Erin’s Story of Rise Up Glory


I am no stranger to the Rise Up program, as I participate annually and have been a long time “OG” RF Warrior for more than a decade! I have done Rise Up many times over the years, and it really is the best reset/refocus for me in terms of getting the same grip on nutrition that I have on my workouts.

Before this past year’s program started, I had long before planned a Disney vacation which landed the same week Rise Up was set to start. I worried this vacation would totally derail my momentum, and I wouldn’t get the results I wanted.

Even though I was nervous, I knew something had to give. I didn’t like how I looked in pictures or how clothes were starting to fit. I have made such success over the years and was back pedaling for no other reason than just not putting in the effort.  I knew if I went in with the right mindset and used the accountability to my advantage, a vacation would not derail my overall results.


Before Rise Up, it was the snacking, random, mindless bites and lack of movement outside my workouts getting in the way of better results. I sit for work, sometimes for hours at a time, and once the weather turned unpleasant, I stopped paying attention to my daily step count / how much I was moving. Over a few months, those bites and lack of movement added up quick!

Rise Up gave me the platform to spend 6 weeks building long lasting, better habits both in and outside Results Fitness. It was the platform for saying no to random, bored eating and snacking as well as taking bites of food left behind by my son, Hunter.

Having gotten to a place where I have better habits and systems in place, I don’t think about it. I don’t even want what he leaves left over and when I get bored, I pick up a book or get some steps in. There’s a lot less free time in the day when you fill space with healthy habits that make you feel good! These are learned habits and how I choose to spend my free time: trying to hit steps, cooking, working full time, exercising, being a parent, drinking all the water, and sleeping consistently.

Rise Up also provided the accountability and the boxes to check to keep myself on the path to hitting my goals. Rise Up provides the tools and the direction; the motivation from the Coaches and the Warriors that were also participating was a huge factor in me pushing through and being as successful as I was this year.


In 6 weeks, I changed my overall body composition; lost over double my goal in bodyfat and inspired myself to keep going- it’s a lifestyle change, not a 6-week diet!

I have the confidence to know I can make the changes in my habits that help me reach other, overall goals that I want to hit. I have more overall energy, am stronger than ever, less bloated, and making meaningful decisions when it comes to meals and nutrition.

Rise Up is different than any program out there. The is an energy in the air with Rise Up that counting macros or counting points doesn’t give you. Those other programs don’t focus on REAL FOODs. There’s too much wiggle room to eat whatever you want as long as you are checking the boxes and that’s not helpful in making long-term, sustainable habits and results.

My metabolism isn’t 21 years old anymore. I can’t skip meals and eat crappy and lose weight just by working out. Rise Up really focuses on strengthening all the habits- nutrition, sleep, NEAT, recovery, water, workouts. It’s not just laser focused on restrictions and unrealistic life changes.

If you need help with nutrition, exercise, feeling better, improving your health or, if you are tired of the diets and other stuff that does NOT work long term, my advice to you is: really, what do you have to lose??!! Committing to yourself for 6 weeks to make real, sustainable changes to hit your goals- it’s a no brainer. You’re worth the money invested, the time spent and the effort it takes to make your goals a reality!



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