Today we’re talking ALL THINGS POSTURE – super sexy we know! If you’re currently slouched down in your desk chair reading this wondering if it’s relevant, perfect timing!

A few days ago, Coach Matty B shared a kick ass video on how how to stretch @ your desk. Since we’re all sitting a lot more these days, those stretches are important to get your blood flowing while preventing your muscles and joints from getting all sorts of tight + stiff – nobody wants that!

In the spirit of “working from home”, I’m here to bring you more tips + tricks on THE BEST WAY to set up your spiffy new home office so it’s ergonomically correct! This means, taking into account your posture and the positioning of your body to avoid “tech neck”- head down, neck bent, shoulders forward, slouching position – due to computer or smart phone use. Maybe it’s not sexy but here’s why your posture is important:

Benefits of correct desk posture:

  • Facilitates better breathing and circulation

  • Decreases back and body pains

  • More energy throughout the day

  • Better digestion, more oxygen delivered to your brain

  • Less mental fatigue

  • Higher levels of productivity and mental alertness.

Little did we know, posture is KINDA SORTA REALLY a big deal. And, if you exercise regularly, you can tell when your posture’s been slacking in how your shoulders feel. Bad posture can cause underlying issues that affect our range of motion and thus ability to execute certain movement patterns. But alas – today we are working together to fix this!

In today’s video, you can see how I’ve set up my home office while learning how you, too can do the exact same thing! You don’t need anything fancy. Click my video now and start feeling better immediately!



Peace + Hugs


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