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I feel strong (emotionally and physically), and I’m definitely the most fit and healthy in my entire life!!

Thank you to Results Fitness for helping me through this entire process. I look forward to many more years to being a RF WARRIOR!!


Results Fitness has been “home” for me the last eight years. It continues to be a part of my every day life and a regular part of my every day routine, to which I look forward to.

What started in 2012 as just Group Training with a friend, evolved into so much more.  More friendships, more opportunities to learn, get stronger and feel my best. The people, coaches, and the community keep me motivated. I feel engaged and focused on my goals.

As anyone reading this knows, things in life change, including our health. We commit to exercising for different reasons depending on where we’re at in life. Exercise and being healthy takes on new meanings with each passing year. For me, it’s always been about feeling my best and that big picture stuff – my health! Yes, everyone wants to look and feel their best but exercise continues to mean so much more.

For the past two and a half years I have been on “blood pressure watch” because my blood pressure was consistently on the high end.  This meant a BP check every six months to gauge the progression. Fast forward to January when my doctor told me what I had been dreading – it was time to consider starting a medication.

Medication?! For some, this is not a huge deal.  Knowing I could potentially control my blood pressure on my own without medication, was a challenge I wanted to accept. I asked my doctor for six months to see what I could do. That meant I had until August 1st!


First on the list was kicking off the year with Rise Up In 6 Weeks (and what an awesome start to the year). Second was Personalized Nutrition Coaching. This was a 12 week program where I worked 1:1 with RF’s certified nutrition coach. This was not a diet or a quick fix. This was an actual program designed for me based around my goals, current lifestyle and personal preferences. The program took into consideration things I liked to eat, those I did not and helped me create balance. It was more about learning how to create healthy habits and balanced nutrition without feeling restricted, deprived or miserable…something diets teach us is NOT achievable.

Working with a nutrition coach proved especially helpful since I spend a lot of time traveling both personally and professionally. It taught me I can still attain my goals and stay on track despite being away from home. The program held me accountable and was modified as needed to make sure I succeeded. Having someone who understands your needs and is there to support you is the difference between succeeding and giving up.

(side bar: I liked this program so much I have now done it three times!)

Fast forward to August 1 – the BIG day!

I was so nervous at my doctor’s appointment I was convinced my blood pressure was going to be sky high from anxiety alone.  After hooking me up to the machine I waited for my fate and…


I immediately asked them to take it again- the machine surely was broken!

That same number appeared on the screen.

I am elated to share my blood pressure is normal, and I do NOT have to take any medication! This was the news I had hoped for and what I had been working towards for the past six months!

Words inadequately express my gratitude for the entire Results Fitness team. I could not have met this goal without the help of these coaches and this community. Everything RF provides, Group Training, Small Group Personal Training and Personalized Nutrition Coaching, have each played a vital role in my ability to meet my goals.

In addition to my overall health achievement, I am happy to say I’ve lost 20lbs since last November, and I am down 4 pant sizes! Bring on the NSV’s!!!!! (non-scale victories).

I feel strong (emotionally and physically), and I am definitely the most fit and healthy in my entire life!! Thank you to Results Fitness for helping me through this entire process. I look forward to many more years to being a RF WARRIOR!!

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