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How do you get the VERY BEST RESULTS without compromising your safety, without getting hurt and without feeling like you have no idea what to do and how to do it?

If you’re trying to just get started and start exercising, this can feel daunting. Just Google search anything health and fitness related and behold catchy headlines that build super unrealistic expectations.

Headlines using super fancy words and bold claims making you believe change is instantaneous and doesn’t require much time:

…“15-minute abs

….“the best detox to flatten your belly

….“quickest way to drop body fat

Sure, these headlines sound exciting but are actually just baiting you and leading you on. It’s like going on a first date with someone who looks really good on paper and then yells at the hostess.

You can do so much better – that’s exactly what your friends would tell you isn’t it?!

Then there’s the whole idea of trying to find a gym during a pandemic. A space that is clean and has what you need. But we all know how this goes ‘cause well, gyms can feel super impersonal (yuck) and intimidating (boo). Who wants to deal with that?!

If this all sounds frustrating and something you don’t even want to think about or do, we get it and know we can help you!


Have you ever worked with a coach?

A human you trust, a human who understands you and a human who can empathize if you are new to exercise and feeling a little nervous.

A coach works with you to understand your starting point, your fitness level and exactly what your body needs to get actual results so you feel your best. When you hit a mental road block, when you’re having a shit day or when you just need that extra boost of confidence and encouragement to finish, your coach is there for you.

When you sign up and join a gym – you are paying for access to space and equipment. You are not signing up for access to real humans who genuinely care about you and want you to succeed.

You are signing up without having a personalized strategy and without having someone to hold you accountable and make sure you show up and stay committed to your goals.

For some of us, this may work. But for most, doing this alone has never worked. The motivation isn’t there and nowadays, life is just weird and stressful enough without having to think about exercises to do and how to do them.

How many of you reading this have signed up at a local gym and not once stepped foot inside?

The RF coaches continue to transform the health and fitness industry through a unique approach recognizing that health and fitness is NOT one size fits all.

It’s about the details and personalization – scaling your workouts + experience to YOU!

It’s not about coming in doing some stuff mindlessly, sweating and then leaving wondering what you just accomplished.

It’s about connection, community and having the meaningful opportunity to work with talented coaches who are certified, FUN and passionate about getting to know you. Coaches who work with you every step of the way so you aren’t trying to figure this out on your own.

Coaches who guide and support you, keep you safe and who hold you accountable because we all need someone to make sure we show up and do the thing to make changes and see actual results.


If you’re serious about getting what you NEED to transform your body, have more energy, get stronger and feel your best, welcome to Semi-Private Training at Results Fitness!

Semi-Private Training is a fancy phrase for small group personal training. This is where you work 1:1 with your Coach in a small group (no more than 6 workout Warriors) and enjoy exercise programs scaled to YOU! Your body, your goals and your fitness level.

Exercise in your very own Battle Zone! This is your own mini gym providing 20 feet of personal space plus your own equipment so you are not sharing anything! This means you can exercise safely without having to worry about what’s clean and who’s used what.

This means your time 100% spent focused on what you came to do: exercise and feel good!

Your coach is working with you every step of the way so you do your exercises right without getting hurt. So you are appropriately challenged and so you get the most out of your time with us.

It’s all about getting results safely !

Do you think you belong here cause we KNOW you do!

Click the button now and schedule your FREE Strategy Session. There is zero obligation after this session. More importantly, this is the meaningful opportunity for you to meet us and decide if this is a safe, fun and perfect fit! During this 45-minute meet and greet, you will tour the Results Fitness playground, meet your coaches, get to know us and answer some questions so we can get to know you and understand your goals. Click the button now and Jenna from the Results Fitness team will get you scheduled!



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I am so grateful to Results Fitness. They have created a space where I feel safe working out.

My favorite thing about Semi-Private Training is having no peer pressure, no self-consciousness because we’re all working on our own goals.

There is plenty of space in the gym so I’m not worried about social distancing.”

RF Warrior Rebecca


“Our RF coaches have got this figured out – sanitizing, distancing and fitnessing – all at the same time!

We all know Coach Josh is an obsessive nut (yes, that’s a good thing), so no surprise that he used his super powers to rethink and redesign RF so it is super clean, hyper organized and crazy fun.”

RF Warrior J.C.


“My favorite thing about Semi-Private Training is getting individual attention and the coaches altering the workout to meet my needs.

Since I started doing Semi’s I have gotten stronger and have stayed healthy! And even if I’m not “feeling it” the coaches make sure I get a good workout.”

RF Warrior Shelley


If you’re thinking of doing Semi’s, my advice would be consider it an investment in yourself.

You feel better, mentally, physically and emotionally. You can’t put a price tag on that.“

RF Warrior Kelly


Don’t forget to click the button now and schedule your FREE 45-minute Strategy Session. There is zero obligation after this session. Come meet us and decide if we’re a safe, fun and perfect fit! During this 45-minute meet and greet, you will tour the Results Fitness playground, meet your coaches, get to know us and answer some questions so we can get to know you and explain exactly how we’re going to help you achieve your goals! Click the button now and Jenna from the RF team will take care of the rest!


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