Bob’s Story of Rise Up Glory


A few months before the Rise Up program started, I found Results Fitness because I wanted to make my health a priority. I was about to be 60, two of my sons were getting married, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be. Although I am used to being active and always one to exercise, I wasn’t being consistent. By the time Rise Up was announced, I was back in a regular exercise routine.

However, despite the exercise piece being on track, I wasn’t quite there with my nutrition, and this was certainly getting in the way of the results I wanted.

My biggest struggle was a general lack of knowledge when it came to the basics around healthy eating habits. I was relying on the marketing and packaging of products, believing I was eating healthier, when that wasn’t the case.

My biggest fear before signing up for Rise Up was not being able to follow through with adjusting my current eating habits to fit into the program.  At that point, I was the only one standing in the way of my success on where I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel.  I would get inside my head way too much!

I got to the point of being tired of not having success even though I believed I was eating healthy food options so…I decided to try the program.


Before Rise Up, I wasn’t where I wanted to be because you don’t know what you don’t know. All that changed with Rise Up! I have gained so much more confidence in myself in knowing I have the knowledge and tools to continue to be successful. Rise Up provided the support I needed both in and outside the studio to guide me in the direction of better food choices and portion control.

For me personally, one of the things I liked best about the Rise Up program was not being required to buy any supplements or completely eliminate certain foods. The Rise Up nutrition plan is plain and simple – eat real foods! It is definitely something you can realistically continue doing long after the program ends. The eating habits I learned I still follow and because of it, I continue seeing more results, have tons of energy, productive workouts, and feel my best!  The program is completely laid out for you and it is more than doable.

As expected, yhe better you adhere to the program, the better yourresults!

The best part of Rise Up was the support from every member of the Results Fitness team!  Great, real advice, along with the compassion and understanding on meeting every participant where they were at in their journey.


In 6 weeks, I became a better version of the person I am striving to become!  When you feel good about yourself, everything else seems to fall into place.

If you are someone struggling by getting the same results (or lack of) from doing the same thing, I think you are making success harder than it truly is.  Simplicity is the easiest way to achieve your goals with Rise Up! Even better, you have a tremendous staff that will be with you every step of the way, offering great advice, support, and availability!



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