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Meet our Warriors, people just like YOU!


Meet Lindsey & Joe: “Looking back to life before Results Fitness, everything has changed for the better! Doing this together has brought us closer and having the support makes it more fun. We keep each other accountable, cheer one another on and share healthy goals!


Meet Suzanne: “My life has really improved: I’ve lost 40 pounds, dropped 5.1% body fat, seven inches off my waist, and five inches off my hips! I’ve even lowered my blood pressure by ten points. I haven’t felt this good in years!”


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Meet Erin: “After having my second child in the height of the pandemic, I was really struggling mentally and physically. Since starting, I’m down 7% body fat, lost 17lbs of fat and down almost 30lbs!” — Erin


MEET KATHI: “In 6 weeks, my results were nothing short of amazing, and I know how to maintain and stay on track. I lost 5% body fat, 5 inches off my waist and those pesky, hard to lose 10 lbs. ”



MEET SHELLEY: “I was having a hard time finding a place that could meet my aging needs and make me feel good about myself again. This experience solidified that becoming part of the Results Fitness family was the best thing I did for myself.”


MEET GREG: “This isn’t a diet. And, it’s not a short-term, deprive yourself so you can get thin endeavor. Rather, it’s a complete reset on what, why, and how much you eat.”



MEET LORI: “It’s important to share this the longest I have ever stuck with a fitness routine.  Ever. The reason is Results Fitness focuses on health and wellness, not fads and quick fixes.  There is no pressure, only support to stay consistent and invest in your health.”


Meet Shawn + Jordan: “Results Fitness is more than just a gym; it is also a family. From day one, you will feel welcomed and supported, no matter what your goals are. If you are looking for your “gym home” but not sure where to start – just DO IT by trying RF!”

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