Today’s blog is all about helping you understand how all this health + fitness stuff works.

I am literally about to hand over the my best kept secrets ’cause I genuinely care about you, sh!t’s been real weird since the pandemic and, we can ALL use some serious inspiration to live healthy, happy + strong!

….So, if you’re curious about this stuff, keep reading.

….If you’re bored AF, keep reading!

….If you’re just waiting for me to say something super cute and funny, keep reading!

bottom line: I NEVER disappoint!

As a coach, I work with humans just like you everyday who are curious, unsure, nervous, and reluctant.

Like you, they want change – want to feel really good, be healthy, have killer confidence and be genuinely happy – but aren’t sure how all this health + fitness stuff works.

There’s garbage all over the Internet. I see it, I shake my head and I cringe knowing you are on the receiving end. The last thing I want for you is being misled and pulled down a rabbit hole only leading you back to where you started.

Instead, I’m literally going to share my best kept secrets – the 7 ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR SUCCESS – so you know exactly what you need to do and exactly what all this health + fitness stuff means, so you can feel really good, be healthy, have killer confidence and live happily ever after!

The 7 Essentials For Your Success are the fundamental building blocks you need to create a healthy, happy + sustainable lifestyle- booyah baby!

These essentials help you see the BIG picture: being healthy isn’t just about exercise – it’s a lifestyle thing! We’re talkin’ sleep, what you eat, your stress – SO MANY THINGS!

[Disclaimer]: DO NOT start trying to overhaul every aspect of your life. That sounds super unrealistic and overwhelming – hashtag no thanks!

Instead, use this blog as step one by first understanding it all and asking questions (reply back with anything you need). The second step is picking one thing to start improving just 1% every day.

If you need help with any of this stuff, you’re obviously in good hands with myself and my amazing RF Team. We are coaches, it’s what we do!

In all sappy honesty, it’s what I LOVE and why I show up everyday. I am here for you as is the rest of our loveable team and community.

Here are your 7 Essentials. Get to know them, love them and ask any questions.

Remember, we aren’t here to overhaul everything at once, but to learn how all this stuff works so we know what to do.


A big part of what we preach is to first figure out your WHY: why do you want to “be healthier” ….”lose 10 pounds”….”look more toned”….”eat healthier foods”…”feel better”….whatever your goal, ask yourself WHY this is important to you and why you want this for yourself.

Then, write that sh!t done! Don’t keep it bottled up in your head. Give it life and put it into the universe by writing it down. Sounds scary right? That’s because when you write shit down it becomes a truth versus a random thought in your head.

You don’t have to share it with anyone else but find a way to record it by emailing or texting yourself, writing it on post-it and keeping it someplace visible like a bathroom mirror or nightstand. Keep it front and center.

…why does this even matter?

When the tough gets going, when you aren’t seeing the progress you want or when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, it’s time to revisit this. It’s not always going to be easy, but it sure as hell is worth it (and is going to feel really, really good – we promise).


Without a plan, a goal means donky doo! Goals are only as good as their strategies, and that strategy needs to be realistic, attainable and measurable so your expectations are build you up versus letting you down.

 The daily grind (otherwise know as the process) is the hardest part so set yourself up for success by first understanding what that process will look and feel like. Don’t just “wing it”. That’s a one way ticket to disappointment island.

Get specific by writing down 3 very specific action steps you can realistically commit to daily / weekly. Not to sound like a broken record but yes, write each step down and refer back to and adjust as needed. Don’t just say “I will exercise 3 times/week.” You won’t do it. Instead try something like this: “I am going to workout Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings at 7am for 40 minutes“.

 Pick things that are realistic while accepting this will take varying levels of sacrifice.

 Get specific, the devil is in the detail baby!

 More Examples:

  • Nutrition Goal: “I want to eat healthier meals.”

    • Action Steps: Grocery shop on Saturdays, meal prep Sundays + pack lunches every night.

  • Training Goal: “I need to get back to / start a consistent exercise routine”

    •  Action Steps: Get a minimum of 7 hours sleep/night, schedule training sessions 2 weeks in advance, eat protein at every meal.

  • Body Composition: “I want to tone my arms / fit into my old jeans”

    • Action Steps: Eat veggies at every meal, meal prep on Sundays, get a minimum of 7 hours sleep/night, train 4-5x/week.


Everyone should exercise cause well, it seriously does a body good physically, mentally and emotionally. Regardless of your age or fitness level, there is something for EVERYONE!

Exercise does all this magic stuff so you can enjoy quality of life for decades to come! It makes us feel good, look good, boosts our confidence, alleviates chronic pain, gives us energy, promotes heart health, makes our bones stronger, provides stress relief, helps us move better so we can keep up with our kids + grandkiddos…need we say more?

At Results Fitness, the foundation of what we do is strength training because it provides you + your body the very best benefits to live healthy, happy + strong! And, this is done in a highly coached environment so you can exercise safely + effectively!

Benefits of Strength Training: Muscle burns more calories– which means lifting weights or doing exercises with any type of resistance like we do at RF builds lean muscle so you can burn more fat. AND, you will continue burning fat for the next 24+ hours after your workout – SCORE!

We should also mention strength training keeps the muscle you already have and allows you to add on more to achieve the “toned” look.

If you’re reading this thinking, “Oh shoot! I don’t want to get bulky” – GOOD NEWS! You cannot get “bulky” just by lifting weights – no seriously you can’t, it’s a scientific fact!

Here’s why:

Ladies: You’d have to be lifting weights -like SUPER heavy weights- and eating an excessively insane number of calories to get bulky. This is deliberate and takes a very, very, long time.

Contrary to widespread belief, lifting weights actually helps your body become more lean. One pound of muscle weighs the EXACT same as one pound of fat. However, muscle is “tighter”, meaning it takes up less space than fat. Having more fat gives you that feeling of “bulky”.

But why do people feel more bulky once they start working out more?

Sometimes when we start strength training, we feel hungrier as our body’s adapting, which can lead to unintentionally eating more calories than you’re burning. When you eat more than you burn, this can lead to fat + weight gain and hence the feeling of “bulkiness or fluff”.

Feeling “lean” and “toned” is the results of losing body fat and you lose body fat by building lean muscle through strength training. As you lose body fat, your muscle definition becomes more visible.


The definition of insanity should be thinking you can out train your diet. We are all about putting in that hard work and training smart but don’t think you can burn off this past weekend’s splurging with exercise – it’s a losing battle!

Our philosophy on nutrition? Food is FUEL and gives your body exactly what it needs to look and feel its best!

We are ALL about those nutrient dense foods that make you feel good, help you hit your goals and keep you healthy! And yes, you should also enjoy the foods /beverages you like in moderation.

With SO much info out there about this diet, that diet, how to lose 20 lbs. in 20 days, why butter in your coffee is the latest + greatest craze….let us shine a light on the real truths so you don’t have to deal with dieting, feeling deprived and frustrated at the lack of results.

Our Personalized Nutrition Coaching program is NOT a diet! It’s a customized lifestyle program you can do forever! Your body craves the proper fuel to stay active, healthy and strong. Your relationship with food and what you eat has the biggest impact on the way you look + feel. With Personalized Nutrition Coaching, you work 1:1 with a coach to create new habits and behaviors around the foods you enjoy eating. No more “starting over tomorrow” – just life changing results!

#5.   QUALITY SLEEP: 7-9 Hours!

When it comes to your health + fitness, getting 7-9 hours of QUALITY sleep per night is crucial for fat loss and muscle growth (tone and definition). Furthermore, research shows not getting enough sleep can cause unwanted weight gain since you’re more prone to overeating processed foods.

You NEED to make this a priority! Perhaps the most underrated essential, your goal is a minimum of 7 hours of QUALITY sleep. Like everything else in your adventure, a good night’s snooze fest requires planning! Finding and establishing a consistent sleep routine prepares your body for rest and signals your brain it’s time to shut down for the day. Don’t worry, expect more helpful blogs on all things sleep !


Equally important to physical exercise is recovery. When you exercise, your muscles break down (that’s a good thing!) and need to be “repaired” in order to grow so you can get those results!

This is because exercise is only a stimulus. Your muscles can only repair and grow during periods of rest + recovery. Recovery is a huge part of the change process, and it’s important to take care of your body like the well-oiled machine it is so you can come back and do it all again the next day. #consistency

Take time before and after your workouts for recovery – think foam rolling or stretching, going on a hike, treating yourself to a massage, meditating, taking your dog for a walk…..


Surrounding yourself with like-minded humans in a supportive community **cough Results Fitness** will undeniably help you achieve your goals!

A support network leads to faster behavior change and improved consistency because you are always around people looking to better themselves the same way you are!

There is strength in numbers and the infectious energy of a community like Results Fitness is a proven and powerful motivator leading you to greater success! Everyone who starts enjoys the group atmosphere for the added accountability and motivation. As you start meeting new friends and forming meaningful relationships, you start showing up not only for yourself but for others, too!

The other cool component of the RF community? THE COACHES! Working under the expertise and TLC of a coach is a game changer. Not only do you learn how to exercise the right way, you have someone doing the thinking for you – giving your body exactly what it needs to change.

Ahhh, the 7 Essentials For Your Success – sounds pretty fabulous, right?

Remember, don’t start overhauling everything at once and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Understanding how all this health + fitness stuff works is step one. Step two is picking one thing you want to make 1% better every day. And, if you need me and the RF team to help with this, reply back now.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, what you know, what you don’t know yet or your goal. Living healthy, happy + strong is a lifestyle thing. It takes practice, learning and time.

And, you don’t ever have to go at this alone. We got your back – we’re in this together!

Keep Moving,

Coach Josh

PS…don’t forget – this blog is to help you understand how all this health + fitness stuff works. Reply back now with questions and exactly what you want / need help with. Fun Fact: I am a coach, I love Poptarts, and I genuinely want what’s best for you.




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