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Pictured: Our grand fundraising total to support cancer patients and their families at The Gathering Place right here in Beachwood, Ohio:


Can you even believe it?!

We’re still riding on the high that is this number! More than $5,000 raised in just 30 short days.

What just happened? How did the RF community successfully pull this off?

Every October, we pledge to go pink and raise as much awareness and funding to support breast cancer, donating 100% of all proceeds to The Gathering Place.

Here’s the kicker: every RF Warrior is challenged to show up and complete as many workouts as possible. Every workout = $.25 donation. There are NO excuses and NO rest for the breasts!

Our 2020 goal was $2,000 In the past two years, we successfully raised $4,800 so this felt challenging yet attainable.


In just 30 days, the Results Fitness family came together like always; ready, willing and excited to accept the challenge!

These Warriors were enthusiastic – we love having some fun – and eager for some friendly competition and banter. Most of all, they were seriously committed to showing up and making a meaningful impact to a cause near to the RF community.

And that’s what they did… 2,303 times!

Talk about relentless determination! These RF Warriors completed a total of 2,303 workouts in October – holy moly!

It didn’t matter if it was the ass crack of dawn, a sacrificed lunch break or the end of a long day of remote learning with the kiddos; they came, they conquered every workout and they singlehandedly ensured raised MORE MONEY THAN THE PAST TWO YEARS COMBINED!

But it didn’t stop there. The RF community started telling friends and family about what they were doing and why they were doing it. It quickly caught on and so many other wonderful humans got involved, made donations and rallied with us!



During a historic moment in history, when life consists of navigating a global pandemic, we find hope and strength by harnessing the power of COMMUNITY!

You see us post, blog and preach a lot about COMMUNITY. It’s not pretend, it’s definitely not a façade and it’s not to come off as something we are not.

It’s the core of who we are and why in just 30 days, we more than doubled our fundraising goal of $2,000 to raise over $5,000!

In a time where it’s easy to feel isolated, hopeless and afraid, we found the light and remained united by one meaningful, shared goal.

I am incredibly proud of the RF community – this family – for all their efforts to make the 2020 No Rest for the Breasts fundraising challenge our best year yet!

I am so proud of each and every Warrior who showed up without fail; for letting nothing stand in their way.

We are always stronger, together and my hope for you reading this is that you feel inspired to be part of something bigger!

You feel moved to want to meet these humans and get to know them more!

You are motivated to challenge yourself and do what you think you can’t, because you can!

Keep Moving!

Coach Josh


Keep Moving

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