In 6 weeks I took on a challenge with a group of 65+ Results Fitness members, ate what I was supposed to eat, followed the damn sheets and it paid off to me being in the best shape of my life at 48 !!

I started at Results Fitness in July 2020 as life slowing started returning to a new normal after quarantine. At that time, my biggest fear was how hard Coach Josh / Results Fitness would work me. Though I had been training pretty hard at another gym before the pandemic, I was coming off of a major gym hiatus because of COVID. At that point, it had been months of me not doing anything. In fact, I can’t ever remember taking that much time off.

When registration opened for Rise Up, I was about six months into my workouts and routine with the Results Fitness crew. Rise Up presented not only a challenge, but opportunity for me to take what I was doing to the next level. I was consistently showing up 4-6x/week to workout, but knew the nutrition piece was something I needed to work on. By focusing more on nutrition and making some changes to my eating habits, I knew I could get even better results.


After signing up for Rise Up, my biggest fear was not being able to prep and prepare the healthy meals / foods recommended by the program. It’s not that this is a “diet” where you are limited and certain foods are “off limits”. For me, prepping and cooking was completely new.  I’m not a very good cook so being able to prepare meals for 3 meals per day, 7 days per week that not only hit all the necessary guidelines, but also tasted decent scared me a bit.  Amen to the AirFryer! 

When it comes to my health, I’m never afraid of a good challenge because nothing is more important.  I knew I had the strength and determination to do whatever my Results Fitness coaches asked of me in the workouts.  As for Rise Up? Having done something similar with nutrition in the past I was willing to trying it. I prepared myself mentally for anything, knowing how much my health could improve in doing so.

Personally, what helped me most with Rise Up was the weekly Support Groups and time spent with others in the program. During these Zoom calls you could ask the coaches questions and brainstorm with everyone else. Just by listening to the ideas shared, I became a better shopper (what to buy, where to get it and where to score the best deals) and learned helpful tips for meal prepping and cooking.

Being part of the community and having that support helped me create better habits and new routines. Every week I would meal prep on Saturdays and Sundays by cutting up all my veggies I needed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What I found worked best for me was keeping my meals basically the same for 6 weeks. This is NOT a requirement or something you have to do but being new to meal prep and cooking, I wanted to keep it simple. After a week or two of doing meal prep, it actually became fun for me.  I’d go to the store, come home, put some tunes on, and chop away!! 


Now that I am a Results Fitness Warrior, I can honestly say I love all the people in this community! It’s been great meeting everyone and they have all been wonderful to me. Being part of the community and having a support group to turn too is great. I also feel a lot better both physically and mentally.

Before Results Fitness, my biggest fitness struggle has always been my legs. I’ve been a skinny guy my whole life and my legs have always been the weakest part of my body. Since starting Results Fitness, I can totally see some more muscle forming in the front of my thighs (it’s cool to see this progress). My core is also stronger, making my posture better; all thanks to the attention and coaching to proper form from RF’s kick ass coaches!

If you are serious about getting results, give Results Fitness a shot. I guarantee you will love it and it will work for you! My progress photos are proof hard work and dedication to a proper diet definitely pays off….and that was only 6 weeks.

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