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I decided it was time to invest in myself having spent my entire life putting others first. Now that my kids were older, I decided, it is MOM’s TIME! I wanted to see if I could continue recovering from my accident and start feeling like my old self again.


I first became an RF Warrior back in July 2020. At that time, we were coming out of quarantine, and I was still in the process of recovering from a bad car accident that caused severe trauma to my back. Though it had already been one full year since the accident, my back pain was still very much present, and I was convinced I’d never feel like my old self again.

The injuries and trauma to my back made everyday life hard. Before the accident, I loved hiking, being outside, running 5k’s and traveling on weekends to watch my daughters compete. As a family, we were very active but unfortunately, the accident set me back tremendously.

You probably know the feeling when you’re used to doing things, living life at a certain speed when suddenly, you can’t! Something happens and you are unwillingly forced to scale back and limited by restrictions. Mentally, this is NOT a good feeling or mindset and as time went on, there was still so much uncertainty about my recovery.

Would I ever get back to doing what I loved? Would I eve feel like “me” again?!


Despite these feelings, I was still determined and knew it was time to invest in myself.  My kids were older now and having spent my entire life putting others first, I decided it was MOM’S TIME! 

And with this decision came two very important goals I was working to achieve:

#1. Continue recovering from my accident

#2. Start feeling like my old self again

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Without question, walking into Results Fitness for the first time felt scary. I feared not keeping up during the sessions, not making any progress with my recovery and not completing the exercise programs. Deep down, I was more scared about never getting back to the pace I was used to in life.

Before Results Fitness, I struggled most with consistency and accountability. As a mom, when you are taking care of everyone else, it’s always challenging to make time for yourself. And when you do, without fail, something gets in your way and either sets you back or leaves you in the same place you started.

What’s changed all this for me is first, how Results Fitness designs and structures the training sessions and second, being part of this community. Signing up in advance for my training sessions keeps me super consistent and in the best way possible, forces me to plan ahead. This has been a game changer when it comes to minimizing and eliminating distractions. Just like managing my family’s schedules, I am now doing the same for myself and in the process, prioritizing my health. I am much more accountable because of it so I can continue working on my recovery and myself.

Secondly, it’s the constant encouragement and positive feedback from the RF coaches and fellow RF Warriors I personally find to be extremely motivating. The entire experience and being part of it all is exactly what keeps me going back for more.

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Wow! I don’t know where to begin.

Who knew strength training would truly solve so many problems? With every Small Group Personal Training session, I am becoming stronger. There is no doubt I am building more muscle and core strength; which is crucial for my recovery.


Since starting Results Fitness less than one year ago, I am proud to share I am able to do so much more compared to before I started AND, am back to doing what I love most: exploring the Metroparks and hiking!

Everyday life no longer feels hard and though this is a process, I am gradually working my way back to where I want to be, knowing that goal is very much in my reach. Having the opportunity to work 1:1 with a Results Fitness coach means every exercise program is scaled to what I need while providing the modifications for my injury. I feel safe knowing I am doing the exercises correctly so I don’t get hurt but instead, am accelerating and helping my healing and recovery process.

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What speaks volumes about Results Fitness and their programs, constant guidance and positive encouragement is when the people closest to you not only notice a physical improvement, but also a mental improvement.

My husband and I were talking one evening and he told me that since joining Results Fitness, I seem so much happier.

It’s funny how everything just seems to fall into place!

First, you start exercising, then you begin feeling good about yourself and then you are eating healthier because who wants to ruin those results you are working so hard to achieve?!

Did I mention I have lost 30 pounds since starting Results Fitness?!

If you are reading this thinking you could never do this because:

….you have injuries and worry you will get hurt

… don’t have the time because life is too busy

….you have never exercised or used weights before

I am here to say YOU CAN! This is by far the very best thing you can do for yourself. Invest in yourself, you are worth it!




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