HI friends! As much as i love time in the kitchen, exploring new recipes, figuring out how to use leftover ingredients, taste testing all the goodness, cooking is also one of those things that can feel stressful and simply put, something we don’t always have time for or want to do. The day gets busy, the kids are out of control and you’re run down and tired as hell! You know these days – the ones where you’re hitting the drive through or chowing down on bowls of cereal for dinner (no shame here)?!

Knowing time can be our biggest barrier and hurdle when it comes to finding recipes your families with eat without sacrificing ALL your free time is hard…until now!

Just for YOU, I’ve prepared a special and very well deserve treat for you all! Today’s menu: No Cook Burrito Bowls! That’s right minimal prep work and cooking for those nights you don’t have the time, patience or brain power for the kitchen. This recipe is so easy and simple, you will most definitely revisit this over and over again.

Join me in the kitchen now for some delicious fun by clicking the video below.

Ingredients: Here’s What You Need

  • 2 breasts of shredded chicken from rotisserie chicken

  • 1 C. brown rice

  • 1 C. black beans, drained and rinsed

  • 8 C. romaine lettuce, chopped

  • Toppings of choice: salsa, avocado, hot sauce, etc.

Recipe: Follow These Steps

  • Fill each bowl with 2 cups of romaine lettuce.

  • Top with chicken, beans, rice and toppings of your choice.


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