Being Healthy Is Not An Expense


Expense or Investment?

How much is being healthy worth to you?

If you had to put a price tag on your own personal health and well-being, what would it be?

I have been a coach for nearly 20 years because I genuinely believe your health is NOT an expense but a [priceless] investment!

This is *especially* true if your future plans include:

  • Being around for your family / those you love!

  • Enjoying a quality life without chronic disease.

  • Enjoying independence as you age – pain free, mobile and able to get outta bed!

Now, you may be reading this thinking “Coach Josh you’re a certified trainer who owns a gym, you are super biased.

Call me biased but I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t want to be healthy??!!

I don’t think anyone wakes up wishing/wanting to be unhealthy, feeling like crap, low energy, and dealing with chronic pain or disease.

Again, call me biased but I think you are 100% WORTH IT – don’t you agree?

Ironically, the most common barrier holding people back from exercising is making that investment:

The opportunity to work with a coach and exercise so that you feel better, move better, improve your health, get stronger, have more confidence, and enjoy more energy?


…….“I’d love to get started BUT it’s too expensive”. [what about those daily runs to Starbucks? “necessary” Amazon buys?]

……..“I can exercise for FREE at home.” [is it the right exercise for you? will you actually do it? do you know what to do?]

…….“I can join a gym for ONLY $10 / month.” [access to equipment vs. working with a coach? what kind of results are you getting for just $10?]

Instead of thinking of exercise as an added expense, have you considered shifting your mindset and viewing it as a way to make your life better?

An investment that will pay off tenfold for years and decades to come?

Not only just for you, but for your family?!

Best of all? Unlike other investments, this one comes 100% RISK FREE! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

  • Health!

  • Happiness!

  • Strength!

  • Vitality!

  • Confidence!

  • Energy!


I am not here to dictate how you spend your money.

I am not here to tell ya to stay home and stop enjoying life.

Simply ask yourself: “Do I want to live a long, healthy life?

If the answer is a resounding YES (!!!), which I HOPE/assume it is, you cannot expect a long, healthy and happy life if you don’t take care of yourself.

Every day, week, month, and year that passes without exercise and a healthy, balanced diet is another day, week, month, and year you are [literally] declining.

And, you can’t “go back” and undo the damage. Once it’s done, it’s done.

So, instead of thinking of your health and exercise as an expense, CONSIDER looking at it as an investment:

Every day, week, month, and year you eat better, exercise and prioritize your health is compounded interest: it quickly adds up so that you CAN live a long, happy life!

Bottom line: if you want to live a long, healthy life, you gotta take care of yourself!

Consider re-allocating those hard-earned dollars to improve your own physical and mental health, set an example for your family, be around longer for loved ones and AVOID excessive healthcare costs later in life.

‘Cause that money you spend now to exercise will look like pennies compared to the cost of managing and dealing with chronic disease.

Still want to put a price tag on your health? Keep reading!

Today’s blog will hopefully give you all the reasons to invest and take care of yourself now because being healthy costs a whole lot less than being sick. I’m talking dollars and lost opportunity doing what you want with the people you love.

Why Results Fitness is NOT a $10/month Gym:

According to recent data, $10/month gym members like those belonging to Planet Fitness:

  1. Attend their gym less than 1x/week

  2. See a decrease in their attendance each month of their membership

  3. Have a greater than 25% chance of quitting during any month

  4. Workout alone with no guidance

Instead of a low-cost, do it yourself gym membership, our mission is to create a premium, personalized health and fitness experience at an affordable price.

We exist to remove all the roadblocks between you and fitness success having created a system that by design, sets you up for long term success!

And the data agrees- Results Fitness Warriors:

  1. Average 3 workouts per week because they have friendly, knowledgeable coaches showing them what to do and how to properly do it!

  2. Consistently show up because they are held accountable, feel connected and are part of a community!

  3. Are committed to making exercise a regular part of their routine and lifestyle which = sustainable results!

  4. Make progress every session having access to scientifically proven exercise programs designed to help you get RESULTS you want: build strength, burn fat, increase flexibility, and move better!

The Cost of Being Unhealthy

As we all know, exercising is very beneficial for so many reasons. Yes, there are tangible benefits like weight loss, dropping body fat, losing inches of your waists…..the list goes on.

BUT, outside of those tangibles, there are many more important reasons and quite frankly, why we at Results Fitness do what we do: help YOU build a better foundation so you can live healthy, happy and strong forever!

Here is an example: Squats! A magical exercise to help you build lower body strength and power. This is a very regular type of exercise you would learn and get really good at as a Results Fitness Warrior.

Why care about squats?

Outside of exercise, squatting is a functional movement we do in everyday life – think about it:

  • You sit down at your desk.

  • You sit down at your kitchen table.

  • You sit down on your toilet!

    ** If you sit down, you best be able to get back up!

The ability to do that stuff easily and without being in pain is the number one reason you should invest in yourself and your health today.

If you are new to this stuff or have never done it before, maybe you never thought about or considered how exercising translates into everyday life both now and as you age.

But trust us, it does!

From getting out of bed, bending over to put on your shoes and picking up something you dropped, to lifting kiddos out of their cribs and pushing that double stroller, getting stronger and learning how to move well makes doing these things now and later in life super easy!

If you’re a parent reading this, we guarantee you definitely want to be able to keep up and play with your kids and grandkids. Regardless if that’s 10 or 30 years from now, be proactive, take control and prioritize your health.

By investing in yourself and making exercise a priority today, you are giving yourself the opportunity to live well forever.

Invest Now or Pay Later

IF you think exercising and being healthy is an expense, have you considered the other end of the spectrum: the cost of being unhealthy?

The rising costs of healthcare prove just how expensive it is to be unhealthy. What you will spend trying to manage chronic diseases, regular medications and other related expenses will far surpass what you would spend annually on any exercise program and opportunity to work with a coach – data suggests this can be more than 20x, hot damn!

Our Warriors tell us all the time how they were able to go off medication for high cholesterol and blood pressure once they started making their RF workouts a normal part of their routine. Just think how much they are savings not having to fill monthly prescriptions, schedule check-in’s with their specialists and have tests

If you’d rather skip the exercise/being health bit now consider what you will end up paying later in life. NO THANKS!

As a coach, I cannot force you to do something you don’t want to BUT I can make recommendations knowing what I know and having worked with many humans – literally thousands over the last 16 years – who wished they had been more proactive earlier on.


  • Exercise isn’t an expense.

  • Not taking care of yourself is an expen$e that will quickly add up and cost way more than being healthy.

  • You can’t go back in time but you can control the choices you make today that help you build a better foundation for tomorrow.

  • IF you think you can’t do this exercise stuff or it isn’t for you, read this again and remember exercising is designed to help you live healthy, happy and strong for life!

If you are ready to invest in yourself, your health and build that better foundation for living healthy, happy and strong forever, click the box below to schedule a FREE Intro Session with our team!


Keep Moving


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