You know this feeling, right?

It’s the end of the day and you’re feeling all sorts of tired, stressed, on edge and at the end of your rope.

……Maybe it’s been an extra long day at home with the kids.

…..Perhaps work sucked the life out of you.

What is your immediate reaction?!


We can all agree that hey, snacking is fun!

It is a familiar habit equally comforting as it is satisfying.

When the snack attacks strike, it can be for many different reasons. Most commonly, we are either stress eating or, mindlessly snacking.

This week’s Coaches Blog focuses on what I like to call THE PAUSE MENTALITY: a strategic and helpful tool to stop stress eating and mindless snacking in its tracks.

Why does this matter and why should we stop?

What if we love snacking, Coach Amie?!

What is tricky about mindlessly snacking, binging or stress eating is these behaviors are typically done when we aren’t fully present or in tune with our bodies and hunger levels.

For example: it’s super easy to devour an entire bag of _______ (insert your favorite snack) while watching the Sunday game, binging Netflix or out of straight boredom.

Snacking gives us something to do, passes time, tastes good, and keeps our hands occupied.

Where the lines start to blur is when these habits make it harder for you and your body to differentiate between when you are actually hungry versus not.

This can lead to overconsuming, not giving your body the proper fuel to feel its best and creating a major road block for achieving your goals.

Plus, the snacks we love most like chips, cookies, crackers, popcorn, etc. are not filling meaning we are likely to eat MORE to feel “full”.

And, if these are your personal trigger foods, you can understand how this quickly becomes a slippery slope.

If you are a snacker, this is not to make you feel bad. This is not me telling you NEVER to snack again.

This is me helping you gain more awareness and become more in tune with your body’s hunger cues so you know the difference between when you are truly hungry and when you are not.

This helps you make better choices, create healthier habits and modify habits that again, could be getting in your way of the goals you are working hard towards.

As you know, my number one focus is to help you FUEL YOUR BODY!

Once you understand your body’s hunger cues, you can properly fuel with REAL FOODS so you feel satisfied, get the energy you need to get through the day, help your mind stay sharp and support your personal goals.

Watch the video now and in less than 7 minutes, learn 6 ways to scale back and stop these snacking episodes so you ultimately feel better physically and emotionally!


Your focus is progress over perfection. The next time you feel like snacking, come home super stressed or grab the bag of Dorito’s and turn on Netflix, try one of these steps to assess and evaluate how you are actually feeling and if you truly are hungry.

If you are hungry, choose a snack that is 1% better than what you’d normally reach for. Go for the nutrient dense real foods to stay fuller, longer while BONUS, giving your body the nutrients and energy it is craving. This will make you feel less antsy or on edge, will boost your energy and overall, help you feel better.

The processed stuff won’t fill you up (think how fast you can finish a bag of Dorito’s compared to a bag of carrots) and thus, you are likely to over consume this stuff. Some go to snack options include an apple with peanut butter, a fresh smoothie with fruits and some veggies or some Greek yogurt with fresh berries.


Stay Fueled

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