Lindsey & Joe: Their Story of Health & Happiness Glory!

Meet RF power couple Lindsey and Joe! This year will mark their two-year anniversary since starting their adventures as RF Warriors – cheers to that!

Today’s Warrior Blog explains the benefits of how having a “plus one” to commit to this health, fitness and nutrition stuff with fuels motivation, maximizes accountability and empowers you to build healthy, sustainable habits all while making it way more FUN!

Meet Lindsey and Joe and be inspired to grab your plus one and together, live healthy, happy and strong for life!


Before Results Fitness, Joe and Lindsey had their fears about getting started; unsure if Results Fitness would be a good fit. Joe was in a consistent, workout routine when his gym unexpectedly closed as Lindsey was feeling worn out and wanting a healthier lifestyle:

RF: What lead you both to Results Fitness?

Joe: “The gym I was going to closed, and I was looking for a new location offering a similar style of group classes to what I was accustomed. A friend referred me to Results, raving about the quality of the classes, so I gave it a shot.

My biggest fears were meeting new people and learning new workouts. I had grown to be very comfortable at my previous gym and was already missing that community. The more I showed up and as the weeks passed, I started to trust the coaches, listened to what they told me to do and started seeing the results. The coaches gave me the confidence to keep going, and I liked that feeling.”

Lindsey: “After two years of navigating the events industry through a pandemic, I was feeling burnt out, was not my most confident self and finally ready to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle. I was looking to find a hobby beneficial to my well-being while forcing me to step outside of my comfort zone to do something other than work.

My body was also feeling beat up after recently developing carpal tunnel from years of spending 12+ hours a day sitting and typing on the computer. By that point, Joe was months into Results Fitness and suggested I try the 28-day trial. He made it easy for me to get started by helping set everything up so all I had to do was show up and put in the work. 

Outside of being embarrassingly out of shape and easily winded, I came in with an open mind and no expectations. Was it possible I’d hate this as much as Cycle Bar? Yes! However, I prepared myself to take this one day at a time and while it felt intimidating at first being new and foreign to me, I felt ready to roll with the punches and give it a shot!

Joe’s support and us having an activity in common was a big reason I stuck with the 28-day trial. It was nice to come home and talk about the progress made, what was challenging and scheduling classes together. Plus, the workouts in terms of both length and exercises felt manageable and challenging without feeling defeating. Once I got the hang of scheduling classes and into a routine, giving me a reason to leave work before 7pm that benefitting my health meant no turning back.”


Both Lindsey and Joe overcame their fears and decided to continue on their live healthy, happy and strong adventures as RF Warriors. Was it always easy or comfortable? No. Did they have their own struggles when it came to exercising and eating healthy? Yes. But here’s what happened when they overcame fears and committed to change together:

RF: Before Results Fitness, what where you biggest struggles and how did you overcome each?

Joe: “When I first started, I struggled with leg mobility. My range of motion was limited, and my ankles hurt all the time. The coaches knew my struggle and continually addressed it by staying on top of me and providing pointers/coaching tips during workouts.  As a result, I have felt the improvement, gotten stronger, the pain has subsided, and my mobility has greatly improved!

After the 28-day trial, I stuck with Interval Classes only and was going to a different personal trainer for more strength training but wasn’t seeing the results. After talking to Coach Josh, I was convinced to make Small Group Personal Training part of my RF workout routine and immediately saw an increase in my weights and form improvement. I canceled my personal trainer and have been committed to 4 + Small Group Personal Training sessions/week ever since! I continue to see progress with my strength training; which is my focus at the gym. 

Before Results Fitness, my diet consisted of little to no vegetables or nutritional balance, and very few home cooked meals always being on the go. During my first Rise Up 6-week coaching program, I refused to track my food and portions and didn’t take the nutrition plan / program seriously. Ultimately, I didn’t see the results I wanted and that stuck with me.

Fast forward to my second Rise Up program and things were much difference. This time around, I followed my coach’s directions, paid attention to the nutrition aspect by tracking my food, honestly following the program and in the end, was a total GAME CHANGER! I was the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been and overall felt great!”

Lindsey: “Before Results Fitness, I was a well-rounded hot mess express when it came to fitness. Other than muscles from setting up tables at events, I was starting with the bare minimum when it came to muscles and exercise skills. The coaches pushed me to increase my weights, suggested more difficult versions of exercises when I never would have pushed myself, and celebrated the little victories along the way with me! 

After my 28-day trial, I continued with both Small Group Personal Training sessions and Classes. Joe was definitely the deciding factor here, as someone who loves the personal training sessions because of the strength training element and all the progress/ results. I wanted a peach booty and he said this was how it was going to happen 😂! I have to agree, I see more gains in personal training sessions because I work at my own pace, pay more attention to increasing my weights, focus on technique, ask for help, and apply the coaches’ feedback to improve. These sessions give me the confidence and knowledge to apply in Interval Classes to get the most of those workouts as well! 

Nutrition was not a word in my life until completing Rise Up. I was constantly eating fast food at least one meal a day and had no idea where to begin when inside a grocery store; which felt pretty crappy. I was never eating enough food, constantly feeling lightheaded or low energy and leaned on coffee as a fix. After joining Results Fitness and doing Rise Up, I learned what nutritious foods are and how easy it is to prepare these options. Because of Results Fitness / Rise Up, my diet has changed completely!”



RF: How does being on this journey together impacted your lives / lifestyle?

“Looking back to life before Results Fitness to life now, everything has changed for the better! Doing this together has brought us closer and having the support of each other makes it more fun. We keep each other accountable, cheer one another on and share healthy goals!

When it comes to nutrition, having completed Rise Up taught us how to prepare balanced, healthy meals we all genuinely love. On top of learning how to make eating healthy easy and manageable for busy schedules, gaining access to resources like the Results Fitness cookbook has been so helpful. Finding balanced meals in the cookbook the entire family enjoys gives us staple menu items to throw into the weekly menu mix. The ground turkey stuffed peppers are such a treat we look forward to and the fact it’s a well-rounded meal both easy and quick to prepare is an added bonus! Before Results Fitness and Rise Up, a recipe like that would have been intimidating but now I (Lindsey) enjoy making it!

We also find great success in batch prepping (cooking larger quantities of foods in advance) proteins and smart carbs options, so they are available at a moment’s notice to pair with a hand full of veggies when on the go or eating dinner at 8:30pm after baseball practice. For us, we have found the more versatile the food you prep, the better so you don’t have to spend time overthinking your meals.

Our favorite batch prepping “go to’s” are marinated chicken thighs, rotation of soy and ginger marinated pork or beef and taco ground turkey meat. The secret to fun meals is the sauce, and we each have our own preferred sauces that can go with almost anything: lemon hummus, chipotle bitchin sauce, truffle sauce, buffalo sauce, Frank’s Hot Sauce, pineapple or tomato salsa, and guacamole. Once we got in the routine of preparing two meats and a carb like sweet potatoes or brown rice each week, then healthier eating became a manageable lifestyle. 

We have become an active family, going on bike rides and walks; always making sure to incorporate movement whenever possible! We are setting healthy examples for Bryce, our 11-year-old son, who after observing our journeys is conscious of his own well-being. Bryce has taken an interest in learning about nutrition and managing his own diet (even completed a nutrition program with coach Amie last summer!); which helps him be successful in sports and conquer his own health battle.

Since Results Fitness, we also gained a kickass friend group full of supportive people with similar, healthy goals as us. The camaraderie that continues outside of the gym makes it that much more fun to go back the next day. Being around people who enjoy being active, enjoy challenging themselves and both understand/support what you do and are working towards contributes to our overall success!

The RF staff is what sets this gym apart. They are the perfect balance of accountability and fun. Every workout is thoughtfully programmed, from the warm-up to the finisher, and the exercises are ever changing. The coaches are ready to help you modify at a moment’s notice to ensure there is something everyone can do to stay active, regardless of personal limitations, injuries, etc. The community built within RF is the cherry on top of the entire experience!”


RF: What would you say to people who have fears but want to be healthier, feel better, live better and get started?

“Just show up and let the coaches take it from there! The workout will be over before you can think about whether you like it or not, and when it’s done, you’re always going to feel accomplished no matter what. The exercises that feel impossible on day 1 will feel more manageable after 5-6 classes -hang in there! Everyone in the room and part of the RF community is in the same boat: at the gym just trying to be a little better than we were yesterday. You got this!”

If you are nervous about starting, new to exercise, have injuries or just need that loving nudge, schedule our FREE Strategy Session now to meet the RF community and decide if this is the perfect fit for YOU!


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