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One of my biggest fitness struggles has always been consistency. I’ve lost track of the number of different fitness routines and diets I’ve tried in my adult life. And then Results Fitness happened. The culture and the people have created CONSISTENCY for me. The biggest result since joining? I’m just plain HAPPIER. I feel good about myself, my life, my choices and that shows in all aspects of my life.
— RF Warrior, Katie T.

Let’s talk about intentions. We are all full of good intentions and it’s easy to understand why:  Intentions inspire us to be ambitious, to conquer our fears. Intentions make us think outside the box to find resolution to succeed. At the core of most everyone’s good intentions? ExerciseBalanced Diet. Healthy Living.

Indulge us if you will and for the next 30 seconds, flash back to the last time you had intentions about any 1 of these 3 things. The New Year? Start of summer? The pending end of summer as you prepare to settle back into a more structured routine? Now, when thinking of this flashback, does it make you smile or do you immediately roll your eyes with frustration? 

If you rolled your eyes with frustration, it’s because whatever you tried didn’t “click” with you personally. It didn’t fill your bucket, pique your interest or create enough tension to make you embrace the road less traveled without ever looking back.

If it doesn’t click, it doesn’t fit! ….If it doesn’t fit, you need to *quit*! ….Yes, quit. Why you ask

You can join all the hippest, coolest, trendiest gyms + studios.  You can wake up very Monday with the forethought to make 1 single change.  You can even look the part but not live the part. At the end of the day, despite having mindful intentions, the lack or absence of action gets you nowhere.  But that all changes when you have the meaningful opportunity to not just join a gym, but belong to a gym.

When you don’t wake up just wanting to make 1 change, you have the necessary support motivating you to make the change. When your lifestyle starts aligning more with your goals because you have the information you need to confidently make better decisions.

There is a monumental difference between just joining a gym versus belonging to a gym

Just ask fellow Results Fitness Warrior Katie, who we like to call Ms. Terman.. By default, Katie knows how to encourage, love, support, and motivate the tiny humans of this world to be their best both in and outside the classroom. Her kind personality, positive spirit and strong hustle sets a precedent inspiring others to strive for better. And what she personifies onto others, she also emulates herself.


by RF Warrior, Katie

Before Results Fitness, my life was different.  And before evening joining Results Fitness, I had my share of concerns, the biggest being I wasn’t ‘fit enough’.  Looking back, this was an absolutely ridiculous reason for not joining a gym but in that moment, that’s what I felt.   I worried about not being able to the handle the exercise programs and concerned people would be looking at me, wondering what’s up with ‘the girl over there’.  Seems ridiculous, but in the beginning, that was my headspace.  

I’m lucky in life and have somehow found amazing women to call friends. Not only do these females rock at life, they also have a special talent for talking me into doing anything.  Of note, there was a particular night [there may have been some wine involved] where one started talking about Results Fitness’ Rise Up In 6 Weeks. 

Before I knew it, I was signed up and ready to start the 6-week total body transformation program among new and old friends.  A huge shout out to fellow Results Fitness Warrior and friend Ersuela, for getting me started on this epic fitness adventure.

On my very first day at Results Fitness (and every day after), my initial fear of feeling judged was immediately laid to rest after quickly discovering everyone around me was too busy sweating their asses off to pay any attention to ‘the girl over there’. And my fear of not keeping up was alleviated when Coaches Josh and Matt provided modifications as needed. 

No one cares or pays attention to who’s modifying and who’s not!  Everyone is in it together to just get better.

One of my biggest fitness struggles has always been consistency. I’ve lost track of the number of different fitness routines and diets I’ve tried in my adult life. Other than running, nothing has really clicked with me.

And then Results Fitness happened. It’s amazing how much easier things can be when you surround yourself with the right people. People who will cheer you on, listen to you moan and groan and kick your ass when necessary.

— Katie

There’s just something magical about Results Fitness (maybe it’s the leprechaun outfits the coaches don on St. Patty’s Day). They’ve somehow been able to bottle up pure awesomesauce motivating you to get your butt in gear! I appreciate they’ve created an environment that doesn’t rely on tricks or fads or crazy diets (just caaarrraaazzzyyy exercises! Hollow holds from a pull up bar…..WTF?!) to build success.

The culture and the people have created CONSISTENCY for me for once in my life!



Where does one even begin?!

Let’s start with the fact I actually go to the gym that I’m paying a membership for! Do you know how many gym memberships I’ve owned? Let’s just say I wasn’t winning any attendance awards at those gyms.

Now, my kids know exactly where I’m at in the mornings. My students ask me about it during the school day. My husband knows we’ll be driving separately to our kids’ soccer games so I can get that Saturday workout session in.

And because I’ve been consistent, I’ve become stronger, and not just physically. When I started at Results Fitness, I could barely do 1 push-up. Flash forward and now I do SETS of them! That didn’t just come from physical changes; my mental toughness has reaped the positive benefits, too, resulting in in the biggest change of all: I’M HAPPIER! 

I feel good about myself, my life, my choices and that translates in all aspects of my life: family, school and friends.

If you, too are struggling with consistency because finding the right place to not only join, but belong, give Results Fitness a try for one month with the 30 Day Kickstart! You have to experience it to believe it and that tension we want to create leaving us wanting to come back for more? With Results, you will discover it.

If you’re really hesitant, then find the one friend you can usually talk into anything and get them to join, too!

It’s been 1.5 years since starting my adventure with the Results Fitness community and within that time, I’ve personally accomplished sooooo much:

  • Lost 35 lbs!

  • Down 2 pant sizes

  • Increased my running stamina

  • First time I haven’t felt like an Oompa Loompa during winter in forever

  • No longer tired in the afternoons

  • Feel stronger

I feel like I’ve tried every diet and exercise plan under the sun since having my first kid 10 years ago. Results Fitness is the first place that’s been successful with helping me lose weight AND keeping it off. Ironically, I haven’t even been dieting either; just following the simple food plan from Rise Up In 6 Weeks and consistently showing up for workouts.

You, too can find a gym to not just join, but belong to! Let’s chat – contact Results Fitness today by calling or emailing the team to schedule your free Strategy Session!


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