In the midst of a chaotic 2020, it’s time to prepare for and embrace a time for magic.

Magic is fun, right?!

It’s one of those things you have to believe in to really enjoy because what appears to be “just an illusion” is really the work of a mastermind who created something SO unique it forced us to shift our focus by unveiling a different and new reality. A reality we didn’t consider before ’cause we thought it impossible.

[Awesome Coach Josh – are you trying to tell us you’re studying to become a magician?!?]

What I’m trying to say here is exercise and living a life that matches what you define as healthy means we sometimes pigeon hole ourselves into what we THINK it should be.

Why does that happen? Great question! There are three reasons why this happens, let me explain:

#1. GOALS! You don’t fully understand how to reach your goals

…what workouts are most effective for results?

…what foods should you eat and how much?

It’s hard to get straight answers for this stuff because Googling “the fastest way to lose weight” or “the best exercises for toning my arms” will produce so much information your head will spin. And, it’s easy to be taken down a rabbit hole of information that may or may not be 100% true, helpful or effective.

Being misinformed can stray you very far away from your goals. Most of the information out there does not consider that everyone and their bodies are unique and exercise and nutrition stuff isn’t one size fits all.

Comparatively, if you can learn and understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what’s going to happen when you do it, you will be successful!

That’s where a coach is most helpful. Working with a coach to understand the process behind losing weight, having more energy, fitting into your fave pair of jeans, picking up your kids without being in pain – gives you a clearly defined path of how to move forward so can successfully hit your goals.

#2. FREEWILL! Expectations vs Reality vs Choice

Outcomes = choices! Your expectations need to match your choices – there’s literally NO way around this.

I repeat, if you have a goal, the choices you make every single day should be reflective of said goal.

So, if you are consistently doing all the “things ” to hit your goals, then you can be 100% confident you will be successful!

Comparatively, if you are making choices that, by ALL means are still OK but don’t align with your desired outcome, I’m going to burst your bubble with this tough love reminder that you shouldn’t expect to hit your goal(s).

Again, this is all very much OK as long as you are honest with yourself and take accountability for the actions and choices you make. There’s no shame here either way. Just want to be clear that losing weight, getting stronger, feeling confident – whatever you’re setting out to accomplish – is a matter of PERSPECTIVE and having the understanding of the many choices you make each day.

We create a reality that perhaps isn’t realistic, doesn’t line up with our goals and in the end, maybe leads to disappointment or frustration. We seek immediate gratification and quickly become impatient when we don’t see the results we THINK we should. You read somewhere you can get 5 minute abs, you forget how long change takes, you neglect consistently….

#3. TIME! Change is a process

TIME is a huge barrier for folks. As a coach, I constantly see how time proves to be a limiting factor between getting results and not. We create a reality that perhaps isn’t realistic, doesn’t line up with our goals and in the end, maybe leads to disappointment or frustration.

We seek immediate gratification and quickly become impatient when we don’t see the results we THINK we should because we read somewhere about 5 minute abs, forget how long change takes and neglect consistently.

This has everything to do with manifesting a false sense of reality and expectations:

When we don’t see our scale weight change fast enough, we throw in the towel and look for quick fixes to quickly shed weight (this will come back on super quickly).

When we exercise daily and eat “healthy” Monday-Friday, we justify eating whatever the hell we want come the weekend. This will likely overhaul all of your Monday-Friday effort and then some. You shouldn’t be “shocked” when nothing changes.

 When we exercise and eat real foods consistently for 1-2 weeks and see NO changes in how we look or how our clothes fit, we swear off working out. Two weeks is barely the tip of the iceberg – you’re looking at a solid 3 months as a starting point for change. That is OK, normal and a good thing because what you do in those three months will be sustainable.

TIME! It’s been throwing us all off for decades because we are hungry for immediate gratification. With nutrition and exercise, this just isn’t possible.

Remember, losing weight, losing inches off your waist, seeing muscle definition in your arms all takes time. It’s a process and daily grind fully dependent on your choices and behaviors.

Reshape your mindset, reframe your expectations and modify your behaviors accordingly (I can help you!).


As you know, health and fitness is not magic in the sense of we cannot pull the proverbial rabbit outta’ the hat and all our dreams come true!

Health and fitness is however, very much magical from taking advantage of how YOU SEE THINGS!

The magician that pulls the rabbit outta’ the hat didn’t wake up one morning and just do it.

The magician endured a process of self discovery, learning, mistakes, and growth as they crafted and honed their skill and successfully did the thing.

Most importantly, the magician shifted their focus. Instead of saying,

I cannot pull a rabbit outta a hat, that’s impossible” …the magician shouted:

“I am going to learn HOW to pull the rabbit outta the hat.”

If you aren’t yet following this analogy well, I may have just totally wasted 2 minutes of your day (wahwah).

However, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down than let’s focus and kick some ass! My point here is yeah it’s been a pretty shitty, weird and unpredictable 2020 but let’s make some magic TODAY!

Let’s shift our mindset and set a goal for HOW we’re going to be successful by looking at the obstacle ahead and taking the thoughtful time to curate a strategy leading YOU to success.

Even better, you have myself, the RF team and THIS SUPER LOVABLE RF family of Warriors to help! This isn’t a readily accessible resource for most magicians so consider yourself lucky.

RECAP: Be a magician this month and be OK with figuring shit out as you go as long as you’re doing it with thoughtful intent.

And, let me personally help you! No seriously!

....Want to get started?

….Don’t want to get started but have questions?

…Think I should quit my day job and become a magician?

Email me with whatever it is you need help with or have questions about. Click the box below and slide into my inbox – at the very least I will show you a magic trick!


Let’s Make Magic

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