Jen’s Story of Rise Up Glory


Before Rise Up, I wasn’t mindful about what I was eating / drinking, especially at social events, was not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, and was super inconsistent with my workouts. I would eat “good” most of the week but come the weekend, would fall off with “bad” food and drink choices. Looking back, majority of meals were not balanced either (maybe 1 meal/day had a protein and veggie).

When it came to exercising, I was in phases of consistently showing up and then not going at all. It was a cycle of exercising/not exercising, trying to eat well Monday-Friday and then getting back “on track” after the weekend.

When Rise Up was announced, my biggest fear was FAILING.  That I was going to do the work, follow the food options and nothing was going to change.  I was honestly worried about eating all those veggies and getting protein in with each meal because that wasn’t how I was eating / things I was used to doing.

What made me overcome my fears and sign up was knowing NOTHING was going to change if I didn’t change. Going into the program, I committed to following the workbook, doing the food prep and scheduling my workouts without thinking more about it. My though was do the best you can, one day at a time.


Before Rise Up, I wasn’t being consistent with anything. Since Rise Up, that’s ALL changed! I was /am now CONSISTENT – more than I had ever been! Simply put, I followed the program and was able to create small changes leading to big results.

First, I set action steps each week and followed them.  Next, I made sure I hit my 10,000 steps daily and scheduled 4-5 workouts/week. When it came to eating, I become more mindful, drinking more water and making certain protein was included with each and every meal. Making better choices Monday-Sunday become routine and easy. I wasn’t falling off on the weekends and felt better for it.

Rise Up is hands down unlike any other program I’ve tried before because it’s not restricting. There are sooo many healthy options and food choices.  Most programs I’ve done involved eating the exact same and limited foods day in and day out: NO dairy, NO carbs and NO fruit. That just isn’t sustainable.

With Rise Up, you learn that eating “healthy” does not have to be restrictive or limiting. Doesn’t have to involved “dieting” and that the options are enjoyable and satisfying. You CAN have all the things including some pretty kick ass dessert options. So doable, especially long term.


In 6 weeks, I lost 11 lbs, 10 lbs of fat and 2 inches off my waist, I felt AMAZING, ready to keep going, and confident I CAN do it because I can! Just have to keep moving! I’m not missing out on anything but bettering myself each and every day!

If you are where I was at before Rise Up, my advice to you is -TRUST THE PROCESS!  It works. Just jump in and do it, don’t thinking about it. Eat the protein, drink the water and get your body moving to the BEAT!!

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