This Coaches Blog is all about CARBS! Those *very* essential yet highly misunderstood foods with a naughty reputation – poor fellas!

Why do carbs get such a bad rap? Because the constant onslaught of “low carb + no carb diets and the very popular yet very untrue belief “carbs make you fat” leave little to be desired about carbs.

If we eat them, we feel bad about oursevles; fearing we’re doomed for weight gain.

Marketing and advertising has done one hell of a job covinving us all that if we want to lose weight, fit into our favorite pair of jeans and be super healthy eliminating carbs is the way to go!

I call bullshit and want to be super straight forward when it comes to the truth about carbs. Like other foods, all carbs aren’t created equal and there is a huge difference in the carbs you want to eat regulary (these are called SMART carbs) and those you want to eat in moderation (simple carbs).


Whole, minimally processed carbs -yay! Think fruits, beans, legumes, whole intact grains, starchy root tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes)…the list goes on! When eaten, our bodies take longer to break these foods down so they keep us fuller longer! These are lower calorie compared to simple carbs and act as the body’s main source of energy while providing proper viatmins, minerals and phytonutrients. Smart carbs are an essential component to helping us acheive our heatlh and fitness goals while properly fueling out bodies.


Highly processed carbs that have been stripped of nutritonal value. These foods are no longer in their “orignal state” and have been manufactured with lots of sugary and chemical additives. Simple carbs do not provide the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals our bodies need. They are absorbed quickly when we eat so we don’t feel full and thus, tend to over consume. As a society, the word “carb” is associated more with the “unhealthy foods” categorized as simple carbs: breads, pastas, cakes, cookies, etc. Simple carbs give carbs a bad name and as you might now see, are the reasoning behind why people feel carbs are the devil!

Today’s focus is on SMART CARBS – those bombass carbs your body and brain need to thrive and function! Coach Matt is here to teach you the difference between smart carbs and simple carbs so you can confidently:

#1. Make better choices ! Understand where foods fall on the spectrum of carbs

#2. Properly fuel your body! Learn why smart carbs are essential for your health

#3. Achieve your health and fitness goals (ie. weight loss, fat loss, getting more toned and defined).





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