Results Fitness is a gym unlike any other I have joined in my life because these coaches and this community keep me accountable, genuinely wants me to succeed and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

I love my strength I’ve gained since training with the Results Fitness team and want to keep it as I age.



Currently my life is what we call the “sandwich generation” meaning, I am in the midst of caring for both my children (one in college and the other preparing to start) and aging parents while making time for my husband and working full time. Under pre-pandemic reality, my career requires travel so my husband holds down the fort while I am away. If you’re a parent reading this, you can definitely understand and relate to that feeling of significant pressure placed on your shoulders at times; often firing off from all directions.

Like you, being able to help my parents and family with what life throws at them is important. But in order to be strong for them, I need to be strong for myself. I need to make sure I am healthy and happy, too. This all goes back to that saying of you can’t help others until you put on your own oxygen mask first.

Over the past few years, I’ve come to the realization that without balance, life – all the roles we play and responsibilities we manage – can manifest into additional stress and anxiety.

What does all this have to do with Results Fitness? Everything.

Being one of Results Fitness’ Founding Warriors makes me proud! Six years since opening, Results Fitness remains my staple in this chaotic life. I know I can lean on Results Fitness for its consistence presence. When my work or family life adds more stress, I count on the kick butt workouts to clear my mind!

Waking up every day, I have a choice. I can tell myself “I am going to make this day the best I can” or grumble and complain without being grateful for all I have.

I choose the former, which is why Results Fitness helps me get through this thing called life!




Growing up, I was active with softball, volleyball and cheerleading but was never in what I’d consider great shape. There were no year-round workouts like those today’s young athletes can access. At home, my mom was a single mother and healthy food choices were not readily available. She did the best she could, but Spaghettio’s and Steak ‘Ums were a mainstay in my diet. In my youth, I was sometimes the brunt of name calling jokes – bullying would be the word used today – being referred to as the “big girl.” My body habitus was not small in build. The cruel words other kids said to me over the years stayed with me.

I never had the opportunity to lift weights with an experienced trainer or coach in my youth. Fast forward to my fifties and FINALLY! Thanks to the expertise of sound nutrition and proper exercise from Results Fitness, I own this “big girl” label. Strong is sexy! Bring on the muscles and healthy mind! Now I hold my head high when I see those name callers at a reunion.

For me, working out is an avenue to help alleviate my stress and anxiety, and Results Fitness is a higher echelon micro-gym; the antidote to my anxiety. I love the high I get from my endorphins and serotonin kicking in after a workout. Without them, my anxiety would take over. Morning workouts help me concentrate, keep my energy levels up during the day and aides in sleeping well at night. Trying to keep up as a caregiver while managing my anxiety has meant learning how to put exercise as a number one priority. While it is hard to lead others to have my same passion for exercise, I always lead to be an example showing how a daily workout program reduces anxiety and improves a depressed mood. My children know exercise is an integral part of my life, and can recite a key phrase I have said to them often over the years, which I learned from Coach Josh: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

When asked if I was still going to work out during the COVID-19 pandemic, my answer was if I want to keep myself healthy I will! Results Fitness stepped up to the plate in the middle of March by creating a digital studio, Results @ Home, offering meaningful and effective avenues to stay mentally, physically and emotionally healthy during extreme uncertainty.

Wait What? Yes, even when the world shut down, Results Fitness remained a constant in my life. The RF team provided endless options, from live and recorded workouts featuring both bodyweight and strength workouts to yoga sessions, guided meditation and nutrition coaching.

Boom– the Results Fitness team was there for me the entire time. Coach Melanie was checking in on me weekly, offering ways to make this time the best it could be because she genuinely cared and wanted to know how RF could help serve us all better. Through our digital studio, the entire Results Fitness community stayed connected so everyone was always just a click away to provide support as needed. Coach Josh even loaned out a kettlebell, dumbbell and sliders to get me through this lockdown. Drive up service without hesitation to take care of all the Results Fitness Warriors!

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Results Fitness is a gym unlike any other I have joined in my life because these coaches and this community keep me accountable, genuinely wants me to succeed and pushes me out of my comfort zone (push literally being the operative word when I push the heavy ass sleds!). I love my strength I’ve gained since training with the Results Fitness team and want to keep it as I age.

Now that I am a lifetime Results Fitness Warrior, I know there is no turning back to my former younger and unhealthy ways. Why would I?

I would tell anyone hesitating to join Results Fitness, try it for a month and see how you feel mentally and physically. You will not be disappointed in the outcome, I promise. During my time at Results Fitness, I have made beautiful friendships and these people are an integral part of my success and a big reason why I choose to show up each and every day at 5:30am. These are the people who push me to better myself. Heck, we will even sing Happy Birthday to you on your special day because YOU are special!

Never have I ever left Results Fitness thinking “I wish had slept in!” but instead say Darn I feel great and so happy I crushed that workout!”.

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