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The fitness world can be a confusing and intimidating place. You have Instagram models sharing their half-naked bodies while doing the most insane workouts known to humanity, and the latest niche studios claiming to burn 1,000 calories in 30 minutes! Omg, I can’t even!

But which one is the best?  

What’s going to actually produce the results you’ve been craving and not leave you feeling worse than before you started?

That my friend, is a loaded question. But before I spill the beans on which exercise programs our coaching team firmly supports and believes in, you need to be let in on a little secret:  The best workout for the best results is the one you consistently do, genuinely enjoy and constantly improve upon. If you stay patient, show up on a regular basis (exercise 3 – 5 days / week) and give your best effort, you will get sustainable results!

Since most of you reading this have demanding (and limited) schedules, TIME is super valuable. And, since we can’t create more of this prized commodity, we have to work with what we have to make the most out of what’s available. The majority of us reading this share a common goal: be healthy and fit! This means we’re interested in “toning” our bodies and building definition. When our bodies feel “firm”, “toned” and “tight”, our mindset immediately shifts, and we experience a surge of confidence that makes us feel fulfilled, satisfied and super fucking happy!

When our bodies feel ‘firm’, ‘toned’ and ‘tight’, our mindset immediately shifts, and we experience a surge of confidence that makes us feel fulfilled, satisfied and super fucking happy!

OK ….so how do you “tone” your body and build definition?  Answer: By increasing your lean muscle mass and decreasing your body fat.


What is the best way to burn body fat and build lean muscle?

In the nerdy fitness world, this style of exercise is called Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), which is a fancy way of combining Resistance Training (think weights or body weight) with Cardio (aka elevating our heart rate to burn fat). OMG! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

What does Metabolic Resistance Training look like?

In our Group Training classes, we incorporate a large variety of resistance tools + weights – think dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. – to build lean muscle so you’re doing exercises that make you stronger while simultaneously toning your body!

Now, combine this type of resistance training with limited rest breaks and you have the perfect recipe for fat loss!

At Results Fitness, we wholeheartedly believe MRT is the most effective program for fat loss and not just because we love doing it, but because of the endless availability of scientific evidence and research supporting this claim! Don’t worry, no need to spend time Googling this as we’ve broken down all the nerdy and technical jargon for ya below….keep reading!


• Burn More Calories, Longer! MRT allows your body to burn more calories for up to 36 hours post workout so your body is like a human incinerator for fat! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for typical cardio workouts.  Your body stops burning calories the minute you finish any cardio workout (whomp whomp!).  And, since there’s no resistance to go with your cardio workout (weights or body weight), you can’t build lean muscle. And remember, building lean msucle is what helps your body get “toned” and “defined”.

This, my friend, is why cardio only is the least effective exercise method for fat loss.

• Time: Pack a lot of work in a short window of time so you get the best results possible. For optimal results, we recommend participating in a MRT exercise program 3-5x per week and eating a nutritious dense diet of  whole, real foods! For more information on how your diet can help your fat loss efforts, click HERE!

• Build Lean Muscle: The more muscle you have, the less stress put on your joints, tendons and ligaments. You will also increase your metabolism and have the ability to burn more fat!

• Accelerate Fat Loss:  With more muscle and an elevated heart rate, you will burn more fat!

 Increase Energy: Reap the benefits of an enhanced quality of life by having more energy to do the things you enjoy with the people you love!

• Prevent Injury: Overuse of the same muscles, tendons and ligaments is limited because you won’t be doing the same, repetitive movements over and over. The goal is to make sure you are moving well so you can continue to make progress towards your goals. Working out should never result in injury. That’s just silly!

Who’s ready for some Metabolic Resistance Training?!

But don’t just take our word for it!  T-Nation published this super amazing article, Hierarchy of Fat Loss, outlining why Metabolic Resistance Training is the #1 most effective tool for fat loss. 

It also reinforces how significant and impactful diet is when it comes to your fat loss goals and outcomes. MRT paired with proper nutrition and recovery is going to result in you literally looking and feeling your best! Give it a read, and gain a better understanding of how the body works and what is best for YOU.




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