4 Reasons Nutrition Coaching = RESULTS!


Before we start talking about how nutrition coaching will transform your relationship with food, your results and yes, your life, let’s first explore what it’s all about!

Nutrition coaching may be something you’ve never heard or, perhaps on your radar. For us at Results Fitness, it’s an important part of how we help people like you live healthy, happy and strong for life!

Why? Being healthy and getting results isn’t just about exercising, it’s about what we repeatedly do and don’t. It’s about our lifestyle habits.

Which lifestyle habit has THE BIGGEST impact on your health and results?

NUTRITION! It’s true – you are what you eat!

Eating “healthy” and not seeing ANY changes is the biggest conundrum.

What gives? WHY isn’t it working?

Before deciding to become a certified nutrition coach, I struggled FOR YEARS with nutrition.

At just 29 years old, I was on the brink of being considered morbidly obese and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling severely winded.

Diets? Been there, tried them all and NOT ONE ever worked or helped me create better habits or a relationship food.

Everything at that point felt hard. I was defeated.

Then there was a moment; a realization this could NOT be the life I would continue living. Not for myself or my family. Things needed to change in a BIG way. And finally, they did.

After years of learning and studying all things nutrition because I felt let down by every diet / nutrition program I tried, I discovered an inherent passion and left my career of more than 20 years in pharmacy to become a nutrition coach.

Why? Was I crazy? Isn’t that super risky?

Yes, it absolutely was but……

This eating healthy / nutrition stuff is HARD! And, it will always be hard because we live in a society that emphasizes diets, quick fixes and unhealthy habits. As consumers, we are subjected to foods that claim to be healthy but in reality, are not.

As a mom, wife, coach and human, we all deserve better. And that is why I am here and the reason I completely jumped shift and left pharmacy to became a coach. I’ve walked the walk and struggled so hard that I can honestly tell you, I know exactly how you feel, and what you need to succeed!

And it’s NOT another diet.

It’s about creating healthier habits. My life completely changed when I started evaluating and modifying my lifestyle habits little by little, day by day.

How can you do that, too?!

I created a nutrition coaching program so you can finally learn how to create lasting habits and sustain transformational changes in your relationship with food. A program that eliminates the guesswork, so you know exactly what to do to get results, improve your health and feel your absolute best!

Because this isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle program you can do forever!

A program that holds you accountable every single day because otherwise, life gets in the way and steers you off track. A program that delivers actual results because it is PERSONAL! This is me and you working as a team so nothing stands in your way!

This is NOT a one size fits all approach. Your nutrition plan is ALL ABOUT YOU! Your goals, the stuff holding you back, your lifestyle, and the results you want to achieve.

If you’re new to nutrition coaching, here’s a summary of how it works:

  • First, we get to know each other. You’re going to unpack your history, share your own struggles and define what’s most important to you: what you want to achieve by working together.

  • Next up – a personalized strategy based on your starting point and where you want to get to. Your strategy is realistic and easy to follow, even during the busiest, craziest moments in life, otherwise, you won’t succeed. This isn’t labor or time intensive – no one’s got time for that!

  • Finally, you are going to be held accountable Together, we take your good intentions – whatever they may be – and put those into action. This is a level of follow through and accountability you’ve never experienced but exactly what you need to succeed.

Nutrition coaching puts you back in control, saves you time and I personally guarantee, will deliver LIFE CHANGING results!

So, if you struggle with nutrition in any way, nutrition coaching may be exactly what you need and today’s blog is for determining if the program is for you. Today’s blog is teaching you:

  • What to expect with nutrition coaching

  • 4 Reasons Nutrition Coaching = RESULTS!


Nutrition coaching is for anyone who needs help with this nutrition stuff:

  1. You eat good Monday-Friday but fall off on weekends.

  2. You aren’t seeing the changes/results you think you should be despite exercising.

  3. You are frustrated with the ups and downs of dieting.

  4. You are a stress/emotional eater or mindless snacker and want a better relationship with food.

  5. You know what to do but aren’t doing it or, doing it consistently.

  6. You have no idea what to eat for your body and goals.

Now, some of you may be reading this thinking “Coach Amie, I already eat healthy – I don’t need any coaching”.

As a coach, the two most common misconceptions I encounter is first, how most of us define “healthy” and second, how much we think we are eating compared to how much we actually are.

If you feel that you are consistently making healthy choices but are not seeing any changes, this is likely why.

Research shows Americans underestimate how much they eat by upwards of 18%! This means you are likely eating more than your body needs and more than you realize.

Let me be clear what nutrition coaching is NOT:

Nutrition coaching is NOT a specific meal plan detailing exactly what to eat and when to eat it. Meal plans are reserved and administrated by medical professionals like registered dieticians. Nutrition coaching is very much a life-long tool so you always have control and make informed decisions. So you can create well balanced meals with foods you actually enjoy.

Nutrition coaching is not a “less is more” mentality where you feel hangry or deprived. Food is fuel and this is about eating and properly fueling your body!

Finally, nutrition coaching is not a cookie cutter program assuming what you need is the same as everyone else. This coaching program recognizes your needs are unique and different. It takes into consideration you are a busy parent or professional juggling multiple things with limited time. This program simplifies and creates real solutions and holds you accountable.


When it comes to nutrition coaching the benefits are endless! Here are the top 4 reasons nutrition coaching = RESULTS and why NOW is the time to STOP chasing diets and START making real, sustainable changes to your lifestyle!


Working with a nutrition coach eliminates all the guesswork when it comes to understanding how to properly fuel your body: what to eat and how much. This is done by creating a personalized nutrition plan based on your body composition (fat, muscle and weight mass), your goals, your needs, and your food preferences.

Each individual is unique and has their own needs so unless you work with a coach who knows exactly how to figure this out for you, you are likely not getting what you need.

Sure, you can download a million different apps to get your “suggested calorie range” or try any number of low-calorie diets but in most cases, these calculations will not be accurate specifically for your body.


So you know WHAT to be doing (eating healthy) but aren’t doing it or, not consistently. Again, we all know we should practice healthy habits, exercise regularly and eat healthy but doing it and sticking with it is the underlying challenge.

Accountability is perhaps the most important benefit of working with a nutrition coach!

Studies reveal people are much more likely to see progress and maintain lifestyle changes when they have support. As we all know, going at it alone is tough so your coach is there to guide you every step of the way. Think of it as having a second set of eyes on your lifestyle; perhaps there is something you are missing and a coach would be able to pick up on that and lead you in the right direction.

When working with me or another RF coach, you have unlimited access to us for anything you need PLUS daily accountability. You name it, we will find a way to communicate your needs! And remember, your coach is there for you to utilize. The effort you forth in communicating with your coach, will be exactly what you get out of it. The more feedback and info you provide, the better a coach will be able to assist you. You know your body best and it is important that you be your own advocate and relay info back in order to receive guidance.


A nutrition coach provides clarity when it comes to making improvements in your nutrition and lifestyle. A large part of the population freely admits they are not quite certain what to eat in order to make improvements to their health. And how could they?

Think about how many different “diets” you are exposed any given day. Flip through any magazine geared towards women, and you will find 20 different theories promising “miracle” weight loss. No wonder why we as a society are so confused and willing to jump from one fad diet to the next.

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

What if I told you the ultimate “diet” is one you could properly fuel your body, avoid restriction and stick with consistently for the long term?

Sound too good to be true? I promise you it is not.

 “Diets” do not work for a number of reasons, but mostly due to restriction. Restricting yourself is not sustainable and teaches you to label foods as “good” and “bad”. This only perpetuates an unhealthy mindset and an unhealthy relationship with food.

What is sustainable?

Eating real, nutrient-dense foods in appropriate portions for your specific body composition and goals. Sounds much more appealing than swearing off whole food groups and denying yourself of the foods you love, right? Working with a nutrition coach helps you ditch the diet mindset so you can make sustainable lifestyle changes.


Understanding how to effectively track and monitor your progress based on your goals is super important. Otherwise, you cannot determine if what you are / aren’t doing is working and leading you to your goals. Plus, as your body changes and you make progress, your needs will change as well.

There are various ways to track progress but majority of us rely solely on the scale, using our weight as the only indicator to measure progress or, lack of.

However, weight is a very very small piece of the puzzle and if you only rely on the scale, you are missing other important indicators to truly understand and assess your progress and results.

What are the best, most effective tools for tracking, assessing and evaluating your prgroess? This depends on your goals but commonly include:

  • Body fat

  • Muscle mass

  • Progress photos

  • Measurements (hips, waist, chest)

  • How clothes fit/ feel

  • Increased energy levels

  • Increased strength

  • Improved sleep

  • Health markers (cholesterol, blood pressure)

Here’s the challenge with the scale: Your scale weight may not budge one bit BUT your body can still be changing and transforming. You can still be making incredible progress as well beyond just the physical traits. Improved sleep, increased energy and strength and improvement in health markers are all benefits of lifestyle changes and can /should be monitored as well

Feeling like nutrition coaching could maybe be exactly what you need to understand what to do, be held accountable, make changes and get results?

Hope so, because I know how you may be feeling or struggling but also know YOU can create better habits once you learn what and how to do just that!

Registration for my 1:1 personalized Nutrition and Accountability Coaching Program is open. If you struggle with food/eating healthy/nutrition habits/dieting/not seeing results in any way, this could be the perfect fit for YOU!

Change takes time: time = consistency = RESULTS! This is NOT a quick fix or diet.

Ready to get started? Click the button below to learn more now!


Stay Fueled


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