Nicole’s Story of Rise Up Glory


My biggest fear before signing up for Rise Up was nutrition consistency and protein intake. I knew I would kill it in the gym because that is my happy place but, I really had to focus on the nutrition piece in order to see results.

I don’t love meal prepping and eating certain types of leftover meat. This would be a total mind shift for me, and I’d have to be open to trying something new. I was also worried about “living” during Rise Up and only focusing on my food all the time.

However, when I put my mind to something, I fully commit and give it 100%. I wasn’t scared to commit and decided to Rise Up knowing I would have a support group at Results Fitness as well as the support from my husband at home.


Before Rise Up, it was LIFE getting in the way of making changes and getting the results I wanted. Like everyone else, it gets crazy juggling work, kids and schedules. As a mom, I often put myself last.

I also struggled with consistency: eating very well during the week but then it all goes downhill on the weekend.

Ultimately, it was time for me to focus on myself.

Having such a supportive coaching staff and Rise Up group helped me stay motivated during the 6 weeks. Seeing my results also helped me power through. Seeing your body change is such a rewarding feeling. I often threw out questions/ideas to Coach Amie and she was awesome at providing me with insights, so I always knew what to do and felt supported.

My concern about being able to “live my life” and enjoy things was put to rest. Through Rise Up, I learned about balance -you have to enjoy yourself once and awhile – while still maintaining consistent habits, even on the weekends.


In 6-weeks, I transformed my mind and body.   I lost 7 lbs. of body fat, inches of my waist, and gained lean muscle mass.

I also have a better handle of how to stay consistent with nutrition on the weekends without missing out. I am much more aware of what I am filling my belly with and Rise Up taught me you can have a balanced life by eating healthy 90% of the time. It’s also very motivating knowing you can just get back on track and keep going if you “screw up”.

Tracking my 6-week goal helped me remain steadfast during the program. Writing down my meals made me aware of what I was eating and the portion sizes; which was a struggle for me until Rise Up.  The cookbook helped me meal prep, and I even got over my fear of eating leftover meat. I went out of my comfort zone and actually ended up liking meat/protein more!


Rise Up is unlike anything else I’ve tried in the past. I’ve done macro coaching before and for me, it was too much. Logging my macros and meals even before I would eat them was a lot to keep up with. I always felt like I was thinking about food and what I was going to eat next.

Rise Up is a super simple approach. Anyone can do it and keep up with it. It’s a lifestyle now.

If you are struggling, need help or looking for that ‘perfect’, doable and realistic program, YOU CAN DO IT! Rise Up is for ANYONE! It’s super motivating to have your goals set and to track your progress. This is what helps you get those amazing results.

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