Back in June, you, me and all of Cleveland started coming out quarantine; slowly emerging back into society.

We felt sluggish, disconnected and a wee bit scared. There was also that silver lining of happiness to get back into a new normal routine and finally- human interaction!

Quarantine taught us A LOT, including how hard it is to drum up internal motivation and find healthy, balanced ways to manage stress, fear and boredom.

I’m not pointing fingers – it was a really weird time in my life, too.

You’re stuck inside, all the healthy food was MIA, grocery shelves were bare, options were limited and in times of uncertainty and despair, we turn to food for comfort and coping.

[Question of the day: What was Coach Amie’s go to quarantine snack? Keep reading – she tells you at the end!].

Another big lesson I personally took away from the whole quarantine bit was how important community, accountability and support truly is.

Sure, we all knew we should be exercising and eating some resemblance of healthy, real foods when we were locked up but shit happened, and we really didn’t.

What did it matter anyway? We weren’t leaving home, those high school reunions got nixed (thank God!) and our significant others were stuck with us!

When everything closed, the people who keep our asses in check (your loving RF Coaches of course!) by igniting our motivation, sustaining our focus and keeping us on track with living healthy, happy and strong weren’t as accessible.

It’s hard enough to stay focused at times but when the world shuts down it’s a total WTF moment where all hell breaks loose.

Fast forward to June 1 when myself and the entire RF team were over the moon excited to reopen and welcome the RF community back.

Aside from all the OMG I missed you guys so much, you’re like the best gym EVER, I never knew how lucky I was!” so much of what our workout Warriors continue telling us is:

“HALP! I ate all the things and I couldn’t stop. It felt so good and I thought the world was ending so I was like SCREW IT! Imma bathe in champagne, stuff my face with Poptarts and make frozen pizza its own food group!”


So here we are today – a few months into our new normal and still having a hard time.

We’re hung up on the weight we gained during quarantine. We want to make some changes, we KNOW what we SHOULD be doing, but hate diets and are feel super unmotivated.

I wouldn’t be a good coach if I let you continue down this path, and I know you need MORE.

….more coaching, more accountability + better results

….more motivation to make better food choices

…more control over mindless snacking and unhealthy eating habits

….more flexibility – a solution that doesn’t deprive or restrict you

Starting now, we are giving you every single reason to dial in your eating habits and finally nail your nutrition! Every reason to rip off the band-aid, stop the excuses and put an end to being OK with falling “off the wagon”.

DITCH YOUR DIET ’cause you need MORE! You need a program built exclusively for you based on your goals, the foods you enjoy, your schedule, and personal preferences. [Yes, this does exist.]

OMG so exciting right? This is totally for YOU! Ready to learn more?

Ditch your diet and start working with ME – a Nutrition Coach – to get the results you want that actually last without feeling restricted, deprived and frustrated.

Introducing Results Fitness Personalized Nutrition Coaching – customized lifestyle programs where you work 1:1 with your coach to learn exactly what your body needs to look and feel its best. No more “starting over tomorrow” – just life changing results!

Our Personalized Nutrition Coaching recognizes nutrition is not a one size fits all blanketed approach. It empowers you to end the excuses and figure this shit out once and for all by working with a coach who knows what they’re doing.

Here’s a sneak peek to help you understand how these programs are going to change your life:


Fully customized, 1:1 coaching program to achieve life-changing results!

Learn exactly what your body needs to look and feel its best with a fully customized and comprehensive nutrition coaching program. This program is designed to transform you physically and mentally. Your program will help you reshape your body, elevate your energy, regain your confidence and create a healthy relationship with food. You won’t just hit your goals – you will sustain your incredible results for a lifetime.


30 Day Intro to Nutrition

Take back control with this 30 day program designed to kickstart your nutrition goals. Learn the basics when it comes to portions, food choices and habit tracking. This kickstart focuses on the very first steps for building healthy habits through an easy to follow tracking system. Fueling your body is easy – you just need a coach to teach you the ropes! No more diets – this is about lifestyle!

Click the button now to learn more and if you’re ready, get signed up so we can work together and you can finally enjoy a healthy relationship with food while looking and feeling your very best! Together, we are ditching your diet, doing this the right way and making sure you understand how to fuel your body and hit your goals!

PS… fave, go to quarantine snack is:

Amie Donuts.jpg


Stay Fueled

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