Nanette’s Story of Rise Up Glory

I have never been a member of a gym like Results Fitness.
It was this feeling of wanting all Results had to offer that I committed to the Rise Up 2022 program. I owe my renewed fitness, nutrition, and mental state to Rise Up! It will make you a better person inside and out.

I have been a member of countless gyms my entire adult life so, undoubtedly, joining a quality gym was in the plan when I moved to Cleveland late last year. I was also in the midst of mapping out several trips /travel plans so my main focus was to regroup after the move before I continued my journey of travel. Living in CLE for a short time coupled with gym workouts would suit me just fine…would balance me! 

It was a recommendation by my friend Jill (who is also a Results Fitness member) that I decided to visit and join Results Fitness. I longed to release stress as well as firm and strengthen my body. When Rise Up was announced, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Instead, I was keeping everything in perspective, as I continued to develop the itinerary for my next destinations(s).

I have to admit, the more I heard about Rise Up, I really was apprehensive of what the program entailed.  You want to what? Weigh, measure, then calculate my BMI? Really?

These are my secrets I didn’t want to share with ANYONE! I was always able to avoid this at the other gyms, and I wasn’t going to let my guard down now! Forget it! Case closed!!


However, despite not wanting to let my guard down, that wasn’t what stayed present in my mind. The gnawing, reoccurring thought was I have never been a member of a gym like Results Fitness. From the first time I entered the studio and talked with Jenna, it was evident this was a very top-notch operation with the goal of each, individual member’s total well-being in mind.

Results Fitness is like a well-oiled machine from the moment one arrives until one leaves after the workout…tired but satisfied. Experiencing the commitment, knowledge, intensity, humor, compliments, energy, kindness (I can go on!) from the coaches (Josh and Amie) and staff (Jenna and Mary) built my trust in the Results team. In essence, this trust replaced the apprehension I felt for the Rise Up program.  It was this feeling of wanting all Results had to offer that I committed to the Rise Up 2022 program.

Before Rise Up, I always consistently exercised, long, hard workout with weights and bands but, my nutrition lacked. I didn’t like to grocery shop or cook and though I cooked sometimes, it was the same thing – no variety at all – and my meals were not always balanced. Veggies were not my favorite and I hardly ate for fear of eating the wrong thing. As I mentioned earlier, I sold my house to move to Cleveland but before settling down in CLE, was traveling extensively. This was wonderful but created its own beast: eating what the locals did but in restaurants. I didn’t have my own space where I could cook even if I wanted to. What was worse, I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis either. I was too busy doing and seeing everything.  This sprialed into a vicious cycle (thank goodness I was walking!!!).

Rise Up was exactly what I needed to put my nutrition and fitness back in order. Despite knowing what I needed to be eating/drinking and knowing how to exercise (even though my form wasn’t the greatest as I am seeing now having worked with the RF coaches), I was lost, couldn’t control it and didn’t know where to even start. I had so many things going on at the same time it was hard to focus and direct my attention.

From the very beginning with the Results Fitness coaches, I felt that the fitness part of my life was answered.  I needed that personalized coaching and direction: how to correct my form, the explanation of where I should feel that certain move, how to focus, how to breathe, the structure of it all. Once this was all in place, the mental element took over and connected with my physical side. I was back on track finally! 

In addition to the exercise component of Rise Up, was the nutrition piece which is HUGE! Coach Amie’s weekly menus and coinciding shopping lists, and recipes were outstanding.  From the first time preparing a dish from her cookbook, I was sold! The recipes were savory, easy and delicious. Finally, my body was fueled properly! The 7 Essentials for Rise Up success are the daily habits/behaviors you practice and make routine throughout the program and those essentials are the key!

Understanding how to build better habits, tracking these habits and always knowing what to do every day for 6 weeks (although it wasn’t my favorite thing) taught me the needed process to be able to reassess, reevaluate and redo my lifestyle. I have learned to prioritize my life based on the 7 Essentials!  I owe my renewed fitness, nutrition, and mental state to this measure.


Since my completion of Rise Up, I have continued preparing recipes from the cookbook and, veggies have become my favorite food -I can’t believe it!  I am cooking more than going out to eat thanks to the Rise Up cookbook, which has become my cookbook for life!! 

The 7 Essentials for Rise Up success is my mantra and reiterated to all that state how happy and confident I am. I reached my goal of fitting better in my clothes (3 sizes smaller and counting). Because of eating well balanced meals, my stomach issues have subsided, I am sleeping soundly 7-9 hours nightly, getting those needed steps in, and hydrating as always. Flexibility and mobility have returned especially in my knees (can squat with the best of them!).

In 6 weeks with Rise Up I lost 7 lbs., an inch around my waist, 10% of inner body mass, and my energy level is at its all-time high!

My advice that I have given to those that are struggling is to do Rise Up, follow the 7 Essentials for success and that the #1 essential on the list is #1 for a reason: being accountable for your actions and to yourself is the glue for the other 6 Essentials.

All 7 Rise Up Essentials for success overlap/interchange with one another – this a full body immersion.  No one says it will be easy, you will do things that you have never done and never thought you could do but it is all worth it. It will make you a better person inside and out.  The coaches can lead you in the right direction.

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