Life during the pandemic – it was weird.

New things to stress over, wave of emotions we’ve never felt and some sticky stuff to navigate, like how to co-exist with your new “officemates” and transition your dining room into a classroom.

It was a whirlwind and let’s be honest – regular exercise and healthy eating habits weren’t a huge priority, and we totally understand.

Life pre-pandemic was different. Maybe you were riding high in your feel good routine with consistent exercise. You were feeling healthy and strong when suddenly, the world came crashing down.

Or, perhaps you were ready to make changes and excited to start exercising and eating healthier when BOOM! Life unexpectedly changed.

Regardless of where you stood mentally and physically pre-pandemic, I am here to pull us ALL out of the “oh, sh!t I fell off the wagon” mentality. It’s time to rip the band-aid off, it’s time to stop the excuses and it’s time to take back control of your health and fitness so you can live happy, healthy and strong!

How are we going to do this? SO glad you asked!

I have created the 5 ESSENTIALS: specifically, the 5 can’t live without things you NEED for kicking your pandemic funk to the curb to create a healthier lifestyle. And, look NO further ‘cause GOOD NEWS; everything you need is right here at Results Fitness.

No more dieting, guessing or feeling frustrated about what to eat or how much. No more starting a new exercise program then stopping because you get bored, don’t see results or just don’t like it. If you are NOT excited about how you feel, if you are NOT confident in your own skin and hate the typical “gym”, this may be just for you!


Why do you need a coach? Working with a coach is a total game changer, hear me out. Having a coach means you don’t have to think about what you’re doing – the coach does that for you!

Coaches understand exactly what your body needs to exercise safely and effectively so you reach your goals. All Results Fitness coaches are certified and work with you every step of the way so this is never something you are figuring out alone. Every exercise program you will do will help you:

  • Move better in your every day life!

  • Accelerate fat loss and burn more calories in less time!

  • Get stronger, build lean muscle and keep this strength/ muscle as you age !

  • Stay safe and eliminate risk for getting hurt by leaning how to exercise the right way

  • Become healthier, more energetic and more confident than ever before!

Exercise is very much a science so working with a coach who understands this science is your guaranteed ticket for reaching your goals.

When it comes to your exercise programs, stop guessing what you should be doing and how to do it. Stop putting yourself at risk for getting hurt. Instead, work with one of our super fun-loving (certified) coaches who will meet you at YOUR starting point and get you to where you want to be.


Don’t just join a gym – BELONG! I get it. Most of you reading this probably are not huge fans of the typical “gym”. They can feel impersonal, overly crowded, not super clean, and unwelcoming – who wants to deal with that?!

The difference between joining a gym and belonging to Results Fitness is we aren’t just a space filled with random machines and equipment. We are a community filled with supportive, inclusive and welcoming humans who want YOU to succeed! You don’t get access to space and machines. You get access to coaches who know your name, understand your goals and what you need to succeed. It’s the community aspect that will keep you wanting to show up and motivated to always keep going!

It’s a hard core fact that surrounding yourself with like-minded humans in a supportive community **cough Results Fitness** will undeniably help you achieve your goals! A support network leads to faster behavior change and improved consistency because you are always around people looking to better themselves the same way you are.

If you like what you’re doing and WHO you’re doing it with, you’ll actually want to show up and do it! This keeps you accountable! If you’re tired of joining gyms, but ready to belong to an inclusive community, it’s time to live with Results Fitness!


Taking charge and getting started post pandemic should NOT be code for overhauling everything in your life all at once. That sounds dreadfully painful and let’s be honest, very unrealistic.

Instead, learn how to start building in and adopting new habits one step at a time. Pick one thing to focus on and work on that. When you feel comfortable and confident, add in another and so on. Starting with exercise is a great jump off for building these healthy habits because once you start exercising and feeling really good, you will want to make other changes.

For example: when you consistently exercise, you naturally tend to eat healthier because you are more conscious of taking care of your body and other lifestyle habits like nutrition become more important. Trying to do this all at the same time isn’t going to work, at least for the long-haul. Let’s create a sustainable way to live so you don’t feel restricted, deprived or miserable.

At Results Fitness, we are huge advocates for helping you understand what it takes to realistically create a sustainable lifestyle one day and one step at a time. It’s progress over perfection, a marathon not a sprint! This is NOT a quick fix, crash diet type of environment or program. Everyone is in this for the long haul knowing that being healthy matters every day for the rest of out lives.


I cannot stress enough the importance of exercising the RIGHT WAY. This is something so many of our workout Warriors, people just like YOU, have shared and before Results Fitness, struggled with:

  • Never understood HOW to exercise.

  • Never felt comfortable or confident exercising with weights.

  • Never felt they “belonged” in a gym so resorted to cardio machines out of fear and intimidation.

  • Never realized how much they were putting themselves at risk for getting hurt or, got hurt figuring it out.

  • Never realized why they weren’t seeing results, reaching their goals or making any changes.

And, if you have past injuries or suffer from chronic pain, exercising the right way will make you feel better, help you move better and eliminate all that unnecessary pain so you have a better quality life.

Like we said before, exercise is a SCIENCE. If you’ve been exercising and aren’t seeing results, there’s a reason for that. If you’re going to be putting in the time and effort to exercise, you want to be getting something out of it. That only happens when you do it the right way so let your RF coaches help you!

Exercise is medicine and that means you should never get hurt doing it. In fact, exercising aids in alleviating several chronic conditions stemming from low back pain, cranky knees and stiff joints. If you feel pain walking, have trouble using the stairs or feel discomfort getting out of bed, exercise is just what the doctor ordered.

#5. HAVE F-U-N!

Think of one thing you LOVE doing. Now, is this something you finish doing and think “I’m never doing that again” or, is it something you cannot WAIT to do again ‘cause you love it so much?!

That’s what it feels like to belong to and live life better with Results Fitness. Genuinely liking what you do and the humans you’re doing it with guarantees you will continue showing up. The more you show up, the more consistent you become and consistency drives results!

It’s true – our Warriors get started because they want to make changes. They want to look and feel their best. They want to live life better. But they stay because they LOVE the people and have FUN! Remember, creating new habits is easiest when it doesn’t feel like “work”. Your RF workouts are a total body experience that yes, deliver exactly what your body needs to change but also infuses FUN every step of the way. We’re quirky, we sometimes like to dress in costumes and make y’all LAUGH. It’s an all around feel good experience for all your sensory needs (you’re welcome).

Having MORE confidence, MORE energy and FINALLY nailing that whole healthy eating thing without dieting sounds like the best way to get out of that pandemic FUNK!

It’s time to take charge and get back to your fitness with Results Fitness. Based on your starting point and the goals you want to achieve, your experience will be personalized, and we’ll be with you every step of the way!


Keep Moving


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