5 Reason You Need a Coach

When it comes to exercising, does THIS sound familiar?!

“I know what to do, I just need to do it.”

  • You have access to a home gym but are easily bored and constantly distracted.

  • You get motivated, have good intensions and then never follow through.


“I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried so many things and none of them work.”

  • You wander around the gym unsure how to use weights or what machine to try.

  • You feel intimidated at the gym so you hide on the treadmill for 30 minutes and call it a day.

Fact: 99% of us fall into one of these two categories when it comes to making change and building healthy habits like exercising.

If you don’t know how to exercise or more importantly, how to exercise the right way to get the results you want, you are only spinning your wheels and likely wasting time you don’t have to waste.

Or, if you are always waiting until tomorrow, next week, next month or after the holidays to start exercising, it’s highly unlikely you’ll never start because there is never a “perfect” time to start exercising; life / your health does NOT wait.

In my 15+ years of being a personal trainer, I know everyone needs some level of support, coaching and accountability with exercise in order to stay consistent, get results and succeed.

If you have tried other gyms or diets and have not seen results or lost and gained the same 10 pounds over and over, I feel your frustration.

People come to Results Fitness all the time feeling frustrated by how they feel and lack of results. And I understand. There is NO worse feeling than working towards something and not making any progress.

So, if you’re reading this and feeling frustrated by lack of results and / or slow progress but want to reach your goals and get real results, YOU can decide right now to take action with the number one, biggest guarantee of success:


Every day we work with people of all ages and fitness levels, people without any prior exercise experience. And, they succeed because when you show up at Results Fitness, your coaches and I take care of the rest. to keep you accountable and consistent. As trained professionals, we understand exactly what YOU personally need to get results and succeed.

At Results Fitness, you bet we take the time to understand your specific goals and needs because everyone is different: we move differently, have different health/injury history, skill/experience levels, etc. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from or what you have / have not done in the past. Working with a coach means you can always expect a personalized approach to your health, fitness and nutrition needs. Regardless of your age or level of experience, we *promise* having a coach will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be the difference in getting results vs. not getting results.

Working with people just like you every day, I continuously see the benefits – how our Results Fitness Warriors are moving better, feeling better, gaining more confidence, building strength and doing things they never imagined because they are working with our coaches and learning what do to the right way!

[It’s pretty awesome, I’m not going to lie.]

Knowing how much of an impact working with a coach can have on your life and health, today’s blog is teaching you the top 5 very important, tried and true reasons YOU NEED A COACH so you can FINALLY get RESULTS!


#1. You get RESULTS!

Custom exercise and workout programs yield better results! Coaches are passionate humans dedicating to changing lives! They are educated and certified to design effective exercise programs that align your goals and abilities so it’s personal and effective.

There’s legit science behind exercise and reasons why exercise programs (the good ones!) are designed certain ways. The good news? You don’t need to spin your wheels figuring it all out. A coach does all the thinking and bridges that gap for you.

And, it doesn’t involve 60 straight minutes of just bicep curls if you’re trying to tone your arms or 1,000 sit-ups for “ripped” abs. There’s so much more to it so take the guess work outta it and let as, your coaches, help you!

#2. You learn what to do/how to do it!

DO NOT fake it ‘til you make it! One thing a (good) coach takes very seriously is proper technique and form. If you are brand new to exercise, don’t know how to do exercise and thus, aren’t doing exercises /movements correctly, you will likely get hurt.

That means you will NOT reap all the glorious benefits of your time and hard work nor will you get results.

There is a right way and wrong way to exercise so if you’re reading this and have never exercised before, let a coach teach you the right way. If you feel you’re pretty confident in the gym and know your stuff but still end up in pain or discomfort at times, it’s time to work on your form. Exercise SHOULD NEVER CAUSE PAIN and if it does, it’s not the exercise to blame, it’s poor form and technique.

#3. You have injuries, back /knee pain, cranky joints, arthritis, knee/hip replacements:

Exercise can actually help you move better and live pain free! A coach is well-versed in working around and with a pre-existing injury or chronic health condition. From cranky knees and bum shoulders, to chronic low back pain, a coach will help you overcome all of this.

Through proper modifications, you will be able to exercise, strengthen those trouble spots and move with greater ease. Yes, exercising can help you find relief – do you want to be in pain OR, live pain free?!

#4. You are held accountable and stop making excuses!

You need more accountability! With a coach, you will be held accountable for each and every workout. Cheating yourself just simply isn’t an option! Most of us feel exercising alone is mentally taxing, and it can be a struggle to unleash internal motivation.

Coaches are always there to provide the encouragement you need to show up, have fun AND reach your goal(s). If you cancel or don’t show up, they’re looking for ya! Most of us just need that person to tell us what to do and make sure we’re doing it right.

Don’t let excuses be the reason why you aren’t living at your optimal health. if you are the type to always make and find an excuse to delay exercise to delay getting started, we still love ya but let us help!

Every human walking through our doors wants and needs accountability. Otherwise, they know they either won’t do it or will start and then fall off.

#5. You create a healthier lifestyle you ENJOY!

If you think exercise is the worst, most boring thing ever, you haven’t had the pleasure of a super fun coach! It’s a major turn off when you’re at a gym, no one talks to you, says hi, knows your name or helps you. It’s defeating never knowing what exercises to do and how to do them.

Trust us when we say exercising is WAY better with coaches who mix hard work with a huge dose of fun! PLUS being part of a loveable, supportive community like Results Fitness lifts you up, empowers you to be your best and guarantees you succeed!

When you’re surrounded by others who share the same values and similar goals, you form meaningful relationships and start showing up for one another. TONS of accountability right there!

Here’s the deal: When it comes to exercising, IF you like what you’re doing and have fun, you will stick with it and reach your goals!

As a coach, I hope this helps drive home the importance of WHY having a coach in your corner guarantees YOUR success with all this health, fitness and nutrition stuff.

While some gyms don’t practice the same philosophy and belief around personalized exercise and coaching, at Results Fitness, we know this is what’s best for YOU!

Keep Moving


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