How I found my Happily Ever After in the Fitness World


Rise Up gave me the right tools to finally accomplish what I had been trying to do alone. Turns out, I just needed the structure of the program and the crowd support proved a surprising piece of the puzzle I did not know that I needed to succeed.


Five simple words was all it took to find my “happily ever after” in the fitness world.

Just stepping foot into Results Fitness was a game changer for me. I had never been to a gym where I had even known another person’s name let alone built a relationship. You see, I am an incredibly shy person and walking into an intimidating place like a gym is no simple feat. Yet, I was taken back by how warm and welcoming everyone was. On my first day at Results Fitness, another member saw the deer-in-the-headlights look on my face when instructed to form groups and they walked right up to me and said, simply, “Come. Be in our group”. Those five words were what made me decide to keep coming back day after day.

My biggest fear is facing the unknown. I had never attended an exercise class like this before and didn’t know if I would be able to keep up, lift any kind of weight or just outright make a fool of myself. My current workout structure at the time needed changing, and I took a shot in the dark by signing up for my first Social Saturday class.  These are designated workout classes where you can try a Group Training class at Results Fitness for free. After being greeted warmly upon arrival and given a thorough rundown of what to expect, that fear was gone within minutes of walking through the door. Everyone’s encouragement inspired confidence to crush the class!  Bottom line – walking into RF for the first time was the best decision I made for myself. I signed up to become a member that very same day.

“Why not me?”
“You got this.”

These became the mantras I used to conquer my fears. Prior to joining RF, I consistently had negative thoughts of what I could and could not accomplish. It was always “I could never run that far”, “I will never be as strong as the other women” or my usual plain old “I can’t”.

Once I changed my mindset, I learned I COULD run that far, I AM strong and I CAN do anything I put my mind to. I have exceeded any and all physical expectations I set for myself since first becoming an RF member. It was the support of the other members that really helped me change my mindset. I cannot recall a single class where I was not high-fived, given a pat on the back, or told “good job”. This type of motivation and support is what excites me to show up for The Breakfast Club (5:30am Group Training class).


Before the Rise Up in 6 Weeks total body transformation program, I had been trying for quite some time to clean up my diet and get myself down to a healthier weight. Turns out, I just needed the structure of the program and the crowd support proved a surprising piece of the puzzle I did not know that I needed to succeed. My husband, Derek, also joined Rise Up in 6 Weeks and it was so comforting to have his support and be able to cheer each other on.

Shortly after completing my first Rise Up, I had my yearly physical. My physician came into the exam room and asked me what I had been doing the past few months. Since my last exam, my blood pressure, weight and cholesterol decreased considerably and were now in very healthy ranges. He also told me my heart was as strong and healthy as someone in their teens. For the first time in years, I was given a perfect bill of health!

Rise Up In 6 Weeks was an absolute game changer. I lost 9.2 pounds, 4% body fat and went down 2 pant sizes!

In the past, I was working out consistently but never had a consistent plan. Jumping from place to place and trying a million different classes never lead to finding an exercise class or community I could happily attend daily and feel so “at home”.  From that very first class at Results Fitness, I knew it was where I was meant to be.  Above everything else, it enabled me to make the changes I had been struggling with for so long.

Prior to starting at RF, I was ready to hang up my running shoes for good. Strength training was my last-ditch effort to become a strong runner. I was burnt out and running on tired and weak legs. Within just a few months of working out at Results Fitness, I started noticing huge improvements and was running faster and longer distances with ease. Recently, I trained and completed my third half marathon and finished in 2:20–4 minutes faster than my previous half marathon!


Since becoming a Results Fitness Warrior, my life has changed. 

#1. First and foremost, confidence. I am amazed everyday by the things my body can now do and the limits I can push. This has helped me both mentally and physically.

#2. I have been given a healthy understanding of my body and how to achieve my goals. I now know that the number on the scale is just a small part and measure of your overall health. As someone who has struggled with body image and disordered eating, I now have a healthy understanding of how to treat and fuel my body.

#3. For the first time in my life I have a positive body image. I learned to turn my negative thoughts into positives. The old me would tell myself “my thighs are too big” but the new me knows that they are strong, and I worked hard to get the body I now have.

#4. I can now keep up with my kids. This was my #1 goal.  I wanted to be an active and healthy mom and set a good example for my children.  They now have to tell me to slow down so they can catch up!

For anyone on the fence about trying out Results Fitness, just do it! You will have no regrets (just results!). Walk through that door and see what it is all about.


Fitness journeys are never ending. For me, it has been ongoing for 8 years and continues to be full of ups and downs.

Yet, with Results Fitness, I have found my “happily-ever-after” in the fitness world and could not be more proud of all I have accomplished.

And it all started with five simple words.

“Come. Be in our group.”

When it comes to finding your place in the fitness world, it’s easy to feel let down, frustrated and hopeless from diet and exercise programs promising “results of a lifetime” but failing on delivery since neither consider your unique lifestyle, challenges and needs.

Maybe it’s because you don’t how to exercise or took time off from the gym. Comparatively, what seemed like an easy thing to “go at alone” isn’t fun anymore because no one is around to coach you and keep you motivated.  Or, maybe it’s a nutrition program that doesn’t take your schedule into account since you’re juggling a demanding job with your kids’ extracurriculars.

And, if you’re trying to make something work that doesn’t feel right or fit into your life, you’re less likely to actually stick with it.  But, health + fitness is not “one size fits all”.  It requires a personalized strategy so you can learn how to create a sustainable lifestyle that works for you and supports your personal goals.

If you’ve been feeling let down, stuck or in a rut with how you look and feel, it’s time to Rise Up with Results Fitness.  Contact Results Fitness today by calling or emailing the team. We’ll chat, answer your questions and explain exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed!




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