In this Coaches Vlog, learn how to make each meal (or snack) just 1% better!

Whaaaaat – tell you more? OK!

Making each meal just 1% better translates into making small, incremental changes instead of going to extremes and overhauling everything you’ve been doing all at once. Trying to drastically change everything in one swoop isn’t realistic for most of us and as humans, leads into the adage of “you always want what you can’t have”.

A great example of this is all-or-nothing dieting:

“Im going to completely cut out carbs – carbs make you fat!”

two weeks later feels sluggish, crabby and has no energy

“Sorry, no birthday cake for me – I’m off the sugar train!”

3 weeks later goes on a rampage through the kitchen cupboards looking for leftover Easter candy

Now, for some of us, eliminating trigger foods works and is something that can be managed long term. But for most of us, going to extremes for immediate gratification or because we’re feeling frustrated or hopeless isn’t sustainable. While it may work for a very short period of time, we typically revert back to old habits and in the end, no healthy, sustainable changes were actually made.

Comparatively, if you broach nutrition habits from a “this isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon” type mindset, you start to understand the value and effectiveness of folding in one change at a time. Layering small changes on top of one another over time lead to a cumulative effect that have completely reshaped old habits into new, healthier ones!

In today’s video, Coach Matt helps you understand:

#1. How food sits on a spectrum of choices

#2. How to navigate that spectrum to make better choices, not perfect ones!

This is especially important now while we’re all navigating a very “new normal” whil trying to stay on track and focused with our personal health + fitness goals.

After listening to the tips, you will start practicing and applying what you learned by picking 1 habit to focus on for the next 2 weeks. Then, rinse and repeat! Ready, Set, GO!





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