Christine’s Story of Rise Up Glory!


I feel stronger, healthier and like I can do what I set my mind to!
— RF Warrior Christine

Ugh! That’s all I can say about how I felt before starting my 30 Day Kick-start at Results Fitness back in December, 2018.

Having just completed a very difficult 18 month certification program in massage therapy, my workouts had dropped off from 5x/week to an occasional walk on the weekends when I wasn’t busy studying. I had gained over 25 lbs. during the program due to inactivity and poor habits.

I found Results Fitness after winning a free 30 Day Kick-start at a fundraiser for my kids’ school. Admittedly, I did NOT want the prize mainly because I was so out of shape and had gained so much weight.  It took me 6 weeks to build up my courage and make that first contact with Results.

I met Coach Matt  at my Strategy Session and candidly shared I’m not the type to work harder when someone’s pushing or belittling me like the Biggest Loser.  Coach Matt just smiled and asked if he looked like that kind of person. While he certainly didn’t strike me as that type, I didn’t know what they would REALLY be like when I got into classes.

Here I am now, approaching my one-year anniversary at Results Fitness  because it has been amazing! The coaches are so encouraging and the other members equally encouraging and welcoming.

Even though I’ve encountered some physical limitations, like problems with my Achilles tendon acting up, the coaches always work around what I can’t do and instead, focus and encourage me to do what I can.  I’ve learned there’s always something you can do, despite an injury.  All of this combined is what keeps me going and continuing to show up! 

I decided to do Rise Up In 6 Weeks for myself. I wanted to regain the strength I lost and not let my physical limitations continue to keep me away from the gym.
— RF Warrior Christine

I jumped into it and during the 6 weeks, consistently made it to the gym 5 days a week! I instantly began to sleep better (i.e. exhausted!) and my body began to feel stronger. I lost fat and gained strength in just 6 weeks and the real shocker was when I came in third place for most improved progress photos!

To anyone who is on the fence and feels like a gym isn’t for them like I did, come in and try Results Fitness. Meet the coaches and see the professional way they have fun and encourage all members despite wherever it is that you’re starting from.


I feel stronger, healthier and like I can do what I set my mind to!




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