Today’s Coaches Blog is for spreading extra cheer! Are you ready for some really good news?

…… to make your holiday extra merry and bright?

……news to make your heart happy and give you relief that YES! YOU FINALLY FOUND IT!

You found the thing that makes you feel your best, unleashes your confidence and makes you stronger, both mentally and physically.

Welcome to Results Fitness – the anti-gym you always wanted, but didn’t realize existed.

Come on in, stay a while, be yourself, and feel right at home. Results Fitness is where real magic happens. It’s where exercising feels FUN and learning how to create a healthy, happy lifestyle no longer feels impossible. This is where people connect and form meaningful, lifelong friendships.

Results Fitness is not your typical “gym”. We are a welcoming and inclusive community empowering one another!

Our philosophy is simple: HEALTH AND FITNESS MADE FOR YOU!

This health and fitness stuff can feel hard, intimidating and very confusing. It’s quite possible you have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to feel better in your own skin. How to squeeze in some “me time” since you are worrying, caring and doing for everyone else.

Heck, you may have resorted to accepting you’ll always fall to the bottom of your list.

Plus, any typical “gym” you’ve tried didn’t do you any favors. Walking in blindly you never knew what to be doing, felt like you didn’t really fit in and despite hours on the treadmill, never got any results.

We hear you and understand that for most, the typical “gym” just isn’t your scene. Good news – it’s not ours either!

That’s exactly why almost seven years ago, I created a safe space where everyone can be their best, feel their best and do what they think they can’t! I know deep down we ALL have what it takes to live life healthy, happy and strong; we just need a loving nudge to help us unlock what’s inside.

If you feel like you can’t exercise, won’t be able to keep up or hopeless because everything you’ve tried has failed you, ask yourself why.

It’s likely because you’ve never been taught. Like anything new in life, you just need to learn how!

My favorite thing about Results Fitness is how this community changes lives. How people just like you who maybe never exercised before, never picked up a weight or never had time for themselves walk through our doors and leave with confidence, strength and resilience. Their outlook on life, who they are and what they can do completely transforms.

And it doesn’t stop there. When you feel better, healthier and happier, everything in your own life changes for the better – your marriage, your job, your role as a parent, friend, neighbor….the list goes on.

Results Fitness is where real magic happens. It’s where people genuinely want to come together, be together, laugh together and get stronger, together.

Everyone shows up not only for themselves but for one another, too.

It’s a community you will instantly LOVE and never want to leave! When you become a Results Fitness Warrior, you aren’t just joining another gym. You are belonging to a community of people just like you who want to live healthy, happy and strong forever!


If this sounds like a super bold “I’ve heard that before” claim or slimy gimmick, it’s not. I am a coach and when it comes to health and fitness, know what I’m talking about not just because I went to school for this stuff, but because it’s genuinely part of who I am and what I want to be doing.

I know that by you walking through our doors for the first time, it’s going to feel different than anything you’ve ever felt or experienced before.

It’s NOT going to look, feel or be like those other less than satisfactory gym experiences before. I promise this is not going to be another let down disappointment.

If I wanted Results Fitness to be like any other gym, it could have been. I could have put a bunch of equipment on the training floor and called it a day. But that’s not what you want or need and it’s certainly not what you deserve.

Let’s keep this short and sweet – here’s why Results Fitness is different and what you can expect.

You can expect to experience the very best RESULTS (no coincidence it’s part of our name). We design exercise programs that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE and FUN. It’s not about just making you tired and sweaty. Tired and sweaty doesn’t equal better and will not produce the results you want.

If you only remember one thing from reading this blog, let this be it: Don’t let perception of feeling tired be your limiting factor for deciding how effective your workout is. I promise you, it’s not even in the top three.


Specifically, here’s what you can expect: Thoughtfully designed exercise programs I sit down and plan with intention and purpose. Every program is effective, smart and safe. Every program uses strength based exercises because scientific research (people above my pay grade) proves this is most effective for:

#1. PROMOTING QUALITY MOVMEMENT: Getting out of bed, bending over, using the stairs should NOT cause you pain. Safe, effective and smart exercise programs give your body the opportunity to do what it’s capable of versus always being in pain. If you body hurts now from just walking, imagine how you are going to feel in 10 years….

#2. HAVING MORE ENERGY: If you are mostly sedentary, you will feel noticeably more tired, sluggish and BLAH compared to someone who is moving more frequently. Moving your body changes all of that and gives you the turbo boost to spend time doing what you love without feeling tired. Exercise sharpens your mentality clarity and enhances productivity.

#3. MAKING YOU STRONGER: Not feeling as strong as you once were? Do you do basic every day things like haul groceries, carry your kids / grandkids and take that laundry basket up and down the stairs? You need strength to do those things. Again, if it feels hard today, it’s going to feel impossible 5-10 years from now. The older we get, the easier it becomes to lose muscle mass and strength.

#4. PROMOTING BONE HEALTH: Especially important for pre and post menopausal ladies. From your 40’s on, you are going to hear this a ton from your doctor. And, if they know their stuff, they will tell you to start exercising with weights. Strength based exercise programs promote bone density – this is something you want to maintain as you age, otherwise we quickly become weak and frail.

#5. PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE: Think it’s too early to consider what your life will be like down the road? Think again. The stuff you do today will make your life 10, 20 and 30 years from now BETTER or WORSE. Choices, choices choices! If you are all for throwing caution to the wind and living dangerously without taking care of your body, life later on isn’t going to be fun.

#6. BOOSTING YOUR CONFIDENCE: Do you shy away from family photos? Hide behind a huge blanket on your Zoom calls? If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, that’s no way to live. You deserve to feel happy and enjoy life. Exercise turbo boosts your confidence and shifts how you look and see yourself. Life is too short to not be happy 🙂


Exercise is medicine and at Results Fitness, exercise isn’t used as punishment or to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s used as a tool to make your life better today, tomorrow and beyond! It’s scaled to your fitness level and ability because exercise should never feel like something you can’t do.


There is always something you CAN do! That is both my personal belief and professional approach. This holiday season, my gift to you is the reassurance you need that what you want and need is here when you’re ready!

With Results Fitness, you have a home to belong to plus the coaching, community and support to accomplish your wildest dreams!

As you tie a bow on 2020 and plan for 2021, don’t overcomplicate this health and fitness stuff. Do consider letting me personally help you!

In January, our 6 week total body transformation program, Rise Up, kicks off. This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution or quick fix that ends after week 6. This is a lifestyle program and the 6 weeks if your starting point.

This program is step one for either getting back on track and in control OR for just getting started. You learn how to create a healthier lifestyle around exercise and food while having FUN! Regardless of your age, fitness level or starting point, if you want to make changes with how you look, feel and live, you may be a really perfect fit for Rise Up!

Rise Up In 6 Weeks was created for busy people just like YOU! This is a lifestyle program so you can make health and fitness fit your schedule, not the other way around. For more information about this program, click the button now! Registration officially opens Monday, Dec. 28 with early bird pricing!



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