Chris’ Story of Rise Up Glory!

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Do I feel better about who I am?
Heck yes!
Because I’m becoming the best version of myself that I can be at age 61.
— RF Warrior Chris

I am 61 years old and had pretty much resigned to the usual weigh gain accompanying menopause and aging. Though I knew I’d always try to stay active through hiking and biking, I was pretty sure muscle definition and fat loss were not in my future.

Enter Results Fitness’ Personalized Nutrition Coaching and Rise Up In 6 Weeks.

Doing Personalized Nutrition Coaching with Coach Matty B. set me up to succeed at Rise Up.

I spent the last few years feeling sorry for myself (mom’s illness, divorce, weight gain, work, stress, blah blah blah). Through Personalized Nutrition Coaching, I was able to see that throughout my life, I turned to food as a means of comfort.


Feeling sorry for myself? I’ll fix that with a piece of cake.

Feeling fat and bloated? I’ll eat the calories today and start with a new healthy eating plan ‘tomorrow’.

Weight gain? I’ll add a day to the gym this week.


Truth is, the only way to successful weight and fat loss is through a healthy diet and balanced exercise (cardio AND weights). Nutrition coaching led the way to a successful Rise Up endeavor.  I was ready, I was primed and I was enjoying eating healthy food. During Rise Up In 6 Weeks, I came to Results Fitness 5 times a week (sometimes 6) and that made a huge difference. I also stayed true to the active recovery suggestions. After working out, whenever I could squeeze in an extra half hour, I got on the treadmill at Results Fitness and walked. If I couldn’t do it there, I found a way to walk near home or at the YMCA. When possible, I also enjoyed some spinning, swimming and yoga.

I began to feel results before I could see them.
My clothes fit better. I felt better.
Feeling better was also a result of committing to a solid night’s sleep every night …not just occasionally.


Here’s the best part – I got several compliments from people at work. My face was looking leaner, I looked slimmer. Will I ever be a size 4? Yeah right, not in this life.

Do I feel better about who I am? Heck yes.


Because I’m becoming the best version of myself that I can be at age 61.

The best part about Results Fitness and Rise Up is I have never felt intimidated there. No one is judging (at least they don’t appear to be), and I’ve received encouragement at every turn. Am I perfect? No, never will be. Do I enjoy that forbidden treat sometimes? Very much so.

Overall however, I can say that these two programs have been life altering

I highly recommend Rise Up In 6 Weeks to anyone who wants to see what 6 weeks of focusing on your health can bring. It’s work but you’re not going it alone. The focus groups gave me the opportunity to meet fellow Rise Up’pers. The Rise Up Cookbook helped me eat new foods and experience the calm that follows meal prep. Anyone who participates is doing themselves and their loved ones a huge favor. It’s so much easier to deal with life and truly enjoy it when you have energy to do so.

The hard work, sacrifice but also support, community and new friendships were worth it!  I won Best Progress Photos and the grand prize: a full refund on Rise Up!




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