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Before Rise Up and Results Fitness, I’d been going to the gym regularly for a few years but had never participated in an instruction-based exercise class. My gym routine was compiled mostly from YouTube, Google, and Reddit searches. My biggest fear was being able to keep up with new and foreign exercise moves in a group setting. I had a basic understanding of lifts, stretches, and movements but I had no idea if I was even doing them optimally.

As far as conquering my fears, I wanted to “Rise Up” because I wanted to be the healthiest person I could be. I knew that group-based (and HIIT ) workouts would be radically different than my normal routine, but I wanted to challenge myself.

After a week or so of classes, my fears had dissipated. The Results Fitness coaches are super awesome at demonstrating and explaining movements. When I do need some correcting, they offer digestible advice that is easily executable, which ultimately makes me feel empowered to succeed moving forward.

As the prevalent yet inexorably true adage goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” The DIY, scattershot approach to my health and fitness certainly helped me improve in the past but I didn’t exactly know what I was missing or not missing. I often had passing thoughts, such as if was doing lifts correctly, if I was overtraining or undertraining certain body parts, and if I was pushing myself hard enough.

In other words, was I putting myself in a position to be the healthiest person I could be in the long run?

I decided to “Rise Up” because the program presented me with a way to work on my physical health as well as other aspects of my overall well-being, such as diet and attitude.

Having now completed the program, I can say even though it’s only 6 weeks, what is learned in this brief period can last a lifetime.


Before Rise Up, I noticed my workout results had plateaued. I was going to the gym quite often, but it felt as if I wasn’t reaping any benefits.

Since completing Rise Up, I can see there were many, many reasons. I was going through the motions during workouts, and I wasn’t pushing myself. I didn’t really stretch before or after workouts (as silly as it sounds, I didn’t know how!)  Plus, I had never really thought about what I was putting into my body. Controlling portion size was certainly not a concept that I was cozy with.

Ultimately, I was wayward with my routine, and I needed some constructive, targeted guidance to lead me in the right direction and unlock the potential I knew was lurking (deep) inside. 

My biggest struggle with nutrition has always been portion size. Whether it was protein, fats, carbs, or veggies, I didn’t care about how much I was eating. I ate according to the whims of my ravenous appetite. Consequently, my hard work in the gym was mostly negated by a deluge of calories. I convinced myself that nutrition was just a minor thing to worry about and my fast metabolism would take care of the rest. Enjoying food is important to me and a source of happiness and appeasement; I worried that less food would equate to less joy. 

Rise up taught me how to eat right. Before, things were all mixed up!

I wasn’t getting enough of some types of food (where art thou, veggies and protein?), and I was getting too much of others (I’m a big fan of cheese and potatoes). I needed to add balance to my life and luckily Rise Up did just that. Essentially, I was able to reduce the “bad” stuff and increase the “good” stuff in a way that didn’t steal the joys of food. I know what a proper serving looks like for all types of food.

Overall, since completing Rise up, I’ve made several changes to my “normal” routine. I subconsciously think about creating a well-balanced, yet still tasty dish that puts me in a position to succeed in and out of the gym. I try to eat more whole foods, protein, and veggies with each meal. I’m far more conscious of portion sizes and while I still allow myself treats and goodies, they are no longer staples of my diet. I drink a lot more water and make sure to drink at least 8 hours of sleep every day. To aid active recovery, I also try to get at least 10k steps a day. During exercise classes, I also try to make the most of my time and give 100% effort.

Simply put, I now lead a more balanced life. 


In 6 weeks, I retooled the composition of my body and recalibrated my understanding of what it means to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. After all, I lost 11 lbs, 14 lbs of fat and went from 23% BF to 16.5% BF!

But my success goes beyond metrics and numbers. I’ve acquired habits that are set to last a lifetime. I now know what proper portion size means, why sleep is so important, the ample benefits of stretching and adequate hydration, and that accountability is an asset that can be shared with others. I now have the confidence to rise up and be the strongest version of myself.

Rise Up added structure to my life, bestowed me with life-long knowledge, and gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my fitness goals. The built-in structure inside and outside the gym may have seemed slightly constrictive and rigid at first, but it did wonders for my mental and physical health. I noticed a stark difference in my energy levels inside and outside the gym. The structure and smaller action steps of Rise Up made my elusive health dream a realistic and infinitely doable possibility. The totality of advice and guidance gained from this program will aid me now and in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, I am confident that I can succeed with my health goals moving forward. Rise up (and Results Fitness) served as a lifestyle roadmap I could confidently follow to achieve better health in my body and mind.   

While I haven’t participated in any other coaching-based exercise or nutrition programs in the past, I have belonged to other gyms. The prevailing ethos of those places always seems centered around individuality and asymmetric goals. Results Fitness, however, exudes a different kind of spirit. I feel much more empowered and far less intimidated than I ever did at my prior gym stops on my fitness journey.

Perhaps some of that can be attributed to a group-based setting, but I think another factor is the overwhelming sense of community. During Rise Up, I found solace in knowing other people were going through the same workouts, eating the same meals, and facing the same struggles as I was. 

Have you ever envisioned a meaningful goal and then encounter subsequent trouble making that dream become reality? For me, the vision that continuously eluded me was living a healthy, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.

Before Rise Up, I went to the gym quite regularly but was I optimizing my workouts and exhibiting proper form? I knew the importance of hydration and sleep, but was I getting enough of either? I was eating my fair share of food, but did I understand the impact of food choices? I may have had healthy days, weeks, and even months but old habits die hard.

If you are like me, then the Rise Up program (and Results Fitness) is a way to transform your fitness intentions into tangible manifestations. Everyone wields the latent tools to be the best versions of themselves, though not everyone knows how to use those tools. The structure, guidance, and support of this program teach you the knowledge to create and sustain healthy habits. 

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