Catie’s Story of Rise Up Glory

In 6 weeks, I built lasting habits that helped me regain my confidence, build self-control, and feel equipped, educated, and excited for what was still to come! I lost the self-doubt and shame of feeling like I was failing myself.

Before Rise Up, I had tried countless diet programs promising lasting results but never delivering. Although I’d find some success, it was always too hard to maintain because they were unsustainable eating programs you couldn’t do long term. Plus, the lack of accountability made it hard to stay consistent.

For me, these types of programs always lead to the mindset of looking at food as either “bad” or “good”. And, anytime I would eat “bad” food, feelings of shame, failure and self-hate would wash over causing me to lose hope in myself, fall off completely and reinforce my insecurities.

After learning about Rise up, my biggest fear was signing up and then failing. I was in a rut with my energy levels, eating patterns, and lack of exercise and already feeling like a failure at my health goals. Having yo-yo dieted most of my childhood and adult life, I was scared Rise Up would be no different.

Would this be another program where I couldn’t stay on track or, another program where I’d have to restrict myself to the point of being miserable and falling off?!

It has happened so many times where I start a program, find success but cannot sustain that success and end up back where I started. All these fears made me question Rise Up. I did not want this to be just another failed attempt that left me further in my rut.

Despite my fears, I decided to sign up after learning Rise Up was a hands-on, coaching-based program. Not only do the coaches help us hit our goals but more importantly, develop healthier habits that are sustainable for a lifetime. Another big reason I decided to try Rise Up was the level of community support and personal accountability being offered. I knew that if/when I needed support, the coaches and other Rise Up participants would be there to lift me up as well as encourage me to make better choices. This level of support felt exciting and something never offered or available in other programs. For me, I felt confident Rise Up would provide the support I personally needed and wasn’t just another one-time, quick fix type program.


Rise Up helped me develop healthy habits not only in the areas of eating, but also with sleep, active recovery, community, accountability, setting action steps and realistic goals, and being educated on what my body needs to properly function.

Because of Rise Up, I developed a healthier relationship with food, overcame the negative thought pattern around food and developed healthier habits both mentally and physically.

Rise Up is designed to develop healthier habits in all aspects of life, not just eating and working out. For someone that struggles with emotional eating, this piece is huge knowing my unhealthy relationship with food is as much mental as it is physical. Working to identify the unhealthy thought patterns surrounding my body image and food while having a safe space in a community of like-minded people is what I ultimately needed to break free from my rut and finally find lasting success.


My life is different because I have changed the way I think about food. Before Rise Up, I ate whatever was fastest and easiest. I did not like to cook so it was easier to eat out most meals or grab and go options. At night, I found myself snacking a lot without being mindful / tracking how much I was consuming.

Since completing Rise Up, I have found whole foods that taste great and give my body the nutrients it needs! Instead of waking up groggy and grabbing the fastest food I can, I wake up feeling rested, purposefully choose my meals and have healthy options prepped and ready to go.

Without question, Rise Up has given me back my confidence in my own ability and the hope I need that real, lasting change is possible!

With Rise Up, I also learned the importance and benefits of meal prepping. I learned how to make time for my nutrition and how to choose recipes that are easy yet full of nutritious foods to fuel my body. By simply carving out a few hours on a Sunday to meal prep, my week was made so much better because healthy options were readily accessible. Instead of ordering out, I prepared majority of my meals and together, all these new, healthy habits helped me finally understand what foods made my body feel its best and which foods made it feel worse.

In 6 weeks, I built lasting habits helping me to regain my confidence, build self-control, and feel equipped, educated, and excited for what was still to come! I lost weight and inches off my waist but more importantly, I lost the self-doubt and shame of feeling like I was failing myself.

Rise Up is not another fad diet or quick fix but a plan designed to help you develop habits you can sustain for life. If you are nervous to try it, know I was too BUT, know YOU are more than capable of reaching your goals and will not be alone! Rise Up gives an incredible network of support and community always there to do everything possible to help you succeed in this journey.

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