Holiday Season Survival Course!

Can you even believe it’s almost November 1?

As we approach the chaotic holiday season, so much of what we’re already hearing as coaches is the fear of completely falling off the wagon and undoing months of hard work, progress and results.

It’s no secret the holiday season feels hard to balance – you don’t want to miss out on favorite holiday traditions, foods and drinks sooo you immediately resort to an all or nothing mindset:

‘Screw it – I’ll get back on track January 1!”

….but then the New Year arrives and you’re feeling remorseful, full of regret and extreme frustration for letting yourself go.

It’s a vicious cycle every holiday season.

The holiday mindset of “letting it all go” just because it’s ’tis the season can absolutely undo your progress, slow your results or, stop them all together. In fact, it’s not uncommon to regress to where you DO NOT want to be: back where you started.

You become so hyper focused on the holiday season, you forget the actual holidays are only a few days out of many. But, here’s the BIG picture:

There are 9 weeks left in 2022 and holiday meals, drinks and weekends make up a very small portion of the non-holiday meals, drinks and weekends you CAN CONTROL.

For the remainder of 2022, you have:

  • 189 non-holidays meals left

  • 9 non-holidays weekends left

  • 63 days to move your body

WOW, talk about perspective!

You have a LOT of time to practice healthy habits and stay in control outside of the holiday stuff so, no more making the excuse of “Oh, it’s the holidays, I’ll get back on track in January.”

NOW is the time to learn exactly how to use these non-holiday meals, weekends and days to your advantage while understanding how to have your holiday cake and eat it, too!

Introducing our brand new, exclusive online course:

How to Survive the Holidays:

Create Control & Balance This Holiday Season!

Join certified nutrition and wellness coach Amie for this exclusive, 60-minute course so you can continue making progress and getting results through the chaotic holiday season without restricting yourself or feeling like you’re missing out.

During this 60-minute course, you will learn and master the specific action steps and strategies necessary for controlling and balancing habits around the 5 most important lifestyle factors impacting your results:

  1. Nutrition + hydration

  2. Alcohol consumption

  3. Exercise + daily movement

  4. Sleep

  5. Stress

The primary focus will be on nutrition and alcohol; the two main culprits slowing down and /or stalling your progress and results November – January. During this course, you will:

• Learn how to practice mindful habits when enjoying holiday meals.

• Understand and begin putting into practice habits to control the days / times outside of holiday meals and weekends.

• Learn how to create balance and FINALLY DITCH the all-or-nothing mindset.

Instead of going through the vicious cycle of letting it all go until January 1, NOW is the time to FINALLY learn and master how to (literally) have your holiday cake and eat it, too!

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