engagements, babies! And, you can always lean on RF for support when life hands you lemons and the unexpected happens. This is a family and together, we celebrate and support you!

Time to put things in motion! After reading this blog, I hope you feel motivated and inspired to start exercising and improving your life/health!

With any new journey, there will always be barriers you have to overcome, but fully committing to yourself and your health will pay off in both the short and long term – promise!

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